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  • Rules for living:
    1. You didn’t exist at some point and in awhile you won’t exist anymore ether accept and move on or just forget
    2 try to be a decent person you don’t have to be great just don’t be an asshole
    3. If nothing matters might as well be happy
    4. expect the unexpected for example expect a pretentious “rules for living” list in someone’s activity thingy
    6.there is no rule 5
    7. Rule six has beffalen the same fate as rule 5
    8. Don’t do big crimes yea it isn’t worth it
    9. Plan for both victory and failure
    Six. rule 7 is incorrect as well as rule 6
    10. 10 is the best number
    5. Rule 10 is a liar and should be tried for rule treason
    11. There is no such thing as a “rules for life risk
    12. this list can no longer continue so to rule 11
    February 2019