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What card combinations are crazy or are just plain funny?



  • @Tallbrain123  sure as hell ain't anyone's Ally if he has those two spells on him, and I'm definitely not inviting him to any of my parties from now on
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    Got bored and wondered how powerful Basic Attacks can get.

    (Any 10 Damage Weapon + Other Weapons) or brawler + giantsblood or sigilofflame with any Double Damage buff
    = 30 Damage + Weapon Bonuses or 45 Damage per Basic Attack

    Adding veteranspellblademedal means doing a Basic Attack after casting a spell. 

    Adding onessheath increases the Number of Basic Attacks to the amount of near enemies.

    Adding packhunters means each Basic Attack is also a No-Roll Companion Ability.

    There are also abilities that do Basic Attacks or add effects to them.

    Some Berserker abilities like avalanche, trample, cleave can do several Basic Attacks at a time. The Monk's sevensidedstrike does 7 Basic Attacks. High Rolls on divinityslash can add Death Rolls to Basic Attacks.

    So Jimmy here using sevensidedstrike after High Rolling on divinityslash can do 9 Basic Attacks for 30 damage, 9 Death Rolls, 9 No-Roll Companion Abilities, Restore 270 Stamina, 9 Random Spells, and 9 potential Bonus Actions.  
    AND then can move around to any other near enemy and Basic Attacking them, adding more to this ridiculous combo.
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    Also blooddrinkerbloodybulwark is just gross. A Non-Limited Seismic Slam.
  • @Tallbrain123 I like the way you think!

    @NovaXII I love the Blood Drinker + Bloody Bulwark combo, nice find! Add in a copy of sunblade for each player, and get some sunstrike action going on, just to pump it up that last little bit!

    Step 1: meatsack 
    Step 2: cannibal
    Step 3: ?????
    Step 4: Profit?
  • @TheMadLibrarian Once the mod launched, I made a couple characters. One was a Kobold Widow, with both those skills. I also grabbed the immunity to charm passive, so at least that wasn't exploitable...but the character had enough fire and ice cards to actually use the pair together.
  • @NovaXII holyshit thats strong (second coment).
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    A true Lumberjack is one with his axe and his companion. With that said, if it just so happens that your axe and your companion are the same thing, then you must be the ultimate Lumberjack.
    Here's a step-by-step for this, but honestly you can stop reading at the second step because you've basically fulfilled your purpose at that point.

    Step 1: Select lumberjack as your Class, or get lucky and Multiclass into it.
    Step 2: Get a steelbeak from Loyal Companion and equip it as a Weapon.
    Step 3a: Want to go offensive? Purchase masterofthehunt. You can try to get packhunters instead, but a sensible GM would only allow that to work on a non-Bonus Basic Attack. Even if that happens, Pack Hunters just sounds better for this build.
    Step 3b: Do you prefer a strong defense? Get armoredpartner and mendfriends. You can now block attacks with your 80 Stamina Steelbeak, and heal up the damage quickly.
    Step 4: Invest in some Lumberjack abilities. heavychop and yodel are ideal to have, and you can also get earthquake for the badass factor!
    Extra Cardsheightensensesemeraldofpersistence, beastalwarplate, spirithuntersaxe, more Lumberjack Cards, Double Damage, Mobility, Freeze immunity

    Meet Craig_Johnson, an example of a Lumberjack with a Steelbeak. Unfortunately, as you can probably tell here, the main drawback of being a Lumberjack is that you have extremely limited room for other Passives.
  • @NovaXII I think it would work well with both Thunderclap and Lightning Strike if you're near a lot of foes.
  • @NovaXII I'm just going to say that bloodybulwark is up to the gm to interperate. If they wanted, they could ruin your combo by making it one damage for two stamina. Also, the whole combo relies off of rolls, if you roll low on the attack, you are loosing a massive amount of stamina
  • @Javo not really because if you read it again it says whenever you DEAL damage is when you drain the stamina.
  • @Javo In general the "rolling poorly could be bad" logic isn't really a counter-argument, because the vast majority of the game relies on rolling dice. I realise that a savvy GM will have a harsher effect come from a poor roll on a more powerful combo, but if you need a GM to essentially make up rules to counter powerful abilities, then that's pretty much the definition of a powerful combo, since there is no such thing as a combo that can't be beaten by a good GM.
    The obvious exception to this rule being combos that rely on long chains of good rolls, where it becomes near impossible to complete them without a poor roll in amongst them.

    Okay, ridiculous combo of the day. Roll a Porc, so you can pull mightyclub from the companion ability deck. Also be as optimistic for your attribute, with a fortunate Cornerstone. Congratulations on your infinite damage melee range combo.
  • @TheMadLibrarian only problem with that combo is if you roll a 1 then even though you gain a bonus action your club still breaks
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    @Megabozoman  Mighty Club is not a Treasure Ability.

    Also, I would argue against Fortunate working with the effects of the club because you have to roll the Critical Success; if you need the ability to trigger the Crit then it ain't happening. We are all screwed when there is that one guy who draws Fortunate and Lucky though.
  • @knguy no but it is an item ability which break on crit fails
  • @Megabozoman  This only applies to Treasure Abilities, not every single Item Ability. There is no recorded instance in which Rob has said anything to the contrary.

