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Brown's Megathread! (Recaps, musings, and thoughts! January 21st, White Meet recap part 2!)



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    Well it's like this.

    I'm dumb.

    I ran that thanksgiving campaign for my guys - And I thought 'hey, y'know what'd be funky, what if when they kill the giant turkey monster, they find a giant wishbone, and it gives them a meta-wish to alter the canon of our main urealms campaign.'

    The players wish was that their non-canon character... Would become a divine.

    Meaning they have the power of creation and can make their own race. So... Yeah. I've been planning for a while to have demonic type creatures/races in game, given that there are some cards in the game that refer to 'Demon' enemies, but there aren't any references to what they ARE...

    The player in question has a love of tieflings and wanted to eventually see something like that in the game - And instead of just making it into an exotic race, we decided why not actually have a race family of fiends. There will be six in total representing different kinds of demonic entities - but they are all *technically* the same race, with different tasks and upbringings - You can technically play as any appearance with each subrace, but the skillsets are supposed to represent that demon.

    Pactborn (Tieflings)
    Brute (Oni)
    Imp (fuggin SHORTS)
    Abyssal (Mindflayer/Illithid)
    Sincubus (Concept i've been sitting on for entities that appear around centers of vice like pirate towns, casinos, etc. and slaughter people who have become 'consumed' by vice and obsession.)
    and Devils (Legendary race)
  • So i'm introducing a new legendary aquisition mechanic to my upcoming game.

    Fusion Legendaries. No polymorization required. The idea is that once per combat, the player can combine two or more of the cards in their inventory together to create a combonation legendary item that is simultaneously stronger than the sum of its parts, but with a detractor that balances the strength of the item itself.

    Going to experiment with this for the White Meet - Which should be taking place THIS COMING THURSDAY.
  • @brownhair798 ;
    I like the concept of all the fiend-like races.
    I came up with my own sort of semi-solution of how to incorporate tieflings and demons of the like in my own campaigns (most likely using your cards again lmao)
    Basically, I have an idea that they are linked to Ageless, but not in the way one might think. I'm thinking that Ageless, once they die, their spirit attempts to go on to the afterlife. But there is some god, or benevolent being, that is collecting the soul before it flies off, and is sending it off to an Island. This island is like, the standard massive prison island. The soul lands here and becomes some sort of demon. And the reason they are being gathered here is because this god, divine, whatever (Im thinking this is the work of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is an entirely separate insane concept), wants to create an army to destroy the Realm.

    The setup here is for a Prison Break Campaign  :p
  • There's more things related to what's going on with the demons, trust me...

    ...I just can't say anything just yet. >;3
  • Ladies and gentlemen;

    Tomorrow night.

  • Part 1 of the White Meet has taken place - And let's do a bit of a recap!

    Part 1 of the White Meet recap is brought to you by the CURSE OF BOOKED SPELLS!

    Curse of booked spells, don't get left behind~

    So - PERIF ANTODES... The golden plains of the northern reaches of Jadus, home to tens of thousands of 'Wild Porcs' formed in a loose tribal society of combating groups. In the nights prior to this, a strange small creature draped in blue has approached the leaders of a number of tribes, and bid them come to his camp, to discuss something important...

    To discuss... DESTINY.

    The porc leaders - 'Porbo' in their society - Chieftans and high shamans alike - Arrive at the camp. The first to step into the clearing does not arrive alone, but in force.

    The Porbo of the Accoun'Ding tribe is a bully, but wields terrible influence for his mastery of all things shiny, and his understanding of accursed magics. He is flanked by three of his tribal underlings - a pair of hunters named Jefe and Margret, and a towering earthcaster. (Which is to say, this Porbo actually got the Porbo legendary race giving him two companions which are then represented as porcs - He recieved Goblin, which doubles due to its passive into two goblins, and Mama Lacerator)
    All the tribes of Perif Antodes know the terror that is Porbo Greg of Accoun'ding.

    Next - The ground practically shakes as a giant black boar pushes into the clearing, accompanied by a shimmering dog.

    Porbo Odo of the Vult tribe was once raised as a war slave by the holymen of A'talar - And it irreversibly changed his outlook on life. Even after his escape, ripping a massive ankh-shaped anchor from the ship he was on, Odo continued to deify the light, and has gone so far as to teach those who follow him that true power and righteousness can only be drawn from the gods!

