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Ancient Creators (God RP)



  • @Kingedyou
    "Okay, okay, it was only a question, no need to come at me with so much sass. So what exactly is your deal then, mysterious cloud?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    ”allow me to make my deal known” Suffering is going to impose it’s will of destruction on you, the goal is to magnify any destructive tendencies or that sort of thing you may have 
  • @Kingedyou
    (Hmm. I'll make sure to keep the crit in consideration for Liana's opinion of you, however she won't just become destructive due to her position in creation, her experiences so far and her innate personality.)
    Liana begins swiping at the cloud, attempting to push you off her. ( for her attempt)
    "H-Hey! Get off! I can tell what you're doing now and I'm telling you that i'm not just going to destroy everything i've helped bring into existence, i've already done it once and I refuse to let it happen again!"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    The swipes dissipate sufferings cloud before any real influence could be done, suffering reforms a little ways away snarling and growling 
    “I see, your will is much stronger than I anticipated, I apologize. Consider that a test my fellow ancient.”
  • @Kingedyou
    "It's okay, it's just rather rude to try and enforce your will upon others so similar to you. We all share a duty for this new reality, so trying to force changes like that on me against my will isn't nice. I would appreciate you to be civil and to please not do that again."

    She says, tidying up her hair and wings a bit

    "So... I see you're here to govern destruction and... well, death. Not a pleasant position, but someone needs to govern over it to give life more purpose. What are your goals currently?"
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    Bezo, having been quiet recently, has most likely been silently watching. 
    Noticing the strange cloud forming around their fellow ancients, Bezo can feel the energy coming from it. The Magic, so to speak. 
    It isn’t good. They don’t want to be near it. At all.
    Bezo’s hands begin to light up again, sparking slowly and then very quickly.

    Bezo, unintentionally, is going to create a Realm.
    More of a Pocket Dimension.
    Inside, is just a large mansion. That’s it. Stepping inside it is just a single plot of land, that holds a Mansion. The Mansion is enchanted, and is alive. It can talk to Bezo, but mostly acts as a Butler to serve its master. The Mansion also regenerates anytime it is destroyed unless it’s core is destroyed, where it’s life is stored. It’s rooms shifts to fit Bezo’s needs. (Think of like, robot butlers but as a house)

    Oh and this Realm cannot be entered by Other Ancients. At all. Not even an invite only thing, it is completely sealed out. 
    Bezo is running away in case yall can’t tell. Bezo is immediately jumping into this realm.

  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    ”Well, if your will were to have been weak enough to be overpowered so easily you’d have deserved it dont you think?”
    The cloud drifts closer to you as it’s becoming a strain to communicate from this distance not enveloping you but probably touching a bit 
    “In any case my goal is to spread my namesake, suffering, to cause destruction, to illicit mortals and ancients of the realm alike to give into their innate desires.” a chuckle turning into a cough comes out “and to pass on my will” 
  • @Kingedyou
    She ponders your statement a little.
    "uh-huh... I see, well not going to lie, that could be concerning, at least in regards to the ancients part. Forcing an ancient to inflict suffering has a good chance of leading to widespread destruction of potentially an entire realm, and though mortals probably aren't capable of such devastation it might be a concern if you go too buck-wild..."

    She puts a hand out to her side slightly, as if recounting from some sort of list.

    "So you're much more focused on the destruction part of your namesake, preferring to destroy rather than kill... Have you considered the possibilities you have with a namesake for death though? Right now, we have nothing properly in place for when mortals die, and by the sounds of it, you do hold a sort of mentality where if you're strong enough to resist, then you are strong enough to be free of the suffering from actions forced upon you..."

    She steps slightly closer, the foundations of a thought coming into her head.

    "Have you considered making use of your Death epithet to bring suffering onto some mortals after their death? Not every mortal is going to be nice, and for those who inflict suffering onto others themselves and unable to resist your will, you could enact a system where those people then suffer themselves for as long as you wish."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @WritingWyvern ;
    Suffering suddenly expands to an unprecedented size large enough to engulf all of creation before turning blood red and drifting downwards, a piece of the cloud breaks off remaining black and drifts back to where it originally was. The red cloud however begins to manifest some sort of physicality Suffering is trying to create the first concept of Hell 
  • @Kingedyou @WritingWyvern ;
    "Woah now! There are some major rules and limitations when it comes to just downright making a major realm, and you'll need my help to do it."
    Liana, with her epithet of World-Maker, knows that without aid, the sponanteous and reckless creation of a new realm can easily go haywire, especially by a new ancient who doesn't seem to fully acknowledge their limits yet. She saw a little bit of what could go wrong the first time she made a world, after all.

    As such, to help avoid Suffering turning everything into hell by recklessly expanding into the entirety of creation, she will work to ensure that the major realm he is attempting to create by himself conforms to the rules which are set out, and that it is stable enough to be attached to some of Vilagfa's roots.

    After she finishes ensuring that this new hellish realm is under control, it will have a boundary surrounding it akin to the other realms, however as a realm of foul death and suffering it will have another restriction: Most creatures within the realm cannot easily leave, with the aid from an Ancient or other very powerful entity being required to exit. Entry is unrestricted.

