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  • Hello, my name is Nesuro.
    Found Rob through PauseUnpause and couldn't get enough after.
    I'm usually super shy and don't end up talking but I look forward to being apart of the website.
  • Hi, I'm Megidork :D
    I'm a fairly new fan, but I'm super hyped for season 3
  • h'lo. i'm passionate about building proc halls, five high walls, ships and defensible fortifications.

    I've been playing pen and paper rpgs for over 15 years, videogames for over 20, DVZ in the fall of 2013-present. 'was around for a while in LOM at its inception, and for a bit in the middle. Currently building a 5th ed dnd campaign for some co-workers.

  • hey I'm fat_grama and I'm a nobody :D
  • Hey, I'm IngusSven. I also go by many other names, I've been a part of this community for a long time.

    I'm a lurker.
  • Watcher of the OG Urealms cartoons, catcher-up of Buffalo Wizard antics. Engineer by profession, Let's Player by hobby. Supporter of fan arts and projects. Creator of several ideas, executor of very few.
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    Yo, I'm Choris. I previously lurked around the subreddit as n0Reason_. I used to follow Rob back when he was making WoW videos, and then I rediscovered him when I found DvZ through Poose. I've been present for every Urealms stream from Nuren to the Skeleton King, and it's easily become my favorite show on the internet.
    I haven't really interacted with the community much till now, but since I'm off to college soon, I figure I should start breaking out of my shell. I hope to get along with everyone :)
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    Hi, I'm Billabo. I found Rob via Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story. I showed my mom and brother who both also played WoW, they thought it was hilarious, and then I followed the website link to Unforgotten Realms (Newgrounds version) and turned that into a show for my family to watch, too! I discovered that right around the time that it was about to be rebooted, so it was a nice family thing to watch the new Unforgotten Realms every week.

    These days I mostly just comment on videos occasionally. o/

    Edit: I also tend to think of something to add right after I hit post, so you can expect to see that "edited" note on a lot of my posts. :P
    But what I was going to add is that I DM'd some D&D games back when I had people I socially interacted with in high school, which is why I enjoyed Unforgotten Realms so much, and I like to draw, though I hardly ever do so anymore.
  • Greetings! I am Neva :smileneena:  I am a proud lurker in many streams. But I am there. Always. Watching. Waiting. Laughing too hard at all the antics to be able to type. Nice to meet ya!
  • My name is Zyerion and I've been keeping up with rob ever since the Unforgotten realms animated, sad that we never got an end to that show i'll never know if Garry is put in jail for his crimes in Moonwell pass.
  • Hi im dewson im a big fan of Urealms and im a tree
  • 'lo folks, I'm Cadalyst, or just Cad. I've been following Rob on his merry adventures for quite some time now (pre-LOM) I'm mostly a lurker, but also a writer and plotter of many rp ideas that never end up seeing the light of day sadly.  :(

    I've played DnD in several forms and recently have been catching up on Critical Roll to fill the void till URealms returns. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a good time while still having a very serious (for the most part) campaign.
  • I am FrostedMuffins. Nothing else
  • Herro, I'm robodog4. Ive been a big fan of Rob's work for quite a long time, and I'm happy that the new forums are up!
  • I am Razgrey, and I want to be a kobold.
  • Hey there, my name is Phen (or atleast that's what my friends call me) and I've been a fan ever since pause and rawb were still doing DvZ, and I've been looking forward to rawb's content ever since then. Hope that most of us here in the forums will be able to make a community where everybody knows, or have heard of everybody
  • Hi... Im stealing this house @DeadBones ;
  • Heya, I'm Fitzy. MegaFitzy on reddit. FitzyTheShark on twitter. Occasionally do fanart, hoping to do more this season. Made a character manager for fan DMs that I may actually finish someday.
  • Hello, name's Mythnull, Been a fan of Rawb and his work for about seven years now and I'm pretty sure I have no life.
  • I'm Owls Dream or Koen. I started watch Rob when he was playing blaze black as pkmnrawb on twitch.
    I very much enjoy the stream and I will be here till the end.
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    Hey, I'm an old-as-hell hatted forumer who started here a long time ago. Most of the ancient people would recognize me from my text color... if I had one.

    I've been watching Urealms since the classic days, and while I haven't been keeping up recently, I very much enjoy Rob's work and figure that it's worth looking into again. I hope to have a good time here, and hope that everybody can get along. That alone will put us a mile ahead of the old forums.
  • Howdy, I'm shallus, I have the swim swams, no flim flams. :drunk: 
  • I'm Power and I am late to the party. 

  • I'm Joter, i've been watching Rob's videos since 2012 and i'm usually on LOM and sometimes DVZ.
    I just followed into the Urealms show.
  • Hey, I'm GriffonStrike14 but you can just call me Griffin. I've been following Rob's stuff since the Buffalo wizards got started and got hooked when the first Urealms campaigns aired. You probably won't hear much from me but who know, this place is pretty cool :)
  • Hi, I'm Philosophantom, but my name's Sam and you can just refer to me as that. I knew about Rob's content when URLive was new, and used to be an avid DvZ player, but I didn't get into the show much until earlier this year when I binged the entire 2 seasons in a few months!
  • \o. Im girclassgamer, usually gir for short. I found rawbs content through Etho and DvZ but at some point I did go back and watch all the old URealms stuff, even made a few one-shot D&D characters based off it(Made a guy that was always checking for traps). Ive managed to have one of the few URealms fangames on Roll20 running last season which was cool, and I hope to be able to again this season! ...Think that's everything relevant.
  • Hello Friends the name is phatpack.  I've been a fan since rob participated in UHC.  I am super hyped to watch season 3 start up in...what like only a month now ya?
  • Hey all my name is Quantumdan but you can just call me Dan and I have been watching ever since he started doing the Unforgotten Realms cartoon I'm happy to be apart of this community 
  • Hey! I've been lurking definitely participating in rob's stuff since the gym and watching URL since the beginning.
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