    Also he has 488 health and his dog is named Banana. (Sunhound)

    A lesser known Porbo arrives next, polishing one of his fine stained boomerangs. He's a bonetusk of lower than average stature - Due to his tribe's peculiar lineage. Nobody knows why, but the porcs of the Kakushi tribe have been small since they first arrived - Far smaller than regular porcs, sometimes as small as three feet tall... But Porbo Nau does his best to appear strong for his people, wielding illusion magics and his enchanted boomerangs with skill and precision.

    (Also he has a pot puppy in his pouch.)

    Next comes... Oh god. The clawhoof ranger.

    Ladies and gentlemen - Quickshot McGee of the Twitchtail Tribe.

    I'm going to be honest here guys. This character - This player - came out of nowhere and instantly became the source of laughter. I'm not going to even try to describe him in the same manner as his player, so it's like this; This is a porc... Who's entire tribe is obsessed with raiding caravans, and stealing their coffee. It's what they refer to as the fast. The player came in describing the character, in character doing a voice and rattling off a well-rehearsed intro sequence that left the entire group floored at how fast he spoke and just how convincing he was of a meek little porc that was just so overcaffeinated he was likely to explode.

    Lastly; we got this fella coming in. Another blackboar, a wizard - an ice wizard. He explains that he was a soldier, a slave soldier of A'talar, and though he too escaped, he was inspired by their excellent control of magic. He sought to teach those who follow him to be enlightened in the ways of magic and technology - To varied success, but Hoth of the Ice Pike tribe will not give up.

    Alright - Introductions over-  OH WAIT. THAT'S INTERESTING, ISN'T IT?

    Yes... Yes, Brown, why are there five players? Well - It was a last minute desicion. As per the way I run these games now, I have a 5th player waiting in the winds in case someone has to drop out on game night. But honestly, I hate the fact that I have so many players waiting to play and I can only take on so many at once with the 4 player limit for urealms... So I decided to say 'to hell with that', I made up a mini board to hold the backup characters cards, and invited the 5th player into the game.

    I can say that having more than 4 players is indeed possible with a bit of ingenuity, and honestly, if it can get more people involved, I will continue to do it. I might do a larger game in the future - I feel like it might be hard to organize people, but the action token system used in the mod does make it easier to keep track of who's done what.


    AHP, one more thing before the game gets rolling.

    As I mentioned previously, I'm running an interesting form of legendary acquisition for this one. The players technically have their legendaries at the start because they're all well into their years as heroic individuals - They get them by fusing gear that already exists in their character sheet. These legendaries are very strong, but could also have dramatic drawbacks, not the least of which would be the fact that while the legendary is active, all the material cards are unavailable to use. Rather then getting your legendary on a 20, then you may roll once per act to fuse your gear into the legendary, refreshing after combat. You can defuse it without a roll at any time, but you can only fuse once per act - Again though, at any time.

    The players don't know what their legendaries are, but this was prompted by the fact that during character creation, every player had something about their character that stood out as a combonation of bits of their gear, or something very unique they had in mind.

    For act 1, I made the offer for them to fuse their gear - four of them attempted, two of them succeeded - And as a reward for the spectacular display of roleplay that Quickshot gave us, I allowed him to see what his legendary was.

    As follows;

    Greg unlocked his legendary, but immediately de-fused it for the first act, realizing it probably would be more useful later.

    Hoth unlocked his legendary, which I will admit, is the weakest of all the legendaries here, but definitely has some utility that is highly valuable to the group as a whole.

    And lastly, Quickshot opted to not attempt to fuse, due to the fact that the timing of his legendary is incredibly important... As it effectively nerfs the character for every combat after its use.

    The strange wizard is standing in the middle of the clearing over a carved circle of runes. He has three assistants (they're all Nisovins) waiting patiently for something to begin.

    Head Nisovin steps forwards and explains that he has a way for the Porc to unite their tribes, to unite all of Perif Antodes - With these Porbos as the rulers! A great quest will unfold for them - But before it can, they need to prove themselves to Nisovin in the most predictable way ever - Trial by combat!

    Now listen. I get it - You love these recaps. But - I am always having trouble writing the combat ones. There's just so many crazy things that happen, that I am going to be highly unreliable in reciting all the events. So i'm just going to explain to you what the mechanics were, and how the team reacted to them.