    (Roll for assistance + additions: )
  • @WritingWyvern (Can I have it that some Elk are starting to watch? :P )
  • @WritingWyvern (there still room for more ancients/gods?)
  • ( @xxthatguy11xx )
    (Sure, but the selection is limited and shrinking,)

    ( @everyone else)
    I'm going to do some catch up and doc filling. Then I will do the recent rolls and make my calls
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    ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ) ( @Kingedyou )
    (Those 20's were pretty important, even though they do cancel each other's out sort of. Giving me time to react could have been nice. But no harm is done in the end)
    Okay opening this box of worms first, and those worms being hell.

    Okay Suffering, do note that you can't make a big realm like hell, alone. Luckily Liana is assisting you with this. Using her powers to control the range and limits of this new realm, this realm of pain and suffering is able to be made and not horribly blow up in everyone's face. Now some creatures that are watching this, aka the Elk ( @friskyBrisky ; ) aren't having the best time dealing with these big changes right away. But when they aside and get's cornered, they seem to calm down.

    This new realm/world is made, made by Suffering, but refined by Liana the world is made.

    ( @bl1ndn3rd )
    Meanwhile, Bezo Bizarre Maison Bulter is made some limitations. I can't allow a simple space where you can run off to and hide without some drawbacks. So an Ancient needs to roll higher than 17 to enter and if Bezo can match that number, then they can be kicked out.

    Does that seem fair?

    ( @WritingWyvern )
    Well, Ika has a plan and will of his own. So he is going out and creating something to help him. He is creating the Order of Idam. He makes 10 cloaked figures that will assist him with recording events that happen in the Universe. They wear blue and grey Uniforms with only 1 eye symbol on their cloak, with an hourglass on their chest.

    They are sort of immortal creators and if 'killed' outside Ika's realm, they will respawn back in his realm. If his realm is destroyed or they are killed in his realm, they are gone forever.


    Note other Ancients, these are not Creators, but helpers and Ika's creation. They are intelligent and can be talked to, but they can't do much to harm you all (unless the roll is epic or something)
    (The order has been made and been sent out)
  • Anyone down to make a light and dark twin gods?
  • @WritingWyvern if no one is down to do twinzies though, I'll just go with the god of space if thats ok. (I'll also proceed with the rest of cc from the front page once given the ok, just wanted to secure which god I'm going with first)
  • @WritingWyvern @Kingedyou ;
    Liana wipes her brow, slightly worn out from the spontaneous creation of a realm and having to rush in order to avoid it from blowing out of proportions. She turns to Suffering with a sigh of frustration.

    "I know you are keen to carry out your duties, but you can't just make a realm like that. There are rules and limitations regarding those kind of things and if I hadn't of been here to help, you could've destroyed a world instead of making a new one."

    She says with a sigh, before expanding her consciousness to Vilagfa, which then reaches out and connects to the new realm, slowly moving it along its branches so that it may gradually transfer it into the network of roots underneath the tree.

    As she gradually moves the new world, she continues to speak to Suffering

    "Well, it's under control now... In regards to worlds, you're not going to be able to make a massive world as I do, giant realms like this are part of my repertoire. You are able to make yourself a pocket realm if you want a private space however. Just try and be careful to not destroy everything with your actions, if we're about the same strength then you're capable of wiping everything out if you so wanted to, and that would not be any good."
  • ( @xxthatguy11xx )
    Yeah that sounds fine, you can wait to see if anyone would do that. Plus space is open, do note that the current title is Ancients 
  • @WritingWyvern (noted, also ty for giving me time to wait and see if anyone else wants to do the twin thing ^^)
  • edited March 2021
    @WritingWyvern ; kk i think i'll just go solo as the ancient of space

    Name: Dominic Mani 

    Gender: male (usually)

    Domain: space

    Appearance: has a very fluid like appearance, whatever appearance would best suit the circumstance or his mood is what he looks like.
    with that said his base look is a shorter caucasian male, fairly round, like a santa claus type build. he has short curly brown hair, brown eyes, his clothes change from time to time, sometimes he's wearing a toga, sometimes wearing a medieval noble/merchant type outfit, sometimes wearing a typical scholar outfit.for the start of the game id say he's probably wearing a toga with sandals and a wreath crown.

    Personality: think of a travelling scholar/bard without the singing and instruments part, very easy going, avoids conflict as much as possible, usually has a hidden goal, not always an evil one, usually a selfish one. Very charasmatic and likes to learn about how others act, usually so he can show off at parties or gatherings

    when creating things he's the type to copy others homework on what he thinks looks interesting, when not copying smaller creations from others, he is usually creating things that edit, warp, or create things involving the fabric of space (e.g. a door that acts as a wormhole, demi planes/pocket dimensions and portals to them, changing the properties of things like turning steal into a material with the properties of rubber added.)

  • ( @xxthatguy11xx )
    Alright it seems like it checks out

    Dominic Mani forms from the surrounding energy of the void. The emptiness of space and the creation of worlds formed the newest Ancient. He wanders a bit, before seeing a strange hooded figure writing on a stone tablet. It seems to write down some things, before disappearing. Soon after it left, another larger cloaked figure appears, holding an hourglass.

    Once it arrives, they place the hourglass into a handbag and turns towards 
    Dominic Mani. "Welcome new one, I'm Ika." He said simply, his face is covered, but Dominic can feel his eyes watch him closely.
  • @WritingWyvern "well hello then, I'm Dominic, its a pleasure. Uh- If i may where am I right now?" I look around my surroundings a little out of it. 
    "Also whats that there? It looks interesting" he points at the bag he just put the hourglass into
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