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  • 0.03% chance for chaos control. They only had 8 levels. Truly the upset of the entire stream.
  • i'm level 25! am i on there?
  • You mispelled Y'vander
  • I can't think of a better contender for divine power than the best Lawyer money can buy, Xenthrill Barringster!  While it may seem shocking at first, Xenthril has been through so much, he has changed from the 'evil' and 'crooked' man he once was. H…
  • We also need to guide the uninitiated order of chaos - people like Lola, who may be lost. Guide them to the final talon. We can probably convince Lola with whispers of power, things only we could know. 
  • Do you guys think you can post links and Videos? Could you just post normal memes about minecraft? I think it would be hilarious if Maelstorm had a fidget spinner. Also, if links do work, could you post the Wiki Link? Arm those who follow us with t…
  • The way I see it, this means all Beenu no longer “hover” they fly 
    in Urealms Memes Comment by Dart April 28
  • F
  • Walrus, Extinction, Scholar, Legendary Tome, Memory Skin, Creation Magic, Blood Ink, Blood Meteor OR Scrooge, Champion, Chaotic, Cursed Hands, Cursed Tattoo, Creation Magic, Sinner, Fighting Power.
  • @Revoltman i think it would be a cool story idea to have characters like Galen slowly forget who they are, and start to think they are someone else entirley through our influence.
  • @Revoltman  who said that was for the Divine?
  • I would like if it the Arrival meant when they introduce themsleves, rather than where they first enter the realm. 
  • Sew Chaos. Tell the OGD that they are not who they think they are. There are instead, someone else entirley. And make up something
  • my level 23 seems small oof
  • @Sixelona  HOW COULD YOU
    in Urealms Memes Comment by Dart March 20
  • it's a fun idea rob has so he keeps it in mind, but its literally not important 
  • [Card:type=legendary&title=Legendary&subtitle=Blazing%20Requiem&text=There%20comes%20a%20time%20in%20a%20fighters%20life%20where%20they%20feel%20there%20spirit%20fade%20-%20their%20fiery%20spirit%20is%20not%20enough.%20If%20you%20give%20…
  • [Card:type=legendary&title=Legendary&subtitle=Makuna%20Hatrata&text=A%20strange%20and%20mysterious%20spell%2C%20said%20to%20orginate%20from%20Abracadab.%20As%20you%20cast%20it%2C%20you%20gain%20a%20top-hat%20made%20entirely%20of%20magic%…
  • [Card:type=legendary&title=Legendary&subtitle=Abracaslam&text=A%20spell%20known%20only%20by%20those%20most%20ingrained%20with%20the%20magic%20of%20abracadab%2C%20the%20raw%20chaotic%20energy%20which%20fuels%20the%20beings%20known%20as%20…
  • [Card:type=classability&title=Roleplay%20Ability&subtitle=Sealitbang&text=A%20conjuring%20spell%20which%20conjures%20a%20special%20gelatin%20like%20substance%20which%20is%20very%20sticky%2C%20and%20highly%20flammable.%20After%20a%202%20s…
  • [Card:type=classability&title=Roleplay%20Ability&subtitle=Mental%20Projection&text=A%20common%20spell%2C%20typically%20used%20by%20teachers%20and%20proffessors%2C%20but%20has%20a%20wide%20variety%20of%20uses.%20Project%20a%20simple%2C%20…
  • Chronotide [Card:type=legendary&title=Legendary&subtitle=Chronotide&text=A%20devestating%20spell%2C%20designed%20by%20a%20believer%20to%20be%20the%20ultimate%20defensive%20offense.%20Summons%20a%20giant%20arcane%20and%20ice%20mech%20suit…
  • Dude it’s downhill because it’s on a slope. Let me paint a diagram with text —————O————
  • The SSWCG is unavailable for comment @MasterDJV 
  • @Meganzoor  Is it okay if i have this picture as my background for PC? I'm a sucker for pixel backgrounds, as well as mountains and calm grasslands! My current one is the picture of Macchu Pichu, but i want to ask permission to replace it w…
  • @Mack  are you sneaking lore into my thread about landmarks, how could you?!
  • Glass Castle In the sparky eletricity desert, there was a large Sandcastle, but then it got zapped by lightening repeatedly until it turned into glass, so it is a mixture of Sandstone/sand and glass.
  • The Mound and the Corpses Walk. Near the edge of The Decay, there is a giant elven mound of dirt to pay respects to those deceased. Overtime, the elves made a solemn walkway because there was so much dirt it was a hassle to sprinkle, as well as to …
  • Marbled Myhami A underground city for the goblin gangstas - where do goblins go to retire? Marbled Myhami. An underground resort, marbled and white, with a wine stream from the Wine river, and a natural lake. It is a prime hubub of goblin criminal a…
  • I want him to be very plot relevant but at the same time do absolutely nothing. I also want him to really annoy maelstrom. Their a person who ends up, coincidentally but also with the power of old gods showing up everywhere, and he does/say things w…