    So I wanted to do a fight that would make the boys think about how they're gonna fight. Due to how character creation ran for this game, every character is incredibly powerful - So the boss fights will force them to be clever, rather than strong, otherwise, the fights will go too quickly. And boy...

    After the first few attacks and the chatter the players had, I was almost expecting the campaign to end prematurely.

    Nisovin, who is the primary target, is guarded by three clones who are each holding various magical shields. The shields should be obvious - They grant immunity to magical damage of those elements. But additionally, if a shield clone is still alive, that immunity passes on to Nisovin himself.

    SO this means that the clones are not immune to straight physical damage, non-elemental. This however is not shared by Nisovin - Nisovin is not only immune to physical damage but reflects it instantly and equally.

    The players spend a bit of time experimenting, poking at the defenses, but I honestly was feeling bad, because the particular method in which they attacked made it so that next to none of their attacks actually connected or dealt damage - And it made Nisovin out to be like a Neo level matrix-dodging badass, grabbing arrows out of the air and throwing them back at Quickshot, dodging under anchor swings and palm-heel striking porc thugs on the jaw.

    Then it was Nisovin's turn - And Nisovin has a lovely set of attacks and abilities.

    First - He checks to see if his clones are dead. If any are dead, he will attempt to revive whichever he can. Each clone can only be resummoned once.

    If he doesn't need to resummon anyone, he can throw a fireball for 25 damage.

    And at the end of his own actions, he conjures up an arcane missile barrage - Hitting every target for 5 damage that turn.

    Next, the clones will move, and take up positions exactly halfway between two enemy targets - If they can't move to the proper places, they will not be able to cast their shield beams.

    If they move to the right place, they connect their shield beams, trying to get as many beams on a single target as possible while still maintaining equal distance between multiple targets. Then - They all cast as one. If successful, they deal damage as follows;
    1 beam connected; 15 damage of appropriate element.
    2 beams connected: 45 damage of the dual element.
    3 beams connected: 99 damage, unblockable.

    The attacks in general weren't very strong in the first turn, but, they weren't meant to be. The players started realizing just how deadly it was when another turn went by, they had barely done any damage, and the arcane storm went off again... Dealing 10 damage to each of them.

    Nisovin's storm was going to increase in power every time he cast it.

    It wound up not being enough to stop them, but the characters got rather close to death - Some death rolls were even doled out. But as the fight went on, clones fell, and after a bad run of luck for Nisovin's rolls, he found himself surrounded, undefended, and beaten to submission - Mainly thanks to someone pulling out Witching Hour and doing a full on Marvel film finale beatdown.

    With the trial complete, Nisovin revealed the goal of their quest - They were to be sent to a distant land, an ancient kingdom long forgotten, to find and release... The God of Porcs.

    One by one, Nisovin appealed to the Porbos, The chance to truly serve the light, ultimate power and wealth, or even the promise of the speed of light itself to McGee. Nisovin opens up a portal - And in the group goes... With Hoth giving a suspicious look towards the wizard as he went.

    The group now finds itself in a dank, dark dungeon... Porbo Odo uses his solar flare spell to illuminate the chambers with tiny lights.

    There are ancient bodies here. Remains of a bedroom - Heavy collapses have buried much of the surrounding passages. The porcs make their way through the ruins. Old books are written in a language similar to the dwarven script but far older and with complex runes that Hoth is unfamiliar with. Stony skeletons lay shattered under fallen beams.

    Nobody has stepped through these dusty halls in hundreds of years.

    They encounter a barrier - And at this point, Odo takes his ankh and presses it into a slot on the anchor, creating his legendary, and using it to smash through a wall.

    Heading further into the ruins, they discover a massive throne room - A tattered corpse laying against the throne - dressed in golden armor... But flesh still clung to his dessicated frame. Most notably... A large... Red... Swollen nose...

    'Well now, what have we here~'



    Bwakers has several high damage abilities, as the former Mountain King brings down the kingdom on top of his enemies. At the start of every other turn (starting with turn 1), Bwakers shakes the earth and collapses huge blocks of stone down on his enemies in random places. If the blocks wind up within 5 spaces of him, Bwakers rushes to the block and does a kick, shattering the stone and launching a hail of rocks at any enemies that aren't in cover.

