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[BETA] Babble Buds- A Virtual Puppet Show Program



  • @Darnokthemage my parents mainly.
    @CaptainThorn you can set up a static IP address. It isn't hard to do, but I am not tech savvy enough to explain it. Just look up a tutorial on youtube, takes 5 minutes:) That said, I think just port forwarding may be enough.
  • @CaptainThorn Mmmm. It should work for about a few hours. And that is assuming there is no issue with the program, nor issues with firewalls. Point being, even if your public IP isn't static. It shouldn't change more frequently than once every 24 hours or so. Most ISPs charge an arm and a leg for an actual static IP.
  • @thepaperpilot Make sure to add real jiggle physics in one of these updates. No @Deadbones cop-outs. :p
  • @Astora to be fair, @DeadBones ; forgot about that promise until he saw the thread reminding him, so I give him props for still upholding it.
  • @Astora It's already implemented, I'm currently working on a couple other things and then testing and stuff, and then everyone will be able to jiggle!
  • @thepaperpilot ; Does that mean we can be proper boobsmiths??? :oh:
  • @Astora We can never be Sixona, but we damn well can try!
  • @thepaperpilot Wow amazing work. I am planning on hosting a 4 player local campaign in a couple weeks. Just gotta figure out if I can get this to work since not everyone will have a laptop with them.

    Any plans to allow for multiple puppets on the screen from one computer and using the numbers toggles which one you control instead of replacing the puppet shown?

    Might just have to forgo this. I am sure my situation is pretty niche. Either way good work on this, I am sure a ton of people are going to enjoy the crap out of this :)
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    I'm not currently planning on adding that kind of functionality because I can't think of a good way to make it intuitive to the user, but I can recommend a sort of workaround: You can open up babble buds multiple times, and connect to the same server (if you're hosting, then one would host and the others would connect to "localhost" or, and then you can control multiple puppets by switching between the different windows.

    edit: @verby30 just so you can get a notification (I don't know if this will work in an edit though ;_;)
  • @thepaperpilot Thanks friend :). Spent the day making puppets for my players. I am super excited to use your software with them. I think it'll really add to the game. Keep up the good work!
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    @thepaperpilot Are you planning to release a new version with more puppets and such?
  • Hey Marionette Mates dev here, I haven't actually looked into all this and haven't kept up with urealms since season 1 but I'm really happy someone was able to build off the idea of Marionette Mates. Seems like so far yours is much more polished! Marionette Mates was just a fun little project.
  • @Cloud the beta should be coming soon! No new puppets though, as I am but a mere programmer and literally the worst at art. People are more than welcome to share puppets they make with the community, of course.

    @ryuski Thanks! Marionette Mates did a really great job, and it can't be overstated how grateful I am for it existing, to help and inspire me to make babble buds!
  • It would be interesting to see what the community can make along the lines of puppets.
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    This may be a stupid question but what exactly should i be using to draw parts for my puppets? and/or how i upload things other people have made 
  • @Mysteryo333 You can draw in any program that let you save pictures as PNG files(the files used within BabbleBuds), but I recommend a program that have a layer system so you can draw the pieces together then save them into different parts.
    As for loading the assets, there's a button in Babble Buds that says "Add Assets" as you mouse over it. Just find the right folder, select your PNG file(s) and then click "Open", and there you go!
  • @JackOfTheFlames Thank you and is there one you would recomend me trying so i can make cool things for my puppets?
  • Not Jack and by no means a good artist, but I'd recommend gimp because from my experience its been faster and more stable than photoshop, and its free (and libre!)
  • @Mysteryo333 As TPP said, Gimp can work. I am using Krita myself.
  • Hi! So me and my friends love this so much and we have made some great puppets but we are having a lot of trouble getting a server to work and connecting to one. None of our ip's are seeming to work and we don't know, really, what to do; but we really want to use the program. Do you think you can help us at all? 
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    Question 1

    I've had some issues with some friends trying to use option 1 of Host Server with no success between members of my group. Is there some other way that my friends can retry hosting using option 1 of sharing IPs? We all keep getting failed connection / reconnecting loop? should i be looking for something in the debugger?

    Question 2

    I've seen that you've recomended AWS or Azure for servers could you explain more about setting either one up? 

