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  • i had my first fusion! my character [Character:2:Monty_Bison:02n5eBJ2FHQS005qHTy3V0tXXm3Z00000EU3903SFn0pWCiKr0GmjuBL00U] and my friends character [Character:2:Cati_Cane:03H5SB025W4y2v5ymBeOU000000000000560lGBm300mW000000000003pU] got fused when i used [Card:finalgift] to save her life after she got mortally wounded by a Pegaboot (a large Horse with two extra legs on its back that it use to kick enemies with devastating force,) and we became Catty Bisne. we are still working on how to best describes this character! Monty was a magi that obsessed with his research about the elements and how to combine them, he was pale with a long black mustache and slick back hair. and Cati was a BatWoman parody that had Red Long hair down to the ground and a martial artist body. and there fusion is somehow a combination of this two. the other two players characters was [Character:2:Brad_Pompus_:02X4yAu2404yMM5wm00Oe0M05S1M3CGoyJP4HWN01Z0005G00000lWCm00U] the leader of this group of explorers, a real veteran when it comes to the wild. and [Character:2:Mogred_Montypol:02X4mAv2GW2SMK5vW000n69XMC00000007O0g1KKCe0BW2y0o0Am000000U] the eccentric man that hired us all. we played as a group of former researchers who lost their funding's long ago. now they work as explorers for hire, Mogred ended up hiring them to help him find out what has happened in the mountain nearby, as the river that flows from their had gotten polluted and turned black.
    August 2017