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Someone changed my username from "GemLivesMatter" to this... I'm leaving the forum permanently from this account because I'm really ticked off about it. (P.S. You're a dick - you know who you are)


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  • As far as my knowledge goes when it comes to the topic of origins of the languages there is currently nothing concrete in the lore about it other than (everyone speaks the common tongue, 1 race uses tone and body language as well as a single word "K…
  • @PHIJKCHU_Volcarona Tanks, though I'd rather not bum Rawb out with this, besides levels don't really matter yet & my precious ""  isn't deleted so i'm content w…
  • @Kingedyou Chat was fun until someone decided to get triggered because someone accurately described Ghostblade as a trap. In response to people starting to meme about traps, mods got angry and banned the word (all is good and all up to this point). …
  • @Melijeli the filter needs to be optional though IMHO
  • @Dragonnskull I would even prefer that as well. That way a no-rules discord chat would definitely prosper.
  • @CasualCow ... ok I'm gonna try it out then. which ones would you recommend?
  • @Coconut The experience wouldn't be the same as using the site options. And I think most of the people would prefer it if it were an option on the site. But that's just a theory of mine Edit: also it would save the team a lot of work & headache…
  • I'd actually like 2 versions of chat - censored and uncesored chat - where uncensored chat isn't monitored by rawb & the mods. I think that would be best for the show IMHO I'd also like to add the rule: What happens in uncensored chat stays in …
  • I hope we get to see gemlings get more lore
  • I'm saving all 'o my coins for when a gemling character comes out.
  • I'd like to think that most of the time this is attempted random magic is cast & the goblins get hurt in the process. But I hope it becomes cannon that they can.
  • We don't know because they probably weren't created by any of the gods or anyone an old god could control - my theory is that they were created in a freak magic accident during the birth of magic.