    Hoth was able to windblast the first of his kick-barrages back at Bwakers, knocking him back and opening up the field for Nau to create his legendary and cast it on Bwakers.

    Nau's Lunarang storm allows him to make massive stretches of dangerous terrain, which could be beneficial - but could also cause a lot of harm to the party. Still - It makes for a fascinating twist to any fight.

    (Visually, just think of Draven doin' his crazy ultimate in League of Legends)

    Now back to the fight.

    Each time that the players got too close to Bwakers and were risking surrounding him, he'd do a jump spin and move to another corner of the arena, dealing a ton of melee damage in the process. The trick of the fight was that his escape move was actually a stronger attack than his ranged attack - So players continuously tried to melee him, taking huge damage each time.

    I also totally played a no tricks situation on them and had Odo (the guy with the anchor and the DOG) notice that there was a pot puppy underneath the rocks in the northeast corner of the room, trying to distract him while the fight was going on - Worse yet, this happened during a period where he had lot the Ankhor - And Bwakers had absconded with it!

    Now even stronger, Bwakers relentless assault continued, taking blow after blow, hopping from place to place - after one jump, leaving Jefe, one of Greg's companions, dying and with 0 health at the edge of the arena...

    ...And Odo chose this to be his moment to strike.

    Odo takes out a dagger, and looks down upon the mangled Porc. 'This is a mercy'. He tries to kill the porc, to weaken one of his rivals while he's distracted - but not only does Jefe dodge out of the way, Greg spots Odo's treachery, and suddenly the duo are locking horns with one another, while Nau, Quickshot, and Hoth focus on finishing off Bwakers.

    The king's health is getting low, and the finishing hit comes from Nau - Who uses his lunarang storm again, and winds up getting a critical hit. The blast of moonlight power is enough to dig out a massive crater in the wall, leaving Bwakers broken, lost most of his limbs, and begging for mercy.

    Hoth picks up a huge stone - And crushes him with it. The Ice Pike porbo retakes the Ankhor and goes to return it to Odo - And stumbles upon the sight of another brawl about to break out. Jefe, Margret, Greg and his earthbinder on one side, Odo and Banana on the other. Arguments break out over what happened, some of hte Porbos don't even want to return the Ankhor to Odo, who tried to kill one of their allies. Rage was growing in the heart of Greg...

    But the situation is not right for such arguments. They have no idea where they are - They have no idea how to get back. And the only way they feel they'll be able to complete their quest is to dive deeper into the ruins, and find the caged god, and release them...

    Greg isn't happy about it, and storms of down the hall. Distrust has been sown due to Odo's actions - And as the group heads deeper into the dark, there's no telling what's more dangerous - The foes ahead... Or the enemies that they choose to work alongside.

    ...And that's where we had to end it for the night.

    Hoooo boy this is gonna be good.
  • I realize I might just as well be a little spamlord at this point, but, I can't help myself, I'm just working on a dozen things at once and I am super excited to share it all with you.

    So - Here's some fun news that I wanna share before it gets away from me.

    First off - I've got more time to work on my campaigns again. I was having some health problems that were getting in the way of my volunteering, and it's been decided that it's probably best if I take a break from heavier work to just recover - Which means for the forseeable future I'm going to have more time to work on Urealms stuff. So I'm very excited about that.

    Next; As I mentioned in the recap just above this post, I'm going to start experimenting with having more than 4 players to a game. I feel like it's a little more stressful and a little slower, but - It's definitely possible to work if I play it out properly

    Third; Yes, the Fiend family of races is coming along, I'm just still figuring out what I want to do for their passives.

    After that, I'd also like to announce that we've got another single-boss campaign coming up. Get the feeling these festive holiday fights are just going to keep happening, as they're a fun distraction from the more serious main campaigns, and with the Arena of Ages map complete, I can just throwdown with the guys with little more than a combat strategy needed. So look forwards to some christmas/new years based shennanigans in our next trip to the Arena of Ages.

    Lastly, and most exciting of all though, I would like to announce that I am working on the most complex part of my modifications to the game to date; The Return of the Removed Classes.

    Listen, @Rob ? I love ya. But I also really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really...

