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New URealms show - New Realms

I didn't see anyone else talking about the new series so I figured I'd take the initiative and start the conversation. Here's the first vid if someone hasn't seen anything about it yet So what do you guys think about it? So far what do you like/dislike about the series?


  • I'd love it if I could maintain this website too, but that's another big pile of work that will need to slowly be rolled out when/if time allows. 
  • @HongrlShade ;Bringing back Roamin (the player and character lol), the introduction of new players, the idea of a constantly rotating cast of players just to flesh out and create a bigger URealms world. I'm a little hesitant with the idea of no numbers being used for damage, but I'll have to see it being used to give my final thoughts. I thought the idea of rolling once for an action and 1 and 20 being the chaotic deciders were already pretty low on the combat scale for most DnD players. Otherwise, I'm just happy to see more being done with the series and world, whether it continues similar to before or goes in completely new directions.
  • I haven't watched the full thing yet. But from what ive seen it certainly resembles old urealms. If it all works out maybe we'll see some life again here.
  • no haters allowed i will take it personally
  • Seems interesting, will see, hopefully deadbones can come back at some point.
  • Personally I am excited. urealms and rawb have always been a big part of my life though I havent watched much rawb these past two years due too being busier and dealing with some mental health stuff but I am excited to see a return of urealms. I feel the way this will work will be much easier on rawbs mental health no more deadlines or having to worry about animations while I did enjoy urealms live alot I could see the strain it was causing on rawb. Im not too sure about the no HP but with the reoccurring characters along side a great cast I belive new realms has potential, the urealms game is fun and easy to get into and rawbs excellent skills of entertainment and at being a dm can take this far and I will be looking forward to Friday every week also hoping we see some recurring cast members and characters. I was 12 when I first started watching rawb and I am now 20 this community has always been dear to my heart I remember wating every Friday after school to watch dvz then watching pkmnrawb on saturday, made some great friends in LOM I still talk too today, religiously watched urealms live only missing watching 4 campains live, and I cant wait to make more memories watching rawb and interacting with his community. Also if rawb sees this remember to always put your mental health first if things get tough, your a great content creator but your human first.
  • Pretty happy to see urealms return, it was a fun character creation. That nostalgia is hitting hard lol.
  • Not sure if I will watch it. If it is intended as a reboot I get that, but I'd still like legacy content restored/put somewhere separate if on the main channel it is not wanted. I think it's respectful to the fans that made it possible along the way, and can be separate from any new projects in the future. This is mostly coming from a perspective of preservation/archiving of things not even out of importance, but to interesting things.
  • Too the time investment in participating has a sketchy track record. Some things make sense through the years, and not everything is permanent. Though this theme of dropping projects hard due to interior issues (For Whatever Reasons Isn't a Matter To Me And Life Happens IE: DVZ servers being cash sinks, How Escapist days fell out) then excizing all the content repeatedly the last few years has at least for my part as a fan of The Content as a whole for a long period of time made it harder to take up interests in new projects or reboots of old ones due to the questionable time frame they will reliably be around. The only older work I see is on separate channels which I think is a good idea if Rob wants to distance himself from his old work as it won't be the first thing people see and will allow fans of the content to enjoy it. Though perhaps it is the plan, but I have not heard otherwise and other emotions seem to drive it. If things abandoned were preserved or moved elsewhere I would less hesitant to invest my limited time, resources, ect to the content.

    Otherwise summary: I will most likely not watch (Despite possibly good content) due to (whether intended or not, and I don't believe it is intended entirely) the bad faith that pulling older content down entirely has done for long time fans. I believe I have heard the basic whys in the past and how it would innevitably happen, but I won't say I know for sure as I do not own the content. But, regardless it contiues to happen and regardless of reasons the time for it is not there to lose anymore despite supporting it heart on sleeve.
  • Captain Deston, do you care about the content more then my mental health?
    The content stays private for now.

    If your not interested in the show, then it's time to move on and perhaps when I'm in a better place I will put that content in a place to consume freely again. I really could care less if you personally watch this new show because I don't know you. After Digital Bards, you weren't interested in following the artist and joining the community around it my man. You are just about the content.

    I'm not making this show for you, I'm making it for the fans of the artist. The people who have been memeing and making fun little projects for the last 2 years. When people treat me and my work like a corperate product they paid for it's unbearably damaging to my mental health, so I'm not making stuff for people who act like that anymore. Yo

    I hate how entitled some fans can be who simply haven't been part of this community since 2019. I told you guys in Digital Bards, your losing me. You lost me, the man who put the content before the people. URealms Live is over and is never coming back, this is New Realms and it is made for the people who value not just my work, but me as an artist. Two of the cast members are community members I have grown to work and roleplay with through discord/streams/and RP servers. URealms Live is dead. The fanbase of the content didn't want to pay me to maintain it while I rested and regrouped so I have moved on.

