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Can you import assets into Puppet pals? If so, how do you do it?

It's been a while and I wanted to try to use Puppet pals with a bunch of friends, if for no better reason than to screw around with it. Is their any real way to import assets in program? I looked at the File directory to see if there was any way for me to drag and drop files into there but it didn't quite work. 

I've got no clue where else to ask and I don't want to annoy Rob with on Twitter


  • You cannot without other software to build the client. You can art swap easily, but only if you then also share the swapped art with other clients.

    This software was not made for users to do this kind of functionality. It was inhouse puppeteering program.
  • @Rob

    Alrighty then, thanks for the answer, have a good one!
  • This is still software we are *hopefully* looking to improve and one day get a better use for other peoples roleplay! It's just a big undertaking and we got other community projects focused on atm.
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