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So many of you still visit this site, so I thought I'd update you guys on some URealms stuff!



  • @PKbacon117 Gwyneth isn't an SDG as far as I know
  • Hello everyone, it has been a while since I've been here, sorry that I was gone.
  • @Rob How would Bopen repair his armour? We can safely assume the armor he wears (or lack thereof) came from the Royal family he killed, but when his armor isn't self repairing (we can assume) like he is, so it would still take damage. How would Bopen repair his armour then? Is he going around scavenging armour pieces or is there a secret blacksmith conspiracy afoot?!
  • Holy crap I just saw this months later. I really like this idea and hope this gets done. I'm glad you're still doing some stuff with this @Rob. I hope when you get back into the swing of new things you come back to this at some point. Maybe some new RP guys in the mix to just have fun and goofs with no pressure. Just streaming for fun and no worries about money or junk like that. I'd love to do that. Keep up with this and your other content @Rob and you do you.
  • Kobooooooooold!
  • @IronLegionSoldier Bopen is a sword. He doesn't even need armor my man.
  • @Galeosia tbh there will never be a time where I can just "stream for fun" while money is a stress for me. This is my 10th year streaming live on the internet and at this point "turning on the stream" instantly makes it feel like work. Maybe in the future when I feel fulfilled via a project that can support me streaming won't feel like that, but for now if I'm in a room and anyone is "streaming", i go into performer mode ya know?
  • I do see your point @Rob I personally don't know that stress, but I can relate to real-life stress with working all the time. 50+ hours a week for me! I still appreciate all you do and it's always a pleasure to watch you. 
  • Hey @Rob , I was wondering if you could explain any lore on the Forn? I believe all we know about them is they were created by Thor and don't roll dice as they can see in the future. What were your plans for them?
  • @Henraye I remember him mentioning once that they'd have a deck of cards with Roll numbers on them with the top card revealed. So when they would go to "roll" they would draw the top card and use the result: meaning that they would know when Criticals were coming up next.
    Not sure how the balancing would work (would there be a 20 card deck with 1 of each number that you reshuffle when empty? 40 cards with 2 of each? Or perhaps a different varied deck with an imbalanced amount of each number?).
    Though I am curious about the lore as well cause I can't remember anything besides being forest folk.
  • hey @Rob ;what was the idea for The Grand Raven?
  • I like to think if Roamin the Paladin exists, that him and Galen Sunsword are at odds against each other to become the best crime solving paladin 
  • @Henraye

    hmm I would need to deep dive that because the answer is "There is no Forn lore" Lore is only created when it happens during a show and so while I have notes/ideas of what the lore would of been, there is little to no forn lore ever created ya know?

    The reason lore works this way is because ultimately URealms Live was a collaborative story between myself, the cast, and the community. The pathways of what happens during a show in my brain are much stronger then the ideas I wrote down and so once this project ended and the campaign to continue it failed, those ideas in my head faded away. I'm sure I have a lot of forn ideas written down and could remember some of them, but there really isn't any lore to speak of is there?
  • @noxumbre There were no ideas that stand out I can remember. I just wanted there to be a big raven in the world because ravens are cool af. He wouldn't speak, but characters would talk to the raven and knowledge would be gained by doing so. Almost as if talking to the Raven would help you understand yourself better without them saying anything back.
  • @bl1ndn3rd Roamin the Paladin "did" exist. He was a believer based on a childhood story where someone filled in the blanks to create the character. This was a big story arc in the coe's quest project where Roamin was going to die and Coe would find the book of his childhood because he would of been the creator of Roamin and then a new quest would of started for him to bring Roamin back to life by continuing his quest.

    The story of the coesquest timeline was that Coe was going to be the first self aware believer. The bit ultimately would be once the show was over, the character is a divine where he can consume anything he writes on paper and add it to his story by eating the paper cause thats both powerful and funny af.
  • I would love to learn more about the Cult of Bones.
  • If Coe was to become the first self-aware believer

    than who wrote his book?  :p

    Idk about old lore but according to the current meta, it would make sense that it was a character like Monica, a community leader who helps her friends become more powerful
    like making her friend Coe into a Divine.
  • Rob
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    @friskyBrisky Nothing to learn. Almost all of it was improvised.

