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I think the GPO Awards were just given out

I just jumped up to Level 7 (Now I'm almost Level 8), and I have a broken image that says "S3C1" in my Accolades.


  • oh shit im lvl8 now! hooray!
  • Also the GPO avatars seem to just be placeholders for now, just Jimmy the Porc.
  • @Domokl Outside the Forum, they appear to be the Guys with the ears/facial features of their character's race. (For instance, Fetchthewater is Coe with Elven Ears.)
  • Indeed, I finally got around to getting this done!
  • @Gterra2 getting those big boy raffle tickets now!
  • @Nisovin Great job, Niso! :3
  • guess its time to praise our dear old sun gods @Rob ; and @Nisovin Praise be them for we are but presents graced by there cool website in where they have given us free shit like the card creater and dancing Phineas reward dailys if we praise them they shall give us more money to dance upon!
  • As a side effect of this...I have access to the Deadbones, Justin, Coestar, and Roamin avatars...only they are names as their most recent campaign character and don't work at all on the forums. Toooootally a bug resulting from missing art but I could be wrong.
  • @Nisovin Thank you!  :)
  • @Nisovin  well done man! now i'm gonna be level 8 tomorrow, that's cool  :)
  • I'm still really impressed by all the features this (relatively) small team has put together. Well done guys (particularly niso!)
  • Niso for best gnome!
  • edited June 2017
    Neat, was confused for a second why i had jumped up to level 7 all of a sudden :)

    It's really a surprise how much a small group can do, considering how awesome the show is

    Edit: Also seems like the Campaign Avatars came with it, however without the actual art in place yet, excited to see what they'll look like
  • @Nisovin Thanks for your hard work! Also it's awesome to hear that @Sixelona is now full time on the art duties :D 
    Rolling for hype 
  • @Nisovin Thank you based nisovin! :smileporc: 
  • Thanks Nisovin!
  • Yeahh, Thanks Nisovin!
  • oh yeah nisovin
  • Rob
    edited June 2017
    @Lord_Fifty They are temp art images, you will always get the avatars like that after campaigns because the art couldn't possibly have been made for them yet! The art gets replaced when it's finished automatically and it defaults to porcs on the forums so that random people aren't using Coe/Roamin/Justin/Deadbones characters.
  • Figured as much, thanks for clearing that up though @Rob ;
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