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New Guards in Town (Completed)

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New Guards in Town

Heyo boyos! This is the first Campaign to the first part of my first Story arc, I’ll leave the link to the others at the bottom as the are released. The first to campaigns of this 3 part arc can be played independently but the 3rd one is used to connect the dots. Also for the formatting of this page I’ll be using @Rob ‘s (Also thank you Rob for this formatting style, it has been a god send.) formatting and @Aptmage ‘s post as a guide.

Campaign Information


Difficulty: Easy | Average | Hard

The Maps: First (and only)

TTS Mod: [To be added with the release of the Urealms TTS mod]

Map Disclaimer
Getting the Map aligned with the Tabletop grid has been a costant struggle, and for that reason my current and most updated version of the map isn’t properly aligned, so you may want to turn off the grid for it. I’ll try and work on a fix and re-upload here in an edit at the bottom if I can.

Campaign Overview
This campaign allows you to choose what order you do a couple encounters in, pretty much everyone except for the last 2 for story reasons. The party plays as the equivalent of newly appointed Mall Cops, but instead are Security Guards in a very quiet mining town that houses primarily Kobolds, Porcs, and Black Boars. This campaign has various Roleplay opportunities after encounters but the primary focus is a more random, zany, and laid back combat.

Character Creation Setup
The Players will only be able to choose between 3 races: Porc, Kobold, and Black Boars.
As for classes there is no restrictions really and they can all be drawn randomly, however I like to make the class choices restricted to more casual classes and nothing fancy like Wizards and Paladins as it is a dirt poor mining town.
However if you don’t want to draw random classes here are a couple recommendations:

“The four of you, hurting for money, have decided to apply for a security guard position in the nearby mining post of the quaint town of Talcton. Your employer, Darius Talcton; one of the town’s Kobold Founders, has brought you to the front entrance to the town to give you a list of things that need to be taken care of.”

Encounter 1
As I said above most encounters can be interchangeable but I like doing this one first. A bunch of rowdy Porcs have been spotted inside the Town’s Tavern. You are asked to go and take care of them. Once they enter the tavern they will spot 4 Porcs loudly carrying on at a table near the Bar. At this point there are many things the can happen:

1) Diplomacy: The party tries to talk to the Porcs in order to get them to calm down and go away, if they come empty handed the only thing they will be greeted with is drunken swears and insults. HOWEVER if the party goes over to the Barkeep and asks for alcohol, then give it to the Porcs they will happily thank the party and leave. Leaving just the mini-boss to face.

2) Combat: The Porcs will not attack unless the party Harasses them quite a bit, but once they do (or attack first) the fight begins! The stats will be placed below, however after the first Porc is knocked unconscious a Black Boar by the name of Gerad Dickens will bust open the bathroom doors and join the fight. Gerad can be met before the confrontation if they enter the bathroom. He will be inside the stall pre-occupied and unable to talk.

Porcs (x4):

Stamina: 75

Normal Tile

Anytimes: 1

Deathroll: N/A (As they are being arrested they will not Deathroll at 0 stamina but instead Darius will attempt to arrest (More on Darius can be found at the bottom of this guide.))


Basic Attack: 10 Tankard of Booze (The Porcs will only Basic attack if it is a Bonus action)

throw (General goto action)

ram (Will use this if there is no one to throw)

steal (They will not use this in combat however if they are being harassed they will try to use this as much as possible.)
drunk (I mean... this is the whole reason you're here.)
Tankard of Booze card can be found with Gerad Dicken’s Card set.

Gerad Dickens
Gerad is a loud mouthed Black Boar that slurs his speech whenever he talks. He believes in brute force above anything, even booze. However he is a jolly fellow that belows in competition so throughout the battle he should be making a lot of remarks however they should not be mean spirited and made all in jest.

Stamina: 300

Large Tile

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: N/A (As they are being arrested they will not Deathroll at 0 stamina but instead Darius will attempt to arrest (More on Darius can be found at the bottom of this guide.))


Basic Attack: 10 Tankard of Booze (Gerad will only do this if it is a Bonus Action)

Drunkard / Keen’s Krazy Kocktail Koncoction (General goto action)

Drunkard / Drunken Confusion (A passive that works well with E.X.X.X.P. Ale)

Drunkard / E.X.X.X.P. Ale (Gerad will use this when his stamina is low and at least one Porc is defeated.)
Here is a link to all the cards you will need:

Encounter 2
The party is told of a horde of Hat Rats who are eating the food supply inside the barn. When they enter the room the party will have to search for the Hat Rats in all the crates. If anyone roles above a 15 they will find the King Hat Rat hidden among the crates and be given an Immediate Bonus Action to attack them before combat starts. However if they do no roll above a 15 or someone rolls a one then the King Hat Rat will pop out and surprise attack whoever rolled the lowest.

King Hat Rat
The King Hat Rat is a civilized beast. He has pure animal instincts but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold his head up high, he’s quite snooty in that regard. He will make no effort to save his Hat Rats and instead see him as tools, disposable.

Stamina: 250

Large Tile

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 5 (Will not surrender but if taken enough damage they will scurry away, however once depleted to 0 stamina he will die.)


