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  • Sweatingdwarf123
    Rom i do not know if you read these but i have been having some trouble with my account where i can not comment on any discussions that are not in general discussion, nor can I PM or create discussions
    December 2017
  • Qu33nAce
    oml the new accolade badges are badass! pls, if you ever make lapel pins as merchandise, i need these!
    June 2017
  • FNH4
    FNH4 Rob
    Thank you for the time and effort you put into this!
    June 2017
  • icer
    icer Rob
    Thanks for the awesome shows.
    June 2017
  • JackOfTheFlames
    Greetings! I am sorry if you commented on the Boss Abilities mod a while back, steam just kept having another message showing for me due to one reason or another. I just had it up during Season 2 for us whom played the game back then.
    Anyhow, the mod's deleted. Keep up the good work, man:)
    June 2017
  • PoweradeCookie
    Sorry if you know this already Rob, but I wanted go let you know that Fetchthewater has the Thunderdome Spell Scroll instead of the ability. Sorry if he's actually supposed to have the Spell Scroll, I just thought he had the actual ability.
    June 2017
  • DragonJimmy
    Heh, I've followed your work for a long time and even though DvZ my favorite of all time its on its last days. I am so glad I found you and your old Urealms project. I'm also glad that it seems when you're not down by the critics, you have a lot of fun and have a great source of income. I had a lot of fun with DvZ but now I have a great show that I think you do the best job on and can't imagine anyone else doing this type of show live. To me, you have just a knack that keeps me entertained and thinking about the show after it has ended. Like how and when this last show ties in with everything else. You keep me happy and sometimes, I need that. I hope you continue with this amazing show and what a great start and great show you have made. I can't thank you enough on how happy you have made me with these shows. I really wish I could donate but, don't have a good source of income :| . But again I can't thank you enough and I hope that you can try to see the good comments and not the bad. I will see ya in the next Urealms live. Super hyped BTW!!!
    June 2017
  • Bernard7620
    Sorry some dudes ruined your day just wanted to give a huge thanks for everything you do you and don't have to and I hope your week goes well.
    June 2017
  • Oldshoe
    Love the show rob keep up the great work and stories.
    June 2017
  • dreworfalse
    Great first campaign! Don't know if it was above average or if I'm just jonesin bad for more after the break. I'm gonna say probs both are true! Looking forward to the rest of the season my man!
    May 2017
  • chmiislife
    Am I the only one who noticed that Lance said his dad died when he was young? RIP Captain Willy.

    May 2017
  • EmperorPoopertine
    Rob just suggestion can you maybe add cats or something of that sort to the game because you got a pigs and pot potpuppies which basically do nothing. Not trying to sound like a animal lover who donates 100 dollars per day but just saying.
    P.S Keep on doing extraordinary things!
    May 2017
  • RiouK
    Sorry for the message, Rawb, just doing what I was told to at the Help Desk

    Q: What is this number by my Avatar? What is EXP?
    The number by your Avatar is your Level and is an indicator of how invested you are in the URealms Liveshow. This number indicates how many votes you get during one of the live Divine Decisions allowing you to have a bigger chance to participate and control the direction of the show. If you do not watch the show live, this number has no purpose for you and you shouldn't pay too much attention to it. You earn 150 EXP every day you visit the website and roll for XP and can earn massive amounts of EXP if you donate to any of the supporter events or show up to watch the campaigns live. Each liveshow campaign earns EXP as the cast defeat monsters and the community unlock events so the best way to level up is to simply come out to a live show or donate the week before it airs if you mostly watch on youtube. You also earn 10 EXP for every dollar you donate which can add to your level a bit, but honestly we wanted leveling to be more about showing up to live shows and supporting them. In general, a liveshow can be worth anywhere from 2000 to 4000 EXP, so if you want to have the biggest impact on the direction of the overarching story of URealms Live be sure to come to see as many live shows as possible! You can see your Level in your Account page on the website (Rob edit a link in here when we go live, you'll forget but someone will PM you when they read this probly).
    May 2017
  • Snarky
    Thank you so much, Rob! This campaign was really worth the wait. It was one of the main things I've been looking forward too.
    You're my hero, Rob! Never stop doing what you're doing. You inspire me so much :heart:
    May 2017
  • BubbaOleGuard
    Thanks for another great campaign! I'm ready for the next 100 years of URealms Live >_<
    May 2017
  • Isoarcree
    Nice campaign, can't wait for the next one!
    May 2017
  • rebloac
    Thanks for making the best show on the internet
    May 2017
  • Kubpur
    Floopa Longa Ding Dong... That is all
    May 2017
  • Kapu
    Kapu Rob
    I love all the rob love comments. We all love you rawb. We all want to gay marry you, rawb. rawb is our jesus. rawb is love. rawb is life.
    May 2017
  • Simpleorder8
    5 blue gems
    May 2017
  • Fenrisulfir
    You are the best, right after the best from the show the best, it's the best.
    If you read this don't reply, if you haven't then do so, if you have read half of it reply but leave it every second letter, I love you and the rest of the guys (and donuts)
    May 2017
  • TaijiaAyame
    Hey Rob, don't freak-out on replying. I love you. Love the show. I will continue to support the best I can. <3 Keep it up. 
    May 2017
  • Bernard7620
    Rawb there is a typo on the final gift legendary spell scroll it says your your.
    May 2017
  • YuvalMano
    Awesome website, been with you since the pause uploaded his first dvz video your awesome and funny and I also got a suggestion in terms of urealms the cartoon. You can make it so the cartoon is in the same universe but a different dimension thus solving most storyline problems if you decide to add the charcters from there
    May 2017
  • Sleepy
    Thanks for the years of entertainment Rawb, luv ya
    May 2017
  • Chainblade
    Rob, the website looks fantastic.

     Looking forward to watching season 3 -- looks great!
    May 2017
  • earlofdrumer
    Hey rob, I know you probably won't read this, but if you do I would lapike to say that you are doing a great job on Urealms! The videos are allways the highlight of my day! I hope you continje the amazing work.- a random Jimmy
    May 2017
  • emcuttsy
    Hey Rob - you mentioned on your hype video for the website and season 3 that the wiki guys could use some help recording this whole show. I love worldbuilding and lore (its my favorite part of your show) and have wanted to get involved with the wiki for a while. Is there an official process for getting involved with the wiki or do I just jump in and start editing stuff? Thanks!
    May 2017
  • TheRealKeko
    Your comment section is full of praise! Grats rob for making a wonderful community :)

    May 2017
  • BarrowBro
    Hey, you're pretty neat. That is all.
    May 2017