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What do you guys recommend to use for keeping your notes on a campaign?

Want to try my hand at a campaign, wondering what are the best tools to use for keeping track of NPC's abilities and health.


  • i use a notebook but there are easier ways out there
  • I personally use a notebook or a type google docs. I recommend sorting it by segments for example pre encounter 1 and encounter one for names and sort. for NPC health I normally keep counters hidden in the tabletop but have used a calculator. it truly comes to personal preference.
  • I use an Excel document. Gives me the ability to grid stuff out and there are a variety of ways to structure it. Also can just click a cell over to the side and type up any quick note that I need.
    Also for the abilities you can have links in the doc or just type em out in there and such.
  • Good 'ol fashion pen and paper my friend.  There is a link to a health tracker somewhere on the forums for keeping track of combat, but I have found that taking notes on abilities and ideas is the best way.  That way if other programs crash while you are working a campaign in tts or something you have a hard copy.
  • pen and paper, my sticky notes on my pc, anything that I can get my hands on if I dont have the other two.
  • I always did everything digital, so Id just have a section for characters and enemies' health in the encounter's notes. 
  • I use multiple Notepad files for tracking health and encounters. You may ask "How?", I do it like this:

    (Current Health) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||-||||||||||||||| (Lost Health)

    You just have to make sure you're counting right, or else you're gonna screw up somewhere.
  • I make an Excel spreadsheet, and then also use the forum post for the campaign. When I write up forum posts of my campaigns, they're as much for public viewing as they are for me to go back and look up exact spell names and how they're worded, as I generally just write a short description of each ability in the spreadsheet under the character's column.

    If you'd like an example, I actually have links to the Spreadsheets I use for The Chowdown and Xyr Heights in the forum posts I made for each one. Here's the Link for the Xyr Heights one.
  • I track everything (notes, health, etc.) in a notebook. And make abilities for the encounter using the card creater and look at them on a second monitor.
  • I use an A4 notepad XD
  • I use Evernote, it syncs to my players on their own characters and I can add character drawings to their sheet. 
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    Google Spreadsheet.
  • I use Google Docs.
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