    ...REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the old classes. Granted - I'm not gonna bring them back exactly as they were. I'm putting a bit of a twist on things, some classes are still being left out (Rest in peace Sorcerer and Templar), and a good chunk of them are being SUPER heavily reworked, but hopefully the central theme still gets across.

    I am most excited and nervous to start working on Enchanter, who I want to have focus around a build that uses Item-based treasures to create their minions.

    Now I'm not the first person to try to bring back old classes - Infact, this wouldn't have been possible if not for stumbling upon a very in depth modification made by steam user grimm95991 called Back In Black A Urealms s4 Expansion 

    Give this guy a ton of props because I am definitely not a good coder nor do I know how to properly make mods on TTS.

    Now I'm a bit picky, so while grimm's creations work in some places, in others I do wanna change how things go - So I'm working on combining the definitions of the old spells, with his takes on them, and coloring up the terminology a bit to fit into the way Rob wrote the rest of the cards. But in some cases, I'm really working from the ground up to make the classes fit well into the meta.

    Out of the 14 classes I'll be trying to re-add into my groups games, I've already got two kits ready. And i'd like to share them with you now, just as a little teaser.

    So without further adieu, lets get down to it.

    I liked the idea of Seeker as a class, with it's varied spell tome passives adding more than just a random selection of abilities, but instead adding powerful modifiers to the spells you'd get otherwise. The hope here is that this is going to be more of a gamblers class, and we've got some players showing interest on the discord chat. Each spell book won't just give you the chance of getting a handful of spells, but also add in a powerful modifier. I also made the costs a bit higher than they used to be, to encourage building up from your main shop first, and then buying a book or two after to buff your spells.

    Sandbender just didn't get enough love, and as I've learned from some of my experiences with Flamedanseur players in my own campaign, terrain-changing builds can be a force to be reckoned with. While Sandbender might not be directly as dangerous as Flamedanseur, there's still merit in the rapid deployment of rough terrain - Especially if you can turn it into walled terrain by use of Glass Wave.

    And yes - I changed Cementing Wave into Glass Wave, I just felt that using fire to make glass was more thematic than using water to make cement.

    Can't wait to update folks more as time goes on - And hey. Happy holidays - Be safe, enjoy the relaxation, stay festive, and play on.
  • As is kind of a thing now, I've been doing mini-campaigns with the group for festive occasions. Since we're still on hold until things have calmed down for the White Meet, I decided to go for a years end holiday game. Didn't get around to it for christmas, but - We're doing a New Years game tonight.

    Unlike with past holiday fights, I was a little more unforgiving with character creation. Whereas other games I've been allowing a lot of like, extra shop cards or bonus deals from the shopkeep for things I saw as clever or interesting, this time, we did the Veto system - Each player has two vetos they can use to replace a card on the board, and that was it. Some of them worked together to try to get better races or classes, or random cards.

    In addition to this, this will be our first game featuring the Fiend race family and its 6 races, as well as the six new classes, two of which were chosen.

    So shall we meet the crew for tonight's game?

    First up is a fiendish Abyssal Petalwalker, Grithi. The player who created them has admitted that this might be the first time they've made a character and not entirely felt satisfied with how creation went, resulting in a somewhat disjointed build. But, they believe that if all else fails, their puzzle box of ultimate ninja friendship jutsu power that was given to them by their father or something will get them through.

    Next, we have another Fiend - This time, it's a Pactborn Alchemist named Lacuna. Her build is straight alchemist, with only a set of swift feather boots altering their build of Alchemist Coat, potion launcher, brew potions, and master mixologist. But the tricky part here is that the character got the Academic background, allowing them to share a class card with the rest of the party - Their choice? Potion Launcher. That's right, we yet again have given every player access to a random attack deck... Great.

    Time to put the potion deck through it's paces.

    Third on the list is a Gnoll ranger, herald of bones, long range wildcaster, Johnny Silverscale. Whoa.
    Johnny's build isn't terribly complex. Hit hard, hit often, and exploit the nuke potential of Mystery Meat and the potion launcher.

    Yes he is supposed to look like Keanu Reeves but lizard.

    And lastly we have Mr. Octor, first name Thed, Hobgoblin Seeker. Using a new format for the Seeker's spellbook passives, Thed was able to actually draw a decent assortment of skills from their chosen elements, Light and Arcane. For reference, this means each of their light spell casts can heal themselves or an ally for 25 stamina, and each of their arcane casts will be allowed to be cast a second time as a bonus action.

