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Ancient Creators (God RP)



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    Name: Suffering 
    Gender: none, it/it’s pronouns
    Domain: Death/Destruction
     Appearance: Suffering has no real physical form, instead it exists as a massive black cloud like a dark plume of smoke. The cloud is impossible to see through however once inside the cloud it’s completely transparent. Suffering can communicate with any being touching or enveloped by it.
    Personality: Suffering is a cosmic manipulator, it wishes only to see things die and be destroyed. Therefore, it spends its time enveloping beings and trying to persuade them to destroy. Suffering lives to create it’s namesake, suffering.
    @WritingWyvern (Hope I’m not too late)
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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @bl1ndn3rd Tian sees the wonders that Liana and Bezo are trying to create. But Tian also knows that these creations can become evil without a direct guardian to make sure the land is protected within and without. "I shall create guardians," Tian says, "to protect this land."

    @WritingWyvern Alright, so for my first creation, this realm shall be The Elk (or The Wood Elk if I think I need to make more Elk). Inspired by the Movie/Book Bambi, the Elk are essentially Deer who will guard the sanctity of this world with their lives, while also gracefully living off of it.

    The Elk shall be mostly an Anarchic people with a ceremonial "King of the Forest", the strongest Elk who 'rules' all the other Elk and keeps watch over the entire forest. Their only real power would be to rally the Elk in case of a real or perceived threat. Otherwise the Elk just kind of live simple lives similar to real Deer; eating the grasses in groups, males fighting (but not killing) each other for mating, females raising the young.

    The Elk will also be able to use Natures Judgment, being able to transform external, non-Godly threats into Elk themselves.

    Roll for Elk:
  • ( @Firelie ) ( @Kingedyou )
    (okay you both are accepted, strange concepts, but this is the rp to do it in)
    In the void of space and this strange era of creation, the strange chaotic outcome from the last rolls created a being of chaos. 
    Ah'lloigshogg spawned to this universe, confused at first, but slowly grasping their situation.

    Meaning while near Ah'lloigshogg, another being is coming into existence. With the destruction of the creature called Enigma, the first real death had taken place in the universe. The sorrow and pain from the creature created an Ancient. Suffering had spawned from the pain, and like the other ancients, both can sense each other's presence nearby. Along with another Ancient

    Nearby both of you new Ancients is the Ancient of Time Ika Timda

    ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ) ( @bl1ndn3rd ) ( @friskyBrisky )
    (okay hard part, figuring out what a 3, 5, and 14 means for this realm)
    Stór Óbyggðir, or The Wildlands, was meant to be a very beautiful place, design to have natural landscapes and expansive environments. Now the Expansive environment where true, natural is harder to interpret. 

    While Liana was creating the realm, her hands were still shaken from before, which cause some... unforeseen side effects. The surface shakes causing large cliffs and valleys to be born. This gave the land a strange and broken vibe at first, with other mountains crumbling, crushing the plant life near it. And finally, a mountain did erupt in a small volcanic explosion. covering the surrounding area with soot and ash, but these events were small in the grand scheme of things. 
    (3 cause some natural disaster to happen on this realm, but they aren't 1 level in destruction) 

    But this wasn't the only problem, there is Bezo's roll. 
    Nature's Judgement was added successfully, but it's a tad weaker than you would want it. It's more of a force that can be used but can't act on its own. But more importantly, the bits of magical chaos patches were made a bit larger. There now more of their own things and environments. 

    Finally, there is animal life, now currently there is only one kind of animal there. The Elk that Tian has created, these creatures are guardians of the forest. They can use the whole Nature's Judgment ability. In a sense, they are the judges of this power. They are how Tian described and they are mostly peaceful creatures.  No unwanted surprises as of yet.

    (That was a lot to think about, well welcome to Stór Óbyggðir, or The Wildlands to existance)
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    Liana sighs at her shoddy work.
    "...Not great, but it could have been worse. Maybe some tender care will help make it fit in and bring in new ecosystems."
    After the creation of Stór Óbyggðir and its odd broken shape, she will go in and carefully work on repairing some aspects of the realm. Some areas were damaged from her shaking, but rather than trying to erase the mistake, she looks to incorporate them into the realm properly.

    Where mountains have crumbled, she will reinvigorate the soil and redistribute the mass of the mountain to a degree and make it into a large earthy mound, the soil composition being different to those of other sections and encouraging different forms of plantlife, and building reservoirs of natural gas and moisture in pockets under the soil, resulting in a few geysers being created.

    Where valleys have formed, she will work them into new aspects of the surface. Some will be filled with water, becoming a freshwater reservoir. Others are smoothened out with a degree of erosion and shifted to encourage more growth of rocky plants.

    In the region surrounding the volcanic eruption, she will gradually terraform it from a barren sooty waste into a black-sand desert, warm from the eruption and growing plants able to grow with little water.

