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Lost in the Woods

You find yourself in the forest. The twilight sky doesn't appear to shine with any sparkling stars, and the moon itself is nowhere in sight. You're awfully cold, and are worried you'll never get home. Best to head out now, don't you think? There might be Ogres in these woods. Or worse. The GongleChonk. But you'll probably never meet him. Anyway...
What do you do?

1. Roll with every post.
2.Type as little as you want, or as much as you want. 
3. Include images if you want, or don't! Do whatever. Be whatever you want to be!


  • man yall are boring
    i'll just dm myself

    I take a moment to myself, inhaling deeply and observing my surroundings. Within the forest, I feel lost, coming from a larger, bustling village. Perhaps the path is similarly laid out as the cobblestone paths of my Bastion City? I scan the forest for an opening, or path into a nearby clearing.

  • Unfortunately, it appears as though I am lost. The forest seems to encompass me, leaving me stranded in an ocean of green with no real hope of escape. Gathering my bearings, i grit my teeth and march North, hoping that I can find something of interest.

  • ( @bl1ndn3rd )
    (Well well, didn't see this coming at all. Do we answer our own or each other?)

    I started to search for any noticeable landmarks, maybe find a river and follow it somewhere. I rub my hands together and try to keep warm in the cold night. Hoping to find some sort of direction to shelter or civilization. 

  • @WritingWyvern ;
    (Its just a sort of...have fun type thing, but I'll answer for anyone who wants to join)

    The forest is thick and unyielding as you peer through it for some sort of escape. A break in the woods, perhaps a meadow or encampment? And then, you spot it...tracks. A set of what appears to be bunny footprints. They seem to be heading North, or at least north from the direction in which you started.
  • ( @bl1ndn3rd )
    (Normal size bunny prints or some large possibly monster ones?)

    Either way, I follow the tracks. Keeping my head low and tryong to stay stealthy in case it's something dangerous or possible food.
  • (I am the above average man, fear my 11)
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