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This Community Is Awesome

Sweet dreams Americas, morning Euros.

Before I head off to bed, this community is SO FREAKING SWOLE. I love being able to go through these threads, see awesome creations, and the fantastic attitudes everyone has makes me jittery with excitement, looking forward to Season 3 even more now knowing I have everyone's company here to enjoy. As a survivor of the last website, this is a breath of fresh air. What are you enjoying the most so far?


  • The roll mechanic, the people, and the professional quality yet simplistic design of the forums.

    It's honestly impressive how impressive this website is. Another reason that I'm proud to be apart of this, as you put it, awesome community.
  • It kinda fuels itself, since everyone is so awesome, it inspires more people to he awesome. It's great :) 
  • I'm loving the character creator TBH. It was pretty inconvenient to load up my "Official" URealms TTS mod every time I wanted to play with the cards, now it's super easy AND I can conveniently save characters 
  • First community I feel comfortable in, Reddit is so daunting!
  • Agreed! This is a really nice community! And feels more comfortable than lots of other places  :)
  • This community is pretty darn cool cool, I've never met so many people who seem to be interesting in this type of think. As someone who comes from a really sports dominated area this is such a little slice of heaven.
  • @Bjort Same here, I never really got involved in the subreddit because it had a weird intimidating vibe? Not sure how to put it, but I've been commenting more, actually engaging and it's really great. Love this community.
  • it does feel great here. i am a shy person, and i still feel compelled to communicate more with all of you. this is a great community
  • It helps when you have someone as goofy but genuine as good ol Rawb as the ringleader
  • I can relate. The old forums were somewhat cutthroat, the reddit was intimidating. But this place feels like "home", and I love it. I hope we continue to grow and prosper positively.
  • Everyone here is so nice!  :)
  • Yeah it's a pretty nice place. I feel like some of the rules help with that. To be honest I'm a little surprised I haven't seen anyone breaking the rules. But I guess that's due to how close the community is. 

    By the way, what on earth is swole? 
  • @shuckle they're there, but the mod team is fucking awesome and taking care of it way quicker than they were able to on reddit
  • Theres also the whole thing abput the community being smaller than a normal reddit
  • Yeah, I honestly love how welcoming and awesome this community is. I've never really gotten in to reddit, and have felt too awkward about joining other urealms groups, but I've honestly loved this forum so far. I'm usually the type of person to sorta lurk in the background and just read messages all day, but this forum and community makes it so easy to just pop in and talk with people. I'm so glad that Rob made this, and thankful for all of the work everyone put in.
  • @Shuckle Google Alex Louis Armstrong. Extremely muscular. A positive term :smileporc: 
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