    Question 3

    In a attempt to make this awesome program work, I was trying to setup it with a server of mine, (of which I have basicly no experience with) could you help me with setting it up? I've read some of you stuff on github and have gotten a little lost.. I've only done basic code myself :( ...

    What are the steps i should take in setting it up? ( list/video/gif/) Would really help!

    Misc trying to figure this stuff out questions with random parts I'm trying to understand

    Should I upload all the the base file BabbleBuds-win32-x64 to my CPanel files?

    Do i have to download these vvv ?Where?
    // Load requirements
    const http = require('http')
    const path = require('path') 
    Is there a good link i should read up on for NPM  like this?

    Am I the only one who needs NPM or do we all need it?

    Searching server in the file lead me to find a java script file called server, is that what runs it ?

    Should I clear my current use of server before this ( or can I hide this / run this along side it?


    I wish I could be better with this stuff  :( 
    @Faiden Is making some kick ass puppets for it and I really want to use them!!

    Thanks for making this epic program Btw :heart:  ~_~
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    @BurningWaterfall The easiest way for people unfamiliar with port forwarding or servers is probably to use hamachi. You'd all use hamachi to connect to each other, and it'd give you an IP to plug in for each of the users. One of the users would host, and the others would plug in the IP for that user, as given by hamachi.

    @NinjaGuy00 Sorry, the first hosting option is for localhost, as in connecting to multiple instances of BabbleBuds running on the same computer. I should've made that more clear, it was just so people can confirm networking is working at all. That's assuming that you're referring to this comment.

    I can give detailed instructions for an AWS server. I haven't used Azure, but assuming it's also running Linux the instructions should be pretty close. Before we start I'm going to let you know this should work fine running alongside anything else running on your server (such as your website). The only potential issue would be if they both use the same port. By default Babble Buds uses port 8080, which shouldn't conflict with your website (your website is using port 80).

    1. Create an AWS instance running Ubuntu (just so you can use aptitude, you could also use a different distribution, if you know how to search for the needed packages in its respective package manager). If you're using a server you've set up previously, then you can skip this step.
    2. Install node and the node package manager:
    sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
    If you're not running ubuntu then that command will look different. There is probably a tutorial out there somewhere if you look up "How to install node and npm on <operating system>". The rest of the commands should work on any operating system, even Windows.
    3. Install the node packages listed in server.js:
    npm install fs-extra
    npm install
    npm install
    I plan on making a package.json for the standalone server so that you'd just need to run "npm install" and it'd automatically install all 3 of those for you. It should be pointed out you don't need to install http or path, as those are included in nodejs.
    4. In whatever form you choose, get the server.js file onto your server. You could do this over scp or by downloading it from github. You only need the server.js file!
    5. Start the server by running "node server.js". I'd recommend doing this in a program called tmux or screen, as those will allow you to start the server, and exit out of the AWS instance without closing the server. The server will now be running, and all the users can just put in the IP address of your AWS server into Babble Buds and press "Connect to Server". They will not need to deal with node or npm or anything else.

    Let me know how these instructions go, I can add details as necessary!

    Also thanks for the head's up about @Faiden, I didn't know they were making puppets I'll have to check them out! :smile: 
  • This is so impressive... Well done man!
  • total noob-ish question but how do i actually get this to run on my computer?
  • @claytonimore20 First, make sure you downloaded the correct version for your operating system (darwin actually refers to macbooks), and after unzipping the file, you should be able to run an executable inside (e.g. for windows it would be the EXE file).
  • This looks great. I hope to have a look and mess around with it when I get a chance! :drunk: 
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    @thepaperpilot ;
    Loving your program and my mates love what it has added to our campaigns.
    Now, just having occasional issues with loading projects.
    Sometimes when I would add new assets or create new puppets and save/close the project, then proceed to try and open it again, it would get stuck on "Loading Puppets..."

    Any clue as to what may have gone wrong or how I may be able to fix this?

    EDIT: Seem to be getting the same issue when I would create new projects
  • @thepaperpilot any updates coming soon? I love it and can't wait to see what you do with it!
  • You better believe it! There is such an incredibly huge update in the works I can't hype it up enough! It's just that I really want to get asset bundles in this update, and that one specific feature has been taking a LOT of time to get right.

    All I can say is be patient, it'll be here soon enough.
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