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camo's URealms Card Creator (updated 2021 May 1)

Hi, I made a card creator and manager for URealms to make card creation more streamlined. If you only make a few cards here and there, then I don't think you'll find much use in this card creator. However, if you're more of a "power user", then this may help you.

Why use this card creator?
The card creator on the website is very user friendly and easy to work with, but if you're like me and create a lot of cards, you want to be able to manage these cards more efficiently. Rather than having a spreadsheet full of card text that you copy and paste into the online card creator, you can instead change them directly in my card creator and mass-export the entire list of cards.

Adding your own art to cards is also significantly easier. Normally you would copy and paste the art onto the cards you made with the online card creator, but now you simply add the card art to the art folder and select it. As long as it follows the same file format, dimensions, and dpi as the existing art, you shouldn't have any problems.

I also implemented card templates. This makes almost every aspect of the card editable, like the font, placement of images, and so on. Chances are you won't touch this, but the option is there if there's something you want to change about the original card design.

What's missing from this card creator?
I haven't implemented the elvish text like in the original card creator (I believe you use the <ELF> tag to use it). You can still use templates to use elvish text, though.

What are some problems with the card creator?
Some of the things I have recently implemented aren't fully fleshed out. For example, I would like card templates to eventually make it possible to use this card creator for any card game and not just URealms, but I haven't made some card elements easily changeable. Additionally, it is very much a hobby program I made for my own needs and not so much for broad use, so the interface may be jarring to some.

How to run it:
  1. Download this zip file (contains an old executable and necessary assets)
  2. Download the latest update (0.14.7, 2021 May 1)
  3. Unzip the folder to a location you like
  4. Install the two fonts included in the zip folder
  5. Replace the old executable from the zip file with the new executable you downloaded separately
  6. Run the executable (Windows may warn you that it's suspicious)
I have a question on how to use this thing. Can I ask you about it?
I have written some documentation on how to use the card creator, as well as some depth on how individual components work. You can access it here.

If you have a question that wasn't answered in the documentation above, feel free to message me on Discord (camomatt#3165) or tag me in the Realms United Discord server. You can reply here, but I might not reply back for a while, since I don't typically use the forums much.

Some screenshots:
Loading a different card template

Adding custom art

Importing a card list and exporting card images


  • Can advocate that this program is awesome to use! Been using it a while and, with the steady updates Camo has made to get to this version, it pretty much works perfect for me! (Last major feature I was "missing" was being able to sort cards by name or whatever which now exists). 'Tis great!
    5 Star Rating, would recommend to friends
  • Really recommend checking this out. The website is good if you wanna dip your toes in, but this software lets you go above and beyond for creating custom cards!
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    I'm glad you both like it! I just wrote up some documentation. If anyone has questions or wants to know more about the little things with this program, they can use that for guidance. I've linked it in the original post, but here's another link.
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    EDIT (March 25): I've updated the program a little bit more. You can download the update here. Just replace the old executable with the new one.
    • Fixed a slightly more annoying bug related to the Card Type box updating the card if there's a difference in capitalization. idk where it came from, but it's "fixed"
    • Added "Auto Assign Gems" checkbox. When enabled, the card gems will update based on the Card Type you select.

      Leaving it checked makes it easier to quickly make new cards without having to remove unnecessary gems. Leaving it unchecked makes it easier to convert existing cards into different card types (such as turning a regular Item into a Treasure, an Ability into a Spell Scroll, etc.)
    • Added "Auto Assign Art" checkbox. When enabled, the card art will update based on the Card Type you select.

      Basically the same as above.
    • Added "Clear Elements" checkbox. When enabled, the left and right elements will be removed when the Card Type changes.

      Basically the same as above.
    • Fixed a "bug" where, if you change the Card Type, it won't enable the "Save Changes" button. Without that button being enabled, it won't warn you that you may have unsaved changes.
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    Updated to 0.14.3. You can download the update here. Just replace the old executable with the new one.
    • The program is significantly better at determining if you have unsaved changes. That way, if you change something (or multiple things) about the card, and then revert those changes, it won't warn you about unsaved changes.
    • Fixed a crash that resulted from this. Anyone who may have slipped in and got 0.14.0 should update.
    • Whenever you click view while having unsaved changes, the dialogue window will now display a list of those unsaved changes. Not a big change, but once again, anyone who slipped in and got 0.14.1 may want to update.
    • Another fix. Gems were not properly recognized as unsaved changes. This is what I get for sending stuff out before I've actually used it myself. 0.14.2 lads may want.
    If you run into any bugs, issues, or have suggestions, please reply. Thanks!
  • @camomatt Yo camo this last change is huge. Thanks so much for the bug fixes!
  • @Rob No problem! Hope it helps with your card creation (:
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    Updated to 0.14.5. You can download the latest update here. Just replace the old executable with the new one.
    • You can now remove multiple cards from the list at once. Just select each row, or a cell in each row, while holding ctrl or shift and then click the Remove button like normal.
    • A couple more menu items were added under "Help". One links to the Online Documentation I wrote that has instructions on how to use the various functions of the program. The other links to this topic.
    • There's a status bar on the bottom that keeps track of the number of cards in the list. Useful for if you have a specific number of cards you're trying to reach. Or something.
    If you run into any bugs, issues, or have suggestions, feel free to comment. Thanks!
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    Updated to 0.14.7. You can download the latest update here. Just replace the old executable with the new one.
    • You may now export Decks straight to your Tabletop Simulator Saved Objects folder. The program will automatically name all of the cards for you. You will still need to upload the sheets to an image host and give the program the links to these sheets. You can find the sheets in the ".temp" folder of the executable's directory. Click "Export > Card Deck..." to try it.
    • Before you can export a deck, you need to set the Saved Objects location in the Preferences window. You can do this by opening File > Preferences... and setting the location there.
    • There are a few bugs I know about, mainly that it doesn't handle aborting the operation very well. I'll possibly eventually work on fixing that. For now, I'd suggest making sure any card list changes you make are saved before you try this feature. You know, just in case.
    • It only supports horizontal cards at the moment and likely will for the foreseeable future.
    • I have added documentation to help explain how to use this new feature.
    If you run into any bugs, issues, or have suggestions, feel free to comment. Thanks!

    Known bugs:
    • Attempting to export more than one large deck per session results in an error. Temporarily resolved by restarting the program between deck exports. I have no clue how to fix this, at the moment.
    • Unsaved changes cannot be properly saved after clicking Export Deck. Will eventually be fixed, probably. Until then, please don't export decks while you have unsaved changes (unless you don't care about those changes).

    Possible additions:
    • I might make it so that the deck creation has more options, like filling the description of each card. This would be in the form of a window with some options you can tick. I'll probably put it in the same window as the Deck Size form.
    • The preferences window will probably have more things built into it, and the preferences file will probably end up being used to save temporary default locations (such as the folder of the most recently imported card list)
    • If I can find a way to integrate this, being able to automatically upload each sheet and assign them (no manual work) would be pretty cool. No clue how to do this though. I know imgur has an API and stuff, but eh.
    • The sheets should probably go to the main directory instead of the 'temp' directory.
    • The temp directory should probably delete everything after processing.
    • A "processing" cursor while the sheets are rendering would probably be helpful.
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