    @bl1ndn3rd That would of been the post coe's quest story. He solved the first meta of self realization and then would of gone on a quest to find out where he came from.

    @bl1ndn3rd Monica isn't friends with Coe, she has never met him or vice versa. I mean I'm an old friend of Coe, but we have gone our separate paths and so he's no longer tied to any of this until he wants to be. Coes Quest was a story where I was controlling the lore too much to inspire the work required to make that type of content. I was too focused on the Content that I didn't pay attention to the People making it enough. I was too worried about telling the best possible story that I skipped over the fact that you only get good content if the artists are truly inspired to make it. That project was doomed from the start because it just wasn't fun for anyone involved to really make. 
  • Aww Sh* we go again... Seriously though, I've been thinking about running a urealms campaign again soon, and seeing the stuff about the New Realms makes me so happy. Cant wait to see anything that develops out of it~
  • I knew from previous Not-canon streams that the Kinny in Coe's Quest was a believer (who possibly killed the original), but only now do i learn that Roamin and Coe also were. Was Phineas a believer too? Would make sense, an entire party of believers.

    imagine the chaos they must have caused.
  • @TamTroll The Phineas in URealms Live was not, the one in Coes Quest was. The story we were shooting for was Coe was studying believers and he was "helping" them to learn more about them and along the way would come to find out he was a believer too, the first of his kind a self aware one.
  • so posting here for the first time but thought I would ask cause I can not find it first what are some of you favorite legendary that was not showed in a game, and what were your thoughts on what the legendary class dragon rider would look like?
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    The Yes King...
    Billy confused the hell out of me in that campaign. 
    He was clearly very powerful, apparently worked with the Grand Paladin Order...I think he was altering people's minds, like Monica, and was faking agelessness? Or he somehow is an ageless working with the GPO but that doesn't make sense either.
    Also he kidnapped Phineas. Or...Saved him? If he was working with the Paladins I guess he would just take Phineas back to his family.
    I like to think that Phineas is known for sometimes comiting big crimes due to being insane but the Barringsters constantly pay millions in Gold to keep him out of trouble.
    Phineas has been to court several times, I like to imagine.
    The Yes King was so much fun, but also What The Fuck was happening.

    (ALSO THERE WAS A SCENE WHERE THE DUCKS SAY SOMETHING AND RAWB IS LIKE "Nobody repeat that. Nobody can know. I can tell you what he said but I'd have to tell you after stream." WHAT DID THAT DUCK KNOW? )
  • I was one of the pledges from Kickstarter back in 2012 and I would like to request those funds back since the project never actually happened. What steps do I need to take?
  • Hey Rob do you still have any ideas that you never got to introduce into the world of URealms that could show up in NewRealms? Also what have you been doing lately? i haven't kept up with the news for a while
  • @Xenogears

    My man. At this point I can't do refunds I'm sorry. There is no money to refund back and since doing these refunds I had to personally declare bankruptcy in 2020. Sorry I wasn't able to finish the project.
  • Rob
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    I mean of course there are tons of ideas that never got to be in the show.

    Lately I been focused on community building and helping other creators learn how to build content. I'm very active and making lots and lots of stuff, it's just not really reaching my youtube channel.

    For example:
    Here is a GIANT youtube channel filled with content I have starred and produced thanks to Olivia from our community. The TILII project is producing a lot of inspiration for our inner community that isn't really being seen by the viewers outside of that community cause tbh my focus is now People over Content and I don't have the funds to make the youtube content I once did. After covid I may end up moving into corporate art world honestly because I can't really afford to keep doing what I do atm.
  • Hey! To preface I'm not requesting anything, I know spending time on urealms stuff is la arge investment in time and emotion. I was just wondering if the tile mod would be updated for New Realms. My brothers and I have a newfound spark to start Urealms-ing again this summer before I leave for college and realized that the 100+ tile mod hasn't been updated. Megan's tile mod is AMAZING and we'll definitely be able to make do with both those mods, but we were just curious if an accumulation of tiles from through out the seasons of Urealms would be a part of the New Realms project! And ofc there's no obligation to do anything! Thank you!
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