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  • @emcuttsy I don't think you're being too sensitive. I'm someone who has, unfortunately, experienced abuse and watching those scenes didn't feel great. Thankfully it was only a minor part of the story and I just kind of suffered through it because I …
  • Damn. Only me and one other person have voted Vitali so far. You weak magic fools!
  • I think a good alternative might be having it scale with the damage being taken, like being hit with a 9999 damage attack basically requires a 20 for you to survive and then having a character taking only 1 damage needs to roll a 1 to die.
  • tl;dr: DMing is hard, especially when you're designing your own system from the ground up! It basically comes down to, Rob doesn't want people to feel like they can't keep going just because they've been "defeated". We saw this a lot in earlier cam…
  • I made a small edit to the original post. tl;dr If you post here asking for porn you are agreeing that you are at least 18 or above the age of majority.  If you are a minor, do not post here requesting people send you sexually explicit material. If…
  • I think the entire porc canon is kind of a mess right now and it seems like it's changed repeatedly and there have been multiple conflicting events. I get the feeling that they're not super set on anything regarding them. I think at one point it was…
  • I'm pretty happy with my generic kobold but I think I'm going to start saving in case they add some ageless as options in the future. I'm hopen for Bopen.
  • I had a friend in high school go, "you should check out this thing on Newgrounds called 'Unforgotten Realms'" and then the rest is history. I've been following Rob's work on and off since then. A year or so ago I decided to "check in" on what he was…
  • I've been on and off since the original Unforgotten Realms was on Newgrounds and throughout Rob's time on The Escapist and everything. It's a bit interesting because I basically watched the community and the story grow and be remade multiple times n…
  • @DeadBones  I'm so happy to see another person on here that listens to The Adventure Zone! I love the McElroy brothers and I've physically hurt myself from laughing at taz on numerous occasions.
  • "it wasn't me!" I trip and a bunch of guns start pouring out of my jacket, hundreds of guns. For a minute straight there is a steady flow of guns just pouring out until we're knee deep in guns. ".......well, I mean, he was stabbed, right?"
  • Hi I'm koboldbard. I've been following Rob's work on and off since he was posting urealms on newgrounds, so I think about a decade now. I'm pretty psyched to have these forums. I think I'm going to post a bunch of fanfics here to help tide myself ov…