    And in the few regions in which magic has formed into its own environments, she will try and figure out ways to fit it into the realm properly, developing transitions between the new magical biomes and the natural ones, as well as other smaller measures to ensure nothing goes wildly wrong.
    ...Should I roll? It's a lot of maintenance, but it's still maintenance.
  • ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ )
    yes, you will have to roll for this one. Maintenance is still changing the surroundings and adding to the world.
  • @WritingWyvern
    Alright, just checking since I didn't have to roll for moving realms around and wasn't sure if this was a similar case

  • ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ )
    Well moving the realms where you wanted them could have been apart of your og roll. But this is more of changing a problem that came up during the creation. So a roll would be needed.

    Anyways the maintenance Liana has done was successful, her changes are quickly completed. 
  • @WritingWyvern
    Oh that's good then, things are more like her original vision and the disasters which did happen are now a natural charm to the realm.

    Liana returns after finishing her maintenance of the wildlands, managing to bring it up to a nice state even after the hiccups.
    "There, that looks pretty good to me. I think this would actually be quite the nice realm for you to experiment with some forms of life. Hunting and the like is natural, as well as everything pertaining to animals like that, so you could easily try and make lots of different species here."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ "Hunting?" Tian says. "Hunting does not sound like a just thing to do. After what that last tree did to that star, I don't want any creature to suffer like that again... Unless the suffering creature is like that tree."

    "No, these people, the Elk, shall know how to fight only to defend this realm."

    (Tian is starting to learn words. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky
    Liana pauses for a brief moment, confused.

    "...Do you know that most things don't live forever? If things wish to live, then in some capacity life needs to be lost... it is simply the way of things in the natural world."

    Liana turns, looking over some of the expansive landscape they had created, full of life.

    "...In nature, some hunt other creatures for their sustenance, being unsuited for eating plant matter. Likewise, those who eat plant matter harm and sometimes kill the plant they feed upon, costing the plant its life. It can be harsh, but it is the natural way of things, and happens that way to fit the natural order."

    She pauses, taking a breath, thinking that Tian might not fully grasp the value of death when he is the life bringer. She prepares a few simple illusions in front of herself to help her point visually.

    "If the only creatures that exist only eat plants, or only eat other creatures, the balance of nature will eventually kill everything in the environment as it can no longer support itself. For example, If the only creatures around eat only plants, then eventually they will grow too numerous and will eat all of the plants and then starve. Life is unable to continue, because the plants will be eaten too quickly, and the animals will run out of plants to eat."

    As she says this, the illusions of a shrub and a generic plant-eating animal appear. As she talks, the animal illusions begin to multiply, while the shrub begins to get smaller. Eventually, the shrub becomes impossible to see and vanishes, before the animal illusions begin to look underfed and start vanishing themselves, till they too all eventually vanish entirely.

    "Does that make any sense to you?"
  • @WritingWyvern
    Through this death a dark cloud arises, expanding in size exponentially before suddenly stopping. Appearing to be a sort of plume of smoke from a distance the only thing setting it apart would be the unmistakable aura of death. Simply coming near this cloud would drag down any living being physically and mentally, the cloud drifts towards the ancient of time ready to begin its endless quest to spread its namesake, suffering. Enveloping Ika Timda Suffering asks one question “what is your purpose?” Suffering also attempts to impose its will of destruction onto the ancient 
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    As Suffering is surrounding Ika, he will raise his hand and use his power of time to stop Suffering in their tracks. Saying "Hold." 
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    Suffering is about to inclosed on Ika, when the dark cloud freezes all movement. Their mind can still understand and respond, but they can't do any other action. Ika takes a deep breath and says.

    "Well, more Ancients have come into our universe, fascinating. To answer your question from before, Suffering, my purpose is to document and watch over time. To create being and items to help me in my efforts, I am a creator after all. So what is your purpose Suffering?"

    Note Suffering has not given their name out to Ika yet,
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    Noting that Ika somehow knows it’s name, Suffering is caught off guard, if it had an eyebrow it would be raised.

    “My purpose is to facilitate that which exists within all beings, the urge for destruction, this corporeal form does not allow me to just destroy on a whim. Release me, allow me to magnify whatever urges exist within you ancient of time. Imagine the destruction, the death, the suffering, that could be caused through your ability to manipulate such an abstract concept”

     if possible Suffering is going to relay images of what’s possible into Ika’s mind, people rapidly aging, civilizations quickly rising and falling, entire planets living through their lifespans in moments, that sort of thing.
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    Since Suffering can respond with words, they can respond through images as well. 

    Ika stands there unmoving for a moment like he was in deep thought. Before a small chuckle leaks out, "Do not mistake me trapping you, as me siding against or for you. But as I am the Ancient of time, I can sense you want to forcefully influence me. you could say, I saw it coming."