    The content you see now is a byproduct of the community you aren't a part of. So when you bring down  "my work", you don't understand you are putting down our community, not the content. If you are done with the content, move on because this attitude will not be welcome here. 

  • @Rob ;
    The creator fosters the community they want at the end of the day. I can respect that. I would say I am a part of the old communities and have more or less lightly followed after 2019 having been a rather consistent fan for the decade prior.

    I do care about the creators and it has shifted to where I too want a mutual respect for creators and fans. I would soundly say over the years I have been rather understanding to all the artists I have followed in seeing. Understanding to support them because times get tough, understand flexibility because art being too rigid becomes just a product, and knowing that there is such a thing as negative criticism. Because artists can not and will not always tailor their works to myself. I have seen changes in creative eras where artists and entertainers I have followed move onto new things as well.

    I know a lot has happened with the shifts in types of content, projects, the percieved stability of projects, ect. Even when it came down to a lot of those things I'd stand by the artist in the sense of understanding where they are coming from and at the very least accepting that they want some changes. Though at the end of the day for me entertainment is a transaction; I give up my time and resources for people to do the funny. I'm glad to be understanding for the artist, but the content is the fruit of the labors. I would not buy a bad car out of brand loyalty, but perhaps others may like it and that's fine. Perhaps I follow and keep up on the models and if I see something promising I may make my investment of resources and time investment in my life to make that transaction again. (Not the best example, but both have people behind them building something someone else may want.)

    I don't feel any sense of ownership for your work. I just value preservation as someone who was able to help that work come into being even if much more minor than the artist themself. I undstood much of it would be different and honestly have not expected the newer content to be tailored for me. For me be a student of history and a general lover off information, content, anything it feels like paper being burned in one form or another and with a little bit of attatchment to it it feels a bit more especially with the idea of how many surviving copies there may be of a given media. The internet being the most extreme example of how easily able things are to be lost/altered/deleted.

    But, at the end of the day in regards to community I've come to appreciate looser communities less heavily modderated, policed, whatever word one may wish to describe it. It felt more restrictive as time went on and at points I understood some of the hassle lots of people provided (Especially as a new website was being built and implemented) and when people were getting a bit too involved with pushing players directly with chat. I'm not much for the more rigid community that came up prominently mid season 3. Otherwise I've only ever hoped it has been fun; especially for you because I know how much coming to resent what one does, ones surroundings, and the state it can put one in does.

    But to wrap it up with community your last paragraph does sum it up well.

    'The content you see now is a byproduct of the community you aren't a part of. So when you bring down  "my work", you don't understand you are putting down our community, not the content. If you are done with the content, move on because this attitude will not be welcome here.'

    This applies just as much to the old work as it does to the new. As putting it down and taking it down has always done the same to the communities that formed around that and admittedly they were a lot of fun. But the last sentence is what nailed the separation of fans. It became a space where general disagreement was seldom allowed and people left. Though with wanting to build a different community/value set that would produce a desired effect (affect? Idk I'm a tad tired.). I would consider myself to never have fostered ill in the community and at most have disagreed with things or would make my thoughts known on such things on rare occassions, but otherwise interactions have been positive. It can cross a line I feel when it is purposefully over done, but it can also be that either one is not welcome anymore through the gates or content type has drifted.

    This is long winded not out of any ill, but due to care in some capacity and I like conversation on most subjects. But at the end of the day what I would consider upsetting at most is just loss of pre-existing content for any reason. Though I am also happy for you in some capacity if you find joy in what you're making even if it is something I may more sparsely be invested in and most communities fostered irregardless of background are good for people. 

    Again to avoid eggshells I guess it's not ill, but just a different perspective. That's all I've really got on it and something I've always respected about you
     even if I disagree with the vision is you really work at building what you want to build. Perhaps it hasn't always worked out, but the quality of things you've worked into the world is pretty far up there and you do hold high standards. I've always wondered how I would hold up to it in a creative field as opposed to the work I do with my hands. But yeah, I'm done typing  ~_~
  • "Because artists can not and will not always tailor their works to myself."

    Yeah, that's why I retired as an artist and URealms Live is gone bud. I'm a community leader now doing just that with the stories. That's what Digital Bards was all about bud.
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    Part 1 That I didn't watch on launch day because of business.

    Roamin is on point as always.
    "Is it worse to murder people or kidnap children?"
  • @Rob I know urealms is retired and I still watch all your new stuff, but the fact I cant go back and see any of the original urealms content really is a huge bummer to me. I get what they are saying about the loss of media, it is something you did in the past and made so many people happy including me for one, I for a long time spent every night falling asleep to a campaign, now the thought I cannot do that anymore really hurts when I think about it. I respect everything you have done since ending working on urealms, but the fact that all this is gone for good is real painful for me emotionally. I get you have a lot of emotions about it too, and you are retired as an artist, you dont have to make anything more, stick with what you love, but why have deleted a beloved series? That is the one part I wish I had back. Having terrible depression and anxiety that recently resurged has really made me wish I had these back to help.
  • Rob
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    @Boost so you're saying I should continue to suffer so you can consume my art to ease your own suffering.

