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So many of you still visit this site, so I thought I'd update you guys on some URealms stuff!



  • hey guys
    when rawb killed mccoy
    why did that happen
  • @bl1ndn3rd He mentions something about a Blacksmith I believe which triggers Bopen into a rage because he was forged over and over again into the sword he is while sentient, so he has trauma with blacksmiths and forging things.
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    We already have the Unforgotten Realms classic map. I'd love a couple more key locations from the classic show! Awesometon, Kaddoral, Mountains of Norrington, Moonwell Pass... stuff like that :drunk: (though I think Kaddoral is already in there)

    PS: Thanks for answering my question earlier Rob :heart: 
  • Hey @Rob ;
    A friend recently got me into urealms and I've been binge watching it with him for a week or so now. As well as playing in the games he runs (Thanks @brownhair798 )

    I have a question. Is there any information more than what was given in the campaign episodes , that you could give us on Bopen ? He's certainly a fascinating character and I'm curious how he was born, did he exist before the events of "Fall of Dundinborough" ? Or was that is /actