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Unforgotten Nations



  • I also have access to the air...
  • your are implying threats to Fishlandia, be warned any attack on us will force us to completely  obliterate your nation
  • News Report:
    Two tribes in the FPT have broken out into war.
  • ( @Rocksmasha yeah, I think I'm done, I fell behind on the whole spending gold thing. It was fun, but I have my own rp to worry about. )
  • ok. screw it, i'm just gonna invade fishlandia cause this is getting boring. so yeah.
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    Flavorton invaded the volcanic fortress. The Agrimeans lead by Quicio Exactus put up a fight, but were unable to fend off the superior force, after having been whittled down so much by the civil war. Quicio, along with his family and a few close officials managed to escape from the fortress. The sought shelter in an abandoned farm after the fortress fell into enemy hands. The stayed there safely for a few days until in the chaos of the infighting of the Federation of Porc Tribes a tribe of porcs ran into them in the farm. These porcs thought that this group of elves and gnomes must have been hired by another tribe of porcs to fight with them, and so they attacked. It was a bloody battle that laster just shy of an hour. The only way to emerge from the brawl of death was Qucio, tattered and torn. He crawled out of the farm building onto the grass outside. He breathed heavy, burdened breaths and whispered to the ground his final words "Great Rokesh, have mercy on my soul, and please, bring peace to this land."

    (Guys, I'm sorry this thread is pretty much dead, most people are inactive, and nothing is happening, and I know I can't talk, cos i was away for 2 weeks, but I'm gonna end it here. I made a fitting conclusion to my story arc, so see ya guys, sorry :-/ )
  • News Report:
    The FPT's civil war has grown more dire.
  • Breaking News:
    Reports of the FME attacking the Fishlandian Mainland have surfaced. Explosions in the sea have been reported.
  • thanks for telling me that you blew up my cloning sector, Fishlandia! Oh, and thanks for lying to me after. welp. this'll be fun!
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    You should of never attacked fishlandia we have been preparing for your invasion for months now you will feel our full wrath!
  • uh huh. ok. try me.
  • News Report:
    War has broken out between Fishlandia and the FME, the civil war rages on in the FPT.
  • News Report:
    The front between the FME and Fishlandia has formed and grown.
  • News Report:
    No further reports.
  • so how might everyone be doing? I hope yall are well!

  • except for fishlandia, for obvious reasons, although i ask that others do not join this struggle, although if you want to, then that's your choice, and if you think it the best, then go ahead, I have infinite Bill clones, so i'm good.
  • News Report:
    The Dudel States have advanced into the abandoned Russwood. The war between Fishlandia and the Fish Monkey Empire rages on.
  • haha you fell into my trap fishmonkeys you are doomed!
  • you realized your army is trapped in one of my cities, right?

  • if anything, you fell for my trap.

  • Hahaha how little you understand why do you think i was trying to push into your city!
  • that you are sacrificing your army? ok.
  • News Report:
    An FME city has fallen to the Fishlandian army. It was not their capital. Reports of Bill surviving after being thought dead have emerged.
  • good job taking one of my cities! i applaud you. however, you must know, if you go too deep, you will drown.
  • Hahaha you fell for my trap i told told you!
  • ok. fantastic, you took a single city. great, whereas you forget, i have your entire country surrounded, i can shoot down any airplanes coming to aid you, and you can't expand into my more important cities, as your army would drown, i however, can easily expand on to your cities, with my military, and it only takes one bad battle for you, one crushing defeat, until i have full access to your country, you however have to win many battles, and go against my natural, and artificial defense forces, as well as fight things such as sharks, behemoths, killer whales, and millions of other wildlife that can kill a good few people. You won a single battle, however any nation can win a single battle, the odds of victory are highly against you. And also, you're a sore winner, i mean, really, you only took one city, it isn't a big deal.
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    Hah how much you underestimate me
  • Do you not see my secret army yet infiltrating your capital right now? I already know you're cloning lots of bills underground so i stole your cloning tech soon you'll be facing a superior force that you'll be overwhelmed by you may think your winning but you only see a tiny fraction of my forces you fool you probably aren't even getting any of the reports you should be getting since i'm cutting off your communications every chance i get. I'm already developing new techonology to overwhelmed you and you can't do anything to stop me.
  • Ok, i see, so first, you demonize me for cloning. Then, you decide to go and take my hard work and steal it, then, you think you can actually win when you know nothing about it, and only have one machine, when i spend 10 million a turn just spent on cloning 1 person with 10-20 machines. yeah, you imagined this plan much more grandiose than it actually is, and also, you don't only demonize more for having it, but you also form a defensive pact with someone else, when i suggest to use it for cloning people. But, somehow, it is ok to use it yourself? At least I put in the time and effort making it, you just stole my technology, that you have been condemning, to the international community, i do ask that you at least take a technology that he was so adamantly against until someone attacked him, and then stole from the person who invested over a Billion currency making it in the first place.
  • I mean the only reason i took your cloning technology was for the sake of destroying your army of bills once i utterly obliterate you, i will stop cloning all together. Cloning is just a necessary evil to destroy you savages.
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