    That's the problem my man, people were awful in the comments of these videos daily. They would go post "I miss when Rob was friends with X" and remind me daily of a past love that has hardened in my life. People would say shit like "I miss the old Rob" or "I hate the new Rob" casually in my past videos as I'm trying to post new content and evolve as a creator.

    The support simply wasn't there for me to bare the stress of keeping these videos up. Your going to see artists do this over and over in this corporate world going forward cause when artists are treated like disposable content factories, its painful. 

    I did not delete them by the way, I set them to private. I'm focused on my own mental health right now. In the future I imagine your videos will be accessible thanks to the community whose been supporting and helping me as an artist since URealms. I struggle with self worth and it's wild to hear how important my art is to people and how much important I seem to be to them and still be struggling 15 years into the job. The art is so powerful people like you basically guilt trip me daily not realizing it's this negative, selfish wave of energy that burdens my soul dude. Statements like yours are something I have read 100 times since unlisting the videos earlier this year. Cool. I either get abused by nostalgic old viewers that ignorantly kick me down in comments daily or I get guilt tripped by viewers who dump their feelings onto a person they don't know.

    Thankfully as a sick twisted meme, soon you'll be able to pay me $5.55 to go watch old nostalgic movies of mine. Since it seems I'm gonna suffer either way, might as sell my sanity like a goofy netflix subscription for a bit. 

    I'm sorry if this is heavy for you read. I don't think negatively of you. This feels like death by thousand cuts. Nothing you said hurts, it just adds to this weight that feels like I must endlessly carry. Re-read your comment and imagine it's someone you don't know personally writing that to you and this work. Work that is filled with so much heart break for you to think about that you feel sick to your stomach. Then imagine you read something similar to that every day for a year.

    Like dude. You just came into a thread about the new show to complain about the old show. That just sucks. 
  • @Rob Dear Rawb
    Hi I am a huge fan of yours and have been watching your content for years. The new realms video's I find very funny, so I joined the form today to say thank you. 

    But you see I wanted to rewatch some of your old content for fun but looks like they are private, I know this is because of Toxic comments and your mental health, I understand your decision and have read the comments above mine, one day in the future when you are comfortable I would like to see some of these videos slowly unprivated, maybe you can turn the comments off to stop the toxic "fans".
    Of course I understand if you don't do that, If its better for you then keep them private, they are your videos after all.

    Anyway I once again will say thank you as your one of the funniest youtubers I have ever seen and I can't wait until your next video / live steam, I was very nervous typing this as this is my first time using a form and I have trouble typing.

    Have a good day and keep up the good content.  :)

  • @Rob It really sucks that people are negative and ruin it for the rest. I would regularly go back and watch the old campaigns for fun and I still love them. You have to put your mental health first and if having them set to private is the only way to do it, then that's what you have to do. From a purely selfish perspective I'd echo the idea of removing comments or something else that lets us watch it again, but I would never be able to enjoy them if I knew you were suffering because they're up. I just want you to know that despite the vocal people there are many of us out there that love what you create but would rather see you happy than get entertainment that causes you misery. 
  • I don't usually comment but, after reading through this thread I feel so bad for Hongrlshade. And, I think we should foster positive community discussion on this website.

    I watched the first few videos and loved it. I liked how members of the community got to be apart of the role play. I also really enjoyed their style of role play, which I know is something the community has been working on for awhile. I think it works really well and lends to really comedic moments! :)

    Also I loved the idea Rawb talked about where he was going to get multiple groups going and they could theoretically eventually all interact with each other. That sounds like such a fun idea imo.

    One thing I didn't like was how short all the videos were, so I am intentionally not watching so I can save up a bunch and binge them - ngl. Honestly, even typing this out makes me really tempted to go binge what I have saved up now.
  • @Rob things end and that’s ok. “When you think about it we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s ok you got to keep moving as long as you remember all the people that you used to be”  no one’s ever gonna be the person they were tomorrow and possibly they shouldn’t, maybe the person of yesterday wasn’t the best you. sometimes it’s hard to remember who you were or who others used to be. Maybe one day down the line it will be easier to look back maybe the next day it will be harder. But that’s not a choice anyone can make for you, and right now you probably don’t have the option to make that choice. But your the one who gets to decide, and you should decide for you not for some comment on the internet.

    Thank you for all the content you have made and thank you for all the content you might continue to make. Your gta role play stuff is quite charming, Big fan of the community engagement even if I am but an occasional lurker. 
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    So... All the URealms content is set to private? Man this is sad. I want to get local copies of the shows, and dead realms. I don't want my memories of these... Events, circuses,these special times that once were happening in real time.... I don't want them to just be fever dreams...

    Another set of lost media. And I just I didn't have the means or the vigilance to preserve it before it was lost. Another personal failure as an archivist...
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