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      Ripley was an only child to two loving parents in a small town in the Silverflats. She grew up as a sweet girl until she found the room under the floor boards as a teenager. Ripley discovered a strange golem made of flesh and bone. Her parents were flesh weavers. After grabbing her father's flintlock and shooting her parents in the heads in the middle of the night she left her small home and joined a group of bandits that wandered the Silverflats called The Dread. Rising through the ranks and charming their leader she lived many years of stealing, lying, and cheating. However after a close call with a sheriff she decided to quit her gang and wandered. Her gang, still loyal to her listen to her call and travel through the Realm of Holding. She encountered Etoile on one of her journeys with her cartel and soon she came to care for her, she thinks of her like a daughter or a younger sister. They came to join the Guild of Explorers and Ripley became a treasure hunter and well known in the guild.
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      When William was born he was taken care of by his elven father and mother. At age 4 the sight of a twinge of hair on William's chin disgusted his father and had his mother "thrown away" and he was castaway at sea to starve. Fortunately he was discovered by a pirate ship who took the child in and raised him. He learned the ropes of running the ship over the years and loved the chantey's they sang. After a few years at age 17 he went on his own and learned of the discourse between the elves and dwelves. Quickly shaving his beard and buying some elven clothing he went on with his life pretending to be an elf. He traveled land and sea just trying to live and possibly find his mother. Becoming a valuable resource so that the crew doesn't go insane overseas and healing magic. Over the years he traveled he became a jack of all trades but his skills were more proficient in music and deception. With his lute he's in for the gold, the adventure, the sights, and the possibility of finding his mother.

      Other Stuff:
      Father: Adric Farlight
      Mother: Rodea Graveshire
      -Nobleborn Knife
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