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Big News for URealms - Rebirth

As most of us who still visit this forum know, Rob had made all the campaigns private due to the harassments he faced from the discontinuing of URealms.

Checking on his channel recently, I noticed that Band of Thieves has been made public again, roughly 3 weeks ago. Even more exciting, I saw Rob leave the following reply in the comments:
My mind is getting healthier and I am able to endure the stress of the job more. thanks my man! I willl be unlisting the rest over time. You can go steal the videos tho cause I know old fans who hate me have uploaded and I understand how powerful nostalgia is so I truely don't care. But this youtube is my home on the web and i just need too shut my door for a bit.
I am so glad that I will be able to re-live the show in the future, even if it takes a while for everything to be made public. I hope that everyone does not harass Rob in any way, and fully respects his decision to move on to different content. This should be seen simply as a gift, and not as a promise that there will be future URealms content.

And, if Rob happens to read this: Good job on the shift to new content. Though I don't often watch, it is still very high quality and definitely deserves more viewership. I can tell that you are a lot more happy doing it. Its great to hear that you're in a better mental space, and I hope that you continue along this path. Though our interests may have diverged with time, I am nothing but thankful and respectful for all the laughs (and at times tears) you gave me for so many years. Keep up the good work!

Now, I'm off to binge Band of Thieves.


  • This is very exciting to hear. Completely understand why they were privated, but I will enjoy being able to watch some of them again!
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    I was quite upset when they were first privatized—seeing how it was mentally affecting Rob. I understood why and accepted it—seeing that band of thieves being made public again. Made my week. I am very thankful that Rob Is going to make them public again. I fully support Rob in moving to new content. Especially, if it is better for his mental health. I can't wait for them to be public. Mostly because I was telling some new friends I made in the DND group. Told the DM about it and now he is interested. Can't wait to see someone who has never seen the twists and turns before. 

    Rob if you happen to read this. love the new stuff and sincerely thank you for making the old streams public again. Those campaigns really made my day and helped me get through tough times. So many laughs and tears. Never forget Philpie the real MVP. Do whatever makes you happy. Anyway, good to hear you are doing better. Here's hoping your mental health only improves further. Good luck with the future content. Keep well ya amazing human. 

    Now I'm going to look into the Urealms character creator and listen to the band of thieves. Might take a look and see what the community has been up to. 
  • It seems he may be slowly relisting them. I can respect this. I have been a fan critical of him, but I would like the best for him. My only ask has ever been is that he finds a way to make content and to find himself too. Things happen in life, but ideally I'd like the guy to have fun with what he does or at least if it's not the most fun thing (As many things we make a living off of it becomes work over time.) that he is able to divest his time away from projects/having to run them outside of a more executive or creative roll. From my understanding on the outside as a long time fan of his work Rob seems to care a lot about what he does and has done great work. Has it always panned out? No. I think though a lot of it has been being overworked on things that begin as truly projects of passion, but end up being draining because Rob does too much. I don't think that's entirely his fault, but from the outside some people have definitely said that which is unfair to the guy. He has been adversarial with his bases at times too and I have not liked it, but can understand at least that caring about something and the ease with which purely negative people can directly hit you up when you keep yourself fairly available to speak to on things (I've always respected that about Rob. Whenever he's done projects he's a really 'on the ground' type of guy who is willing to be interacting with his community a ton. He's had some failings from this, but we're human and certainly it makes it easier for bad actors to take up his time.)

    I don't like to come off as Fairweather in any capacity. I am around less due to life, but too the content now is not directly my jive. Which is okay because I still like to pop in and say hi on occasion or speak my mind. Even if I may disagree with a lot that has been done I can still respect the approach Rob takes. I wish him the best regardless of if he's making content suited for me. I personally never directed any disdain to him about the direction of his work. I have definitely levied criticisms, but for the most part was interested in what he may do next. Less internet helps, and like I said. There has been a pattern with these things and when he's done things over the years I do hope it does come off to feel like work because working something gets stale and especially when it diminishes and you pour tireless nights into things it's a wall to climb. I hope for him the best having caught up a bit on things. None of this is directly because of nostalgia before that's brought up. It certainly helped sell some things to me, but for the most part I have been a guy who enjoys that stuff as extra and always found myself liking the mechanics, the systems, and stories. The best example I can pull up off the top of my head is the Grand Paladin, and Gwenyth. I really wanted Bruce to become the Grand Paladin and felt a tad cheated when Justin won it by accidentally entering the ring of contention in the DD. But, I was open to seeing what Rob would do with that story, and the nature of all this pathing with stories makes it a TON to write for or even storyboard out over time. The guy made her path interesting though, and for me seeing the weakness of fear from her brother being the catalyst for that event was very surprising to me and I loved it. As for the Systems I liked how willing Rob was to trying new things for the show. They didn't always work out, but it was just that. A Show. As much as I loved the Stamina system of season 1 and the meme of near 1st combat wipes it wasn't tenable for a show made to draw in money (Especially when writing, art, and money were at stake for Rob.). Seeing it evolve from that and balanced out was always interesting to me just how DVZ was balanced out from being a small Whitelisted community of random streams. There's a lot more, and some will bring things like cast stuff up. That's interpersonal and while I've pointed to it before it remains that and I simply want to appreciate the works that time, effort, love, and care went into. As well as all the effort. I know it comes off as just wanting to see my favorite show to some extent, but for better or worse I still appreciate the amount of time, care, and hard work put into it all. I have always respected at least that, and of course more, but Rob I hope you've been better in some regards.
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