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I've recently gotten an itch to look back at Urealms and look at all the memories I've made watching this series. I started watching the series around the time 'The many gobos of pat' released on YouTube. I started watching the live show at the start of season three and even put in a little bit of donations to show my support. I remember showing my friends this show and running my own campaigns which eventually got me heavily into DnD. This adventure shaped up to be a great part of my life watching Roamin being wildly random, Deadbones putting is all into every character, Justin being a great backbone to the core team, Coestar just being Coestar and being wildly funny, or just Rob (who I share names with) be this evil genius who creates these beautiful stories that I got to binge night after night.

Even though the show may be gone, the community hasn't left. I love that there are still people making their own campaigns, creating their own universes and bringing such love to a show that they clearly love more then me. i was even able to obtain tile sets and maps to run my own campaigns again and introduce my friends to the world that i fell in love with.

I do understand why the show is gone and I understand if it doesn't ever come back, but at least I got to enjoy something so magical while it was around. Thank you Rob, for creating something I will never forget.


  • And of course. The moment I decide to revisit this, Rob goes and posts some massive ass hype on his YouTube channel.
  • @robertgoparty I know, right? I was so shocked to see the video announcement! My nostalgia is enthralled and my body is hyped! And I'm glad there's still the URealms Live connection!

    Hopefully this new content will also revive the community, at least for a while. Even if it's not, I'm just a sucker for everything URealms-Unforgotten Realms related!
  • Have a similar story here it got me into playing DnD and realized roleplay wasn't "cringe" although i was like 15 so i thought everything was cringe lol
  • @robertgoparty He was reading the forums the entire time!!!
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