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  • @Rob You have 2 characters that took Elemental Mage Gauntlets  which cant use them because of the requirement of them being skilled in both the elements shown on the card. This seems to be a common issue that is understandably hard to keep track of,…
  • Oh ok then, my bad. Knowing that you need to rewatch the whole thing, I'm honestly surprised it was rewarded so quickly for previous campaigns. Sorry for the bother Rob
  • "If everything goes to s**t, it's a goblin's fault" when everything falls apart with no one person being at fault "What's a kobold to a gemlicker?" essentially meaning something being different can still be liked by people who are/like different "He…
  • Thanks for the advice! (Wow got a reply from rob over this mostly pointless thing) I'm going to go ahead and take the advice and get a v-neck since 3 out of 3 endorsed it.
  • Do the V-Necks have tags unlike the Tagless Tees? Ive actually gotten very used to tagless shirts
  • Whelp if I know anything about foreshadowing and Rob's plotting style, then this is the beginning of the end of the Grand Paladin Order, whether or not they win the war on Ageless. Not sure whether something new will rise up to take the Order'…
  • Nay, I honestly dont get why people like the hotdogs so much. Probably due to initial annoying and negative exposure to them before I even knew what the hell they were from and why the existed (still dont actually know why they came to exist).
  • @Sinfall That's like a week in internet time
  • @Rob because it's good web design to have everything link up properly. the user should never have to rely on the browser for the website to function naturally. It's not like it would be difficult to implement.
  • Thiccream waifu
  • Why is it that the more divisive/controversial choice keeps winning? Most people that voted Yay wouldnt have been too upset with Nay, but most people that wanted Nay definitely didnt want war. It was less extreme with the first one but it was still …
  • I like how "Jean" doesnt tell you anything about the character because it is a super common French name that is used for both men and women (mostly men in regards to French but still)
  • I have an addition to this thread now that the Players page exists. There should be a "Back To Players" link on each specific Players' pages. Sure I can hit back in my browser but there should really be an in-page way to direct back.
  • @Zsane That's why i didnt say Poose. I said a member of Mindcrack, and then listed Poose and Rawb's friendship as one of the reasons I find it likely for another Mindcrack member to be a possibility, with the other reason being Millbee having alread…
  • All these people over here guessing Six or K and I'm just over here thinking one of them is probably a Mindcrack member since Rob is close buddies with Poose and has already had Milbee on the show. Wouldnt be too surprised if I was incorrect though.
  • @meaningoflife42 Yeah I feel like far too many people are going to donate just to get that accolade. Maybe if there were a lot of those already it wouldnt be a big deal, but this is the first time you can earn one outside of just donating in general…
  • @Madiso But what it does say, is that we would be directly responsible for his death, the Old Gods would kill a god. That is not nearly as interesting as having the mortals killing a god
  • I agree, #SparePhanto and#SparePhineas. It's a lot more interesting if Phanto is killed by the inhabitants. If we were the ones to cause it, it would be a literal dues ex machina, and we all know how much those suck. Meanwhile Phineas, in my opinion…
  • Rob keeps talking about how insane Phineas is, but we've only seen it a few times. I hope this campaign truely shows the severity of his madness (although that video definitely does a good job of it as well)
  • UPDATE: I have added both Numbered and Lettered d12. Had previously uploaded the Numbered d12, but the one up now is different, as I was unhappy with how many same colors were touching in the original. D20 is proving a lot more difficult just due t…
  • Shiver Me Timbers A vicious crew of pirates was sailing the open seas on their mighty ship hunting a Divine, but their quarry got the best of them and teleported them, ship and all, into the middle of Fukkough Forrest, a massive and dangerous forest…
  • @Gterra2 That's pretty close to what I planned on! I was planning on making one side a "nothing happens" and the other side a "Reroll" side. A "pick your own" side might work. The thing that's gonna make it take longer is that I plan on making those…
  • A Little Short On Time A troop of members from the Guild of Explorers seeks to undo a curse left upon them by a collapsed Benu lab. The curse? They were physically transformed into pre-teens and have not aged for (the equivalent of) years. The campa…
  • UPDATE: I've actually finished the D12 already, it was a lot easier now that I know what process to do. As for the D20, that's more difficult, as I want to do something special with the two sides that arent elements. May be a while on that. Will add…
  • @heartgold3 I was going to do d6 (all the elements), d12 (2 of each element), and d20 (because the rest of URealms uses d20s; I would end up making 1 cause nothing to happen and 20 cause a reroll). I see no point to have a d8 version
  • They would definitely be scurvy dogeared
  • @Razer Honestly I forgot about Stunned, but I agree with @knguy on that in addition to having initially forgotten. It definitely seems way too punishing to have for a random effect, it's like 3 of the normal effects combined.
  • @Gterra2Nah dude go right ahead. Concerns like that are why I put "eel free to use them in your URealms Live games, or even for other RPGs on Tabletop Sim!" right in the OP.
  • @Gterra2 That was one of the goals and ideas I had behind making them!
  • I personally take it from when Rob goes "GOD Rawb, how could you forget something like that! Dammit Rawb!" or other such self-mocking things in his "clearly being a jokester" voice