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  • UPDATE: Elemental has had a complete revamp, Deimos has had a damage nerf and loss of the random fire spell traded off for a bit more health and gold. Twili has had a mini-rework.
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on a new idea for the elementals, now that you mention it, that is Way overpowered. For the twili I should probably word it better, and Im thinking of changing it somewhat as well, thinking of removing the double…
  • (just realized i put one of the cards twice.... oops, i should've really should've saved the text document i put those all in)
  • They're not abilities, but I think my trinket cards may fall under the "roleplay" category. [Card:type=item&title=Trinket&subtitle=Toy%20Wand&text=A%20wooden%20toy%20wand%20widely%20used%20by%20children%20for%20playing%20%22magic%22.%20…
  • @JackOfTheFlame on it!  
  • @MasterDJV Thanks for the praise! Glad you were able to put it to good use! Definitely needed a double-take on the writing, so I'm glad you did, (I was pretty lazy with it) but either way, awesome!  
  • Spoiler Alert for the most Recent Campaign. Bopen was recently revealed this campaign to be a god, "it was a god that killed virgo sunsword" so most likely the restriction of Dvergrs not becoming ageless doesn't apply to him.
  • While not being an original character on their own,I just couldn't get enough of Bearo, or most of Millbee's characters for that fact. Cracked me up a ton.
  • Custom Items: Trinkets (low cost, low reward items, reminiscent of accessories, may fit in ANY inventory slot, would have a gem for them)[Card:type=item&title=Trinket&subtitle=Glasses&text=A%20pair%20of%20ordinary%20glasses%20that%20serv…
  • @friskyBrisky the name is something I thought up from replacing random letters of the word liquid with others until it sounded decent xd. Likeed themselves are just as it sounds, humanoids made out of sentient slime ;p
  • Custom Weapons:[Card:type=item&title=Weapon&subtitle=Rope%20Dart&text=An%20uncommon%20and%20simple%20but%20deadly%20weapon%20in%20the%20hands%20of%20those%20who%20wish%20to%20learn%20to%20wield%20it.%20When%20you%20basic%20attack%20a%20t…
  • Custom Races:[Card:type=race&title=Ethereal&subtitle=&text=Your%20character%20can%20leave%20its%20host%20body%20and%20inhabit%20the%20body%20of%20the%20recently%20deceased.%20When%20you%20do%2Cinherit%20the%20target's%20inventory.&co…
  • Custom Class Cardsharp (WIP):[Card:type=class&title=Cardsharp&subtitle=&text=A%20cunning%20trickster%20who%20uses%20under-handed%20tactics%20to%20get%20the%20upper%20hand%20on%20their%20enemies.&cost=10&art=class_bandito&stam…
  • @Kingedyou yeah, thought it could be a cool idea, still trying to figure out how to balance it though, the "you have to move both your move and your action" i thought helped a lot with the scythe, might bump up its price too though
  • Custom Class: Reaper (WIP)[Card:type=class&title=Reaper&subtitle=&text=A%20mysterious%20being%20that%20reaps%20the%20souls%20of%20their%20enemies%2C%20bringing%20about%20certain%20death%2C%20leaving%20nothing%20but%20lifeless%20husks%20i…
  • @Fera yea, i knew but it was a tad late and I just wanted to go to sleep, thanks though, fixed now
  • [Card:schizophrenic] + (another member as a [Card:squire]) + (a characters [Card:concubine]) + [Card:guardian] + [Card:blackboar] + [Card:paladin] + [Card:thickfurrainments] + [Card:heavyplate] + [Card:bloodybulwark] + [Card:ouroraschimesword] + [Ca…
  • Weapon / Wand of Limited Possibilities + Weapon / Drunken Magician's Wand + Spellslinger / Showdown and Spell Scroll / Grand Finale Disgusting Amount of Potential Damage and Random Spells