Basic Attack: N/A Cannot Basic Attack

Boss Ability / Mass Polymorph (Will you this as his first action unless he is Surprise Attacking)

Boss Ability / Hat-ratricide (Will use this ability only if taking big limiteds)

Boss Ability / Big Hat Trick (General go to action)

Boss Passive / Hat Rat Mass Attack
Here is a link to all the cards you will need:

Encounter 3:
The Party will come across a pair of Kobolds arguing in the street. They are arguing over which Gemling of theirs is better and which one could win in a battle. The first slightly smaller Kobold’s Gemling is red, tall, and it’s center seems to have a Book inside. The second fatter Kobold’s Gemling is blue, plump, short, and it’s center seems to have a dagger inside it. Darius will walk up to the Kobolds and say he has a rare gem that when ingested by a gemling turns it into a Gemlord. He says this will break their feud but the party must decide who it gets used on. Alternatively if someone has a Gemling Darius will automatically turn the Party’s Gemling into a Gemlord. If they pick the red Gemling the shorter Kobold will offer to teach each member of the Party the same random spell. If the party picks the fatter Kobold’s Gemling he will offer to give them the same random weapon from a selection of 3.

Encounter 4:
After the party has finished their 3 tasks in whatever order they wish a skinny Porc by the name of Chums will run up to Darius. Chums is a fast talking and anxious, dopey Porc. Chums will inform Darius some sort of Dwarven Enchanter is laying waste to the waste disposal area (Pun intended).
When the party runs over they will see a Dwarf high in the air being raised up by random trash and items that have manifested as some sort of blob keeping him airborne. Battle will begin. The Dwarfs only purpose is to distract the party from the fact that the town’s mine is being burned, plundered, raided, and their inhabitants murdered.

Kemargarita the Enchanter:
A wildly insane Enchanter. He laughs maniacally the entire battle and teases the party saying he knows a secret they don’t know. Whether doing it in song or a snively voice it is a phrase he will taunt the party with the entire time. Really the goal with this character is just to make the party hate him as much as possibly, but they know they can’t just kill him because they need to know the secret. Kemargarita will start combat on top of the slimy green puddle in the trash area.
Stamina: 350

Normal Tile

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 1 (Will surrender when low on health or after first deathroll)


Basic Attack: N/A cannot Basic Attack

Boss Ability / Garbage Wave (Will use this if he sees a player has some sort of combo)

Boss Ability / Random Waste (Will use this if he sees a player continuously uses the same item)

Boss Ability / Toxic Waste (This ability should be used to interrupt strong limiteds)
Boss Ability / Trash Manipulator (General go to action)
Here is a link to all the cards you will need:

Encounter 5:
After finding out that the party was being played for fools and distracted the whole time Darius will rush everyone towards the mine. The town’s mine is famous for being completely stationed with child workers as it allows them to have cheap labor and it teachers the kids responsibility. Once they’ve reached the mine they will notice many dead bodies as Dwarves, Gnomes, and Elves are running around pillaging and looting the place. Darius will tell the party that the goal is not to fight as there’s to many of them and instead grab as many children as you can and get them out of the mine there should be 8 total children in the mine and they should be spread out towards the back. After 4 children are escorted out of the mine Darius will scream for the party to leave the mines as there are too many enemies to fight off, just as he says this a slender elf jumps down from above thrusting his blade through the chest of Darius, killing him. The elf seems to wear a crown with a long red cape. His facial features seem soft, yet stern. It is up to the party whether they keep escorting the children out (there are 8 children total) or if they wish to leave the town. Regardless of this decision the Prince will jump away, the party will not be given a chance to attack as they are petrified by the death of Darius.

For this combat there should always be one of the following on the board, if one dies another must enter at the start of the next turn from any part of the cave.
Companion / Dwarven Paladin
Companion / Dwelf Suncleric

Companion / Elven Wizard

Companion / Gnomish Thane
Companion / Gnomish Sorcerer
Companion / Dwarven Enchanter
Companion / Elven Theurgist
Companion / Dwelf Runemaster

Darius Talcton:

Darius is a Kobold Paladin, he has worked for the town for as long as anyone can remember as the Mayor / Sheriff. The name Talcton is not a family name but rather a title passed down to any and all who have guarded Talcton, it is worn with great honor. After every combat encounter the players will roll for their Legendaries.

In battle Darius will almost never attack and will focus mostly on healing people when they get low or are in dangerous situations. Darius during the first 4 encounters will only heal when people are low but in the 5th encounters he will put all his efforts into either healing the party or helping children.

Once a foe is knocked out in combat Darius will walkover and arrest them with his custom card

Stamina: 100

Normal Tile

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 5 (Will not surrender unless things are truly dire)


Basic Attack: 5 hammeroflight (Will only Basic Attack if party is low and he has no other way of healing)

Darius has access to all Paladin Cards

The party either dies inside the mines against fighting their attackers or they escape with the children out of the town to find the nearest city to take refuge in.

Thanks for taking the time to read my campaign, I hope you enjoy! ~_~
If I’m missing anything, or something isn’t completely clear just ask! I’ll be more than happy to answer.


This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Looks pretty cool! Nice job on the artwork too!
  • @CookiesAndMil_ Thanks :) I am no means an artist and that map took forever, really appreciate the complement ~_~
  • This looks really fun, I hope I can find time this summer to run this campaign!
  • edited May 2017
    @Timedagger100 You can actually link custom cards directly (as you did with the Runic handcuffs), which would make the encounters much easier to go over. All around a great campaign though, good job!
  • @Tamwin5 Yeah I know, I had all those other cards saved to my computer from a week ago though. So Id have to remake them in the card editor to link them. May take some time to do so, but we'll see
  • @Aptmage Thanks! If you do let me know how it went, really would love to hear all the different expierences, player and GM alike :)
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