    Ika floats out of Suffering's range of attack, before raising his hands and releasing time around them. Freeing them from his hold, as he speaks once again

    "The pictures you paint are interesting, but not a possibility that I have not already foreseen. But it's out of my hands for now. In this Era, I'm simply here to watch, build, and document. We will see in the next Era, what I will do. Good luck any goals you have Suffering"
  • @WritingWyvern
    Suffering has no eyes but you can tell it’s rolling them, it decides this is pointless so the cloud dissipates to be reformed somewhere else 
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    Suffering is able to do such a thing, quite easily. Does he wish to interact with another Ancient or go to one of the planets that have been made?
  • @WritingWyvern
    yeah lemme see a planet 
  • @WritingWyvern
    Frisky seems to not be responding to my little monologue, so i'm gonna start looking at getting something else done and respond to him when he eventually comes back around.

    Namely brainstorming ideas for realms. So far the two that exist is the effectively-quarantined unnamed planet and The Wildlands. Some expansion on the different aspects of reality is definitely on the Agenda, though the specifics of which she isn't entirely certain of yet.

    [In a sense, this is me saying that i'm thinking of ideas and also giving other ancients a chance to talk to her. A faewild as her psuedo-personal realm doesn't sound half-bad, and then maybe a couple of realms to deal with the aspects of morality and mortality would help too. Tian has a strong sense of justice, so it isn't like morality is non-existent.]
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    we can interact if you’d like 
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Sorry, I'll respond to it now.)

    Tian is trying to understand what Liana is saying, and he's trying to comprehend it, but to him it's just creating different thoughts. "I understand what you're saying... But, you didn't make the plants regrow? Perhaps I could create plants that can not die? Or perhaps plants that come back when they die?"

    Tian then feels a disturbing presence in the universe. "I sense another of our kin," Tian says. "But... Something about them feels, off, to me..." (Sorry @Kingedyou, since you're death and I'm life, we're gonna be at odds.)
  • @friskyBrisky @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    (time to make myself known!)
    a dark cloud appears near you guys, it’s pretty small so you might not even notice it but it’s appeared and does nothing just floats there looking like a plume of smoke 
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    @Kingedyou @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Rolling to see if I notice immediately. ) Tian looks around and notices the smoke. He senses the presence within the Smoke, but it is so alien that Tian isn't sure if that's another of them or something else.

    "Do you see this creature, Liana?" Tian asks.
  • @friskyBrisky
    "It's... not about having plants not die. While it isn't pleasant, life is precious because of it being limited. While we could make everything live forever, it makes it hard to grow because then the soil turns barren, space runs out and they compete for whatever they can get. The ability to grow runs out because the resources were taken by what came before...  And while plants could give some resources back to the soil, it cannot solve all problems."

    She then points to a small region where the volcano erupted and killed the plants, where some new sprouts are starting to take shape.

    "Take over there, for example... the plants there have died, but that isn't a bad thing because they help the soil become fresh for new growth, and for new life. If those plant were still there, then the sprouts now growing would not have the resources they need. The bigger plants would take all the sunlight, guzzle all the water and eat all the nutrients in the soil, stopping the new life from existing."

    She then turns back to Tian with a smile

    "It isn't always nice when something dies, but the fact that eventually, things will die helps make the value of life much greater... and allows things to grow in ways that not even we might have imagined."
    After her little speech, her ears and the tips of her wings flicker, turning to the small black cloud (@Kingedyou)

    "...Oh? I sense it as well, yes... that thing is rather unusual, I get a similar feeling to you, Ika and Bezo, yet it doesn't have any sort of body or... real form. Very odd..."
  • @friskyBrisky @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    the cloud expands rapidly enveloping both of you unless you want to try to escape, it’s not harming you or anything but you definitely feel an unnerving presence from it 
  • @Kingedyou (Tian, not liking unpleasant experiences, will try to escape the cloud. )
  • @Kingedyou
    Liana puts her hands on her hips, slightly huffy.
    "Could you not? It's rather rude to envelop someone else in mysterious black mist of unknown origin and attempt to instill an uneasy presence in doing so. Aren't you supposed to be a creator like us instead of a mist who just makes people smell slightly smoky?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @friskyBrisky
    Alright Liana is enveloped Tian is not but is within range for communication
    ”My apologies fellow ancients, i lack the physical forms you both possess. I exist simply as a cloud of pure will, to communicate i must envelop others. I hope i didn’t cause too much suffering.”
  • @Kingedyou
    "...Okay, but have you considered creating yourself a body to talk through? I assume you know how your telepathic ability works or whatnot, would it not be possible to create a shell of a creature you could control? I won't hold you to fault if you can't, but it feels weird to not be able to see a face when talking to someone."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    you hear nothing for a good minute, then in an annoyed tone “have you considered creating yourself a cloud to talk through? it feels weird seeing a face when talking to someone.”
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