    Looking forwards to how this game will go tonight - And hopefully within the next week, we'll get the conclusion of The White Meet!
  • Oh hey I can post! Yay, So....Let's just say, It was a very interesting night for johnny. :p
  • So again - Not gonna do a huge recap for the holiday game, but we wound up having it, and it was quite fun. But yet again, thanks to the addition of an alchemist character who shared their potion launcher, as well as a couple of random-spell producing abilities, the enemies were rather entertainingly dispatched...

    The enemy in this case was a Sandbold known simply as 'The Chronobold' - A horn-headed magical entity who created dozens of clones of himself throughout all three of his phases.

    As he lost health, he became more chaotic, and each phase allowed him to summon temporal clones in increasingly dangerous tactics. But they still had a few rules they had to play by. Like how They were all susceptible to knock-back, and if you knocked one clone, all other clones would also be knocked the same distance.

    As he got younger and stronger, while also transforming his equipment across multiple time periods, the group eventually found themselves facing off against the final form - A large tile variant that was immune to status effects. Actually... It would be more accurate to say that the final form was immune to everything.

    Even death.

    See - I tricked the boys. Heheh. I posted the art of the final form, checked the time, and set a time for one hour. Then I just -hammered- on them, spawning numerous clones, firing off as many attacks as I could manage, and pulling a lot of powerful spells off. Players were brought to death rolls several times throughout the course of the game.

    But still - They manage to all survive the entire game.

    Their panic was so great that at one point, a player had the ability to choose any legendary to cast to try and turn the battle... And they chose Rage of Kallisto.


    Their hearts -dropped- when the Chronobold cloned himself and began to surround Kallisto to banish her. They managed to stop him with interrupts, but still... They thought that these guys could kill a divine without a second thought was terrifying.

    The game finally ended with Johnny Silverscale in critical condition, far away from any allies with a dozen Chronobold clones raising their pistols to just riddle him with time-bullets... And the timer went off.

    'The clock strikes midnight, the Unforgotten REalms enter a new year, and the Chronobold is banished into eternity. GG.'

    Lots of fun. Great way to start the new year.

  • I like to imagine the sad face in the void is the chronobold, forever exiled to the nothingness.
  • Part two happened, not spoiling, but it was...certainly something.
  • Ladies and gentlemen;

    We resume.

    When we last left our heroes, there had been a falling out between Odo of the Vult tribe, and Greg of the Accoun'Ding tribe, on account of Odo trying to crush the skull of Jefe, one of Greg's underlings.

    In the next few moments, Odo presents the newly found pot puppy to Nau, who had just lost his.

    While everyone was figuring things out, Quickshot dashed ahead into the next room - Completely dark by the way. When the rest of the crew goes in there and turns on the lights, they find Quickshot has been running along the wall trying to find anything and has already done a lap of the area ahead.

    A few more treasures are discovered as they make their way through the hall. Nau, a scavenger, finds a couple of pieces to share with the group, but as they make their way through a treasure room and hand of a massive magically locked chest to Greg's huge black boar caster companion, the most important treasure to the group is found.

    A six shooter.

    I'm going somewhere with this, gimme a moment.

    Odo steps into the next room - Looks up, and yelps as he's ripped from the ground and disappears into the darkness. Several quiet moments go by before he's unceremoniously dropped in the middle of the large dining hall.

    The crew sneak out to investigate and are immediately ensnared in magical ghostly webs that they can feel are draining their life force! A huge creature spitting fire, venom, and rage drops from the ceiling, and they get ready to fight THE DRAGON BURNER! An epic fight ensues where lots of people totally die-


    It was given to Quickshot McGee, who proceeded to use Augment to double his damage, Rapid Fire to get off 5 basic attacks, and then Volley to do 3 more basic attacks... And on volley, he got a crit.

    Sixshooters, on critical basic attacks, attack a total of 6 times. So...

    ....In a matter of moments, Quickshot managed to deal an ungodly amount of damage, and the long and the short of it is that Odo followed up by smacking the Dragonburner on the noggin with his Ankhor, reducing the monsters stamina to 0 before he had even attacked once.


    It took longer for the group to console me about losing my giant murder ghost beast than it took to fight the damn thing, it was short I neglected to even take a screenshot of the battle. Moving on...

