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  • Hooooly crap that Bullogre looks amazing! It definitely looks like something you wouldn't want to piss off
    in Qu33n's box Comment by Jnixz May 2017
  • Goddamn this is still the most awesome sample of epic progression. You've improved so much and its just awesome to see your style shine!
  • I can see it more as a dagger with some runes that when thrown, activate upon impact and explode.
  • Goddamn I love your style. It absolutely looks like something that can be an official cartoon show, and the collab you've had just makes me think about it more, Amazing! Looking forward to more of your work Muffin! also, i think the "gold" is the "…
  • Your animations are such an inspiration! And you make them so fast too! So Awesome. Hope to see more of your works and collabs with others!
  • Amazing work dude! Can really see the time and effort you've done on each artwork Great job on the Season 1 Characters too, that takes a lot of determination to do!
  • Awesome work you have there! I feel you on the busy part, excited to see more to come.
  • I absolutely ADORE your designs! They definitely look like something that can be used and say something about the user
  • Wicked work dude! Love that you've included the URealms Logo as well
  • Adorable! Definitely love the style you have, those most especially
  • Oooo, I agree with Qu33n. These really look like good posters, specially with the glossy look it has. Although I will say on the Theta squad strike poster, the top part looks a bit cluttered with two texts. I'd give it a bit more space if you are do…
  • Goddamn these Illustrations are such an inspiration! They are wonderfully detailed and yet looks so clean, absolutely wonderful Definitely in the list of my favorite styles that I've seen around
  • Gotta admire how you always seem to fit some personality to each drawing! Those expressions just make those characters absolutely lively
  • OH my GOSH Absolutely LOVE the details on your art! It makes for a more intense and realistic style that is quite fitting for the more serious tones in the realm.
    in Qu33n's box Comment by Jnixz May 2017
  • Greetings! I'm Jnixz but you may call me Nix. I'm just a Lurking Artist in the community thats quite excited to see things and post things on this new forum.