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Population Poll Results! Feel Free To Share Country In Comments!

So around 173 people answered the polls. Take into account any of these numbers could actually be different because of our small overall population.
Eastern USA: 27.8% of the population
Midwest USA: 12%
Central USA: 4.3%
Westcoast USA: 9.8%
Canada: 7.6%
Britain: 14.7%
Netherlands: 4.9%
Germany: 1.6%
Portugal: 1.1%
France: 0.5%
Sweden: 0.5%
Philippines: 0.5%
Ireland: 0.5%
All of Europe that was unlisted: 8.7%

Take this with a grain of salt and post your country in the comments below! Become friends and learn about each other if you wish! This is all about having a good time. Chances are these aren't exact or even close.


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