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Surviving an Ageless apocalypse

Oh no! Everyone except you is ageless and Bopen and the hordes are after you! How do you survive? 

Assume it is an all out assault, similar to the Fall of Dundinborough. You can try to hide but everyone is ageless and searching for you and as every zombie movies shows, they get you eventually.

For me I would go on top of the tallest steepest mountain and turn the slope all into difficult terrain and slime Micheal Langstrom style making it near impossible to follow me without slipping off. Coupled with throwing rocks down at any lucky ones who get close, I should survive until they dig out the mountain from under me (or build a really tall ladder)


  • I would try to go into the tower of ultimate wizardry and you would probably be safe enough because Quinta lotus( pardon if it's spelled wrong) probably won't let ageless into her tower and as stated in the champain many people do live there. 
  • Meh I'll join them, I mean Bopen has some good policies, and the healthcare is pretty good.
  • Yeah I'm with @Bjort I'll just tell 'em "Yeah... no I'll side with you guys, where's the ritual book" I mean if all your friends and family are ageless why not join them.
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    I would assume it would be exactly the same as a zombie apocalypse, get a stable trustworthy group together with a variety of skills, construct a safe area that has enough place for a small community and farms and try to make a life of it.
  • Suck Tobias Cragg's dick. 
  • But no seriously, I'd probably join up with The Grand Paladin Order. 
  • joining them isn't a bad deal. in different from things like zombies there isn't many down sights to being a Ageless 
  • I'd join the ageless dudes rather than be a mindless thrall.
  • I would go to the monkeyfish grotto and hide under the king's butt. They would never suspect I would be there!
  • I would pray to THE LIGHT for salvation and safety! ...then probably die quickly or become a thrall because Ouro'ras never answers anyone. He is so rude.
  • i would DvZ style fight until dead, give it my all in fight a good fight, i know all is lost, but ill be damned if i go out without a bang.
  • I will write an epic novel about how a brave army rose up to fight the Ageless in a ceaseless war to protect their leader (who would be me). Then I will utilize Nisovin's research into Believers and attempt to make that army a reality to protect me from the Ageless hordes.
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