    With all my fancy mechanics ruined, the group turned to move into the next room, only to find that they weren't the only ones who had been caught in the web of this ghost - There was another creature who, in defeating the dragonburner, they had freed. She stood up, 9 feet tall, wielding a huge hammer. She looked like she'd been weakened significantly by the Dragonburners power, but was clearly a creature of great strength and light energy.

    Odo fell to his knees in reverence, recognizing her as the sort of holy creature he ought to show respect for.


    Okay listen so it's been like two weeks and i think i've come to a realization; I am -really- bad at these recaps. I've got a lot going on and it just... Piles up. I haven't even -begun- to work on the next campaign so - I apologize. Super short recap to follow. @VagueV2 can fill in details if he wants, and also @MetalGrunt was there as well so they can give details if they so desire.


    Turns out that this dragon lady here had come to this place to free her 'uncle' from imprisonment - a massive bronze statue in the next room.

    Everyone goes in to see it.

    Quickshot equips his black elixir - and throws it at the statue. A compulsion arises in the nearby porcs to start puking, releasing their bile onto the floor, which crawls towards the black elixir.

    The dragon lady sees this and is enraged, and a fight commences.

    It gets pretty wild.

    During the course of this, Odo manages to summon 30 some odd gemlings and orders them to fuse together creating a large gemlord companion.

    Throughout the fight with this light-powered dragon lady, the bronze statue is melting from the ooze that covers it, supercharged by the black elixir. Eventually, the dragon lady realizes she can't win, and flies up and out of the arena, away into the blackness surrounding it.

    Now all the porcs feel the need to continue this ritual, this compulsion growing - They puke on the statue - and it melts, falling away into the purple pile of goo.

    Moments later, it bursts out of it - alive, animated, and... Different.

    As it turns out - This isn't just a statue - This is THOR. As in, THOR thor, creator of dwarves porcs forn shellmind and whatever else.

    And this isn't just some castle - This was the hall of the LIGHTBEARDS!


    Thor - Or as Nisovin appears and informs him, 'THORC, GOD OF THE PORCS' is suffering from amnesia since his defeat at the hands of Virendra Willakers thousands of years ago, but was informed that now was his time to rise - to rise and unite the Porcs under his divine rule.

    ...The porbos all realized at once - They were never meant to rule their people. They were just meant to free Thor(c).

    But Thorc is not without mercy, and recognizes the strengths of each of the Porbos - And declares that whoever can defeat all the other Porbos will become HIS CHAMPION and rule at his side.

    Nau and Quickshot both realize they're outclassed, and bolt deeper into the ruins, using a lunarang storm to block the passage behind them. This leaves Greg, Hoth, and Odo behind - And while Greg should be able to win with his superior numbers - Hoth immedeatly swears fealty to who he believes will be the winner of the fight - Odo.

    The next combat, a player versus player combat, was long, and extremely close, with several fascinatingly close calls, last moment deflections, at one point Greg's caster porc managed to rip the Ankhor out of Odo's hands and use it against him, but in the end, Odo and Hoth devastated Greg, his two stabbers Jefe and Margaret, and together, Hoth, Odo and Thorc left back to Perif-antodes.

    In the moments before the portal home closed, Greg's caster minion rushed through after them, unwilling to let this be the last legacy of his Porbo.

    So ends the White Meet. In the years to come, the Icepike tribe would be absorbed by the Vult tribe, who would become the holy warriors of a new god - Thorc.


    So yeah. That wound up being quite the trip.

    And my brain is toasted.

    Thing is - These campaigns are just gonna keep getting crazier - And i'm having so much trouble writing these recaps. I'm gonna keep trying but i can't promise i'll be doing them forever.

    Whatever the case is - Our next campaign, whenever i finish prepping it, is gonna be a heavy RP campaign... Lord knows how i'm gonna recap it.

    Tune in next time for Campaign 8: The Laws of Old
  • Well, I'll answer any questions I can,
  • So - I have news.

    Not necessarily the good kind.

    It's not just the recaps - I've hit burnout.

    Until further notice, My urealms campaigns will be on hiatus.

    There are a few people in my group that have some DM potential, but I don't want to force them to. If they do - I guess my little group has it's very own mid-season break, for our own little version of Deadrealms.
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