    Imagine if you were a Magician and your Regal Top Hat broke. That would fucking suck. Imagine if you had a Gnomish Swashbuckler Companion and their Old Handcannon EX and Smokescreen Pistol EX broke. That would fucking suck. But the breaking rule applies only to Treasure Abilities which generally have a power level equal to or higher than Class and Companion Abilities.
  • @knguy I think Fortunate-Mighty Club interaction is up for debate, since you still have to roll in order to crit, you just have a higher crit chance. I do agree that it shouldn't work with a No-Roll ability, shuch as allin but Mighty Club still requires you to roll.

    And, you are correct, it is specifically Treasure Abilities that break on critfails, not just all items. Otherwise, any time you crit-failed a Basic Attack, all your weapons would break.
  • I had a player pick an elf, become a skilled fire and ice mage, got the elementalmagegauntlet4 and the everfullgoblet. Full heal every time he moved, it was pretty frustrating as a GM for him to not have any risk to anything he did.
  • @CMacDnld  it's essentially the same as thickfurrainments and ironskin combo, damage is not the best way to do this if they've got the Stamina to make the combo effective.

    to counteract this combo, you have to use Freeze/Stun, force Death Rolls, or burst them the fuck down during your turn, ez money ez lyfe
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    @knguy On turns when he had full health, he'd use magicshell on his moves, and was immune to dangerous/rough terrain thanks to fieryregalia. It was super frustrating, but, hilariously, I was running Aptmages stumbling into power and during the duplicate encounter both the clone AND the original both failed their death rolls when an ally accidentally forced a deathroll on everyone
  • @CMacDnld  For a second I was like "woah who the hell invented Magic Shell that's ridiculous" but no that only work to interrupt a spell, so all he was doing was basically converting his No-Roll Bonus Spell into a Bonus Action where he has to roll but can use non-Spells, right?

    Also yeah the Fiery Regalia is pretty sick in any campaign cause you can run through rocky stuff and fire, but man I feel like the possibilities of how powerful characters will be will cause the Status Effects to take center stage over terrain, because I mean you can put a stop to all sorts of bullshit depending on what you go with. Dude's using his stupid goblet and I'm like "nah you're getting Poisoned." Dude's using his stupid gauntlet and I'm like "nah you're getting Frozen." Dude's using a bullshit combo and I'm like "alright let's see should I Stun you, Burn you, or Silence you this time?" and I mean the status effects are pretty sweet
  • @knguy ahh i was miss remembering thank you for clearing that up.
  • Talking about Petalwalker in a different thread just made me realise how insane a combo paralyze is with malnourish. Give that paralyse a snakehunter and get a largesteeplehat for the malnourish, and you have a pretty crazy two-player combo (or single player, with an elementalmagegauntlet1).
  • The Blackboar passive doubles the stamina you gain from armor. The Guardian attribute lets you put armor in a weapon or shield spot. If you buy two +30 stamina armors for the two available slots, that doubles to 120 stamina. Added onto the Blackboar stamina, it adds up to 160. 

    I'm sure there are ways to get much higher stamina, and two 30 stam armors cost 200 gold total, but i got the Blackboar+Guardian combo while making a test character. It was too fun of an idea not to run with. 

    Whats the highest stamina with combos like this possible? I'm interested to know.
  • @psymid Check page five of this thread, @JazzyWaffles ;broke the 100K barrier. I think that's the highest I've seen. I do like the Blackboar combination with Guardian, though. I also like durable with multiple copies of meltedflesh on a Blackboar for very easy high hitpoint combos.  :p
  • It'd be really fun to see how it'd go if a Templar managed to get all 11 of their auras somehow, because you'd then have a Templar who:
    • Casts Random Spells instead of what they have
    • Has a Free Treasure from their Shop
    • Has +30 Stamina [+60 provided they also got their shield instead of having another method of placing passives anywhere such as anal ]
    • Has 4 Anytimes instead of 3
    • Has a Free Spell for use to cast Random Spells
    • Gets a Full Stamina Restore on Crits
    • Has 10 space Movement Actions
    • Gains 3 Bonus Actions whenever they survive a Deathroll
    • Has A random Weapon and Double Damage with Basic Attacks
    • Has A Free Random Treasure they could sell back for more gold
    • Gains A No-Roll Bonus Action whenever they Defeat an Ally
    And ALL of these being available for all of their allies to pick and choose, so they can get what they want from a Templar freely.
    It'd take 3300 gold for all 11 auras [3400 if you also need the shield] though, so you'd probably need to use a Meta-card for more gold and be fairly lucky.
  • goldenspices + corpseexplosion - Sacrifice your allies... for the greater good. >=D
  • @TheMadLibrarian
    I can't see that being abused at all. 
  • Was just messing around with some random character creation stuff and drew two legendary spell scrolls, siggneeos and greaterpyroblast Proc those two together and it's game over.
  • @CrazE
    When I was first reading through the cards I saw that. The chances of a pull are so low that it's insane, but it's a devastating combo if you can get it.
  • @TheMadLibrarian Also works with shredflesh. Though, shred flesh doesn't do an AoE. Moral: never trust a Porc Sea Chef.
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