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  • Bury - Shoves a character you pick underneath the earth
  • Time Stop - Put everyone on the battlefield wherever you want Flood - Deal damage to everyone with a line with a width of 3 and then move each character hit by the spell to one side of the area affected
  • Lightning Cage - A cage around the field appears that no one can enter or exit
  • Status Field - Every enemy gains the status effect of the users desire 
  • Devotion - A better version conversion allowing them to be devoted the steps the user walks
  • Duality - A Light/Darkness spell on a high roll the target becomes split into two different being that will attack each other with half the health of the original. On a low roll, you create two separate beings that are hostile to you with half the h…
  • Adventure Land This is a place with totally new rides. Don't worry no one has sued us before. All the charges were dropped when they went missing. Totally no proof. The Hole A huge crater in the world that existed before the dragons came back. It i…
  • The holding city A city that exists for the people that exist within the bag of holding. Most of the people that go there are either wizard's whos experiments who went wrong or dumb people who got curious. Because of this, new people are always vie…
  • City of Lava There is a volcano that never stops pouring lava. A great wizard shaped the lava so that it created a city. The wizard is now known as the first flamedancer. He lived there and taught what he learned to others. Now the flamedancers liv…
  • The Great Lake A huge lake that was filled with the tears of a divine (i think Kallisto) when Phanto died. As it was the tears of the gods people say that it helps to keep a youthful appearance. When the water is removed from the lake the power was…
  • He already seems to be loosing his mind