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Looped Music

Hi, I’m planning on running som games with my friends and wonder if there exists version of the looped background music somewhere? Primary I’m looking for the Grand Paladin - theme and the music used during the final encounters of Den of Devils.

thanks anyway. :)


  • Are you in discord? DM me and I can give you that! I got a 40 min mix
  • edited March 2021
    There is a loop/continuous replay function on soundcloud tbh.
    Rob has uploaded most of the music there anyway... (SSJ Rawb) You can have a song repeat on loop during your game for a event/combat for ambiance that way.
  • @Rob Do you have anything not on the soundcloud? I'd love to listen to the things I could not edit from the shows via loopable sound bits. (IE: Dundenborough music when the bells begin to alarm., Music of season 2 finale animac. Den of Devils Ect.) I know a good bit of it is royalty free that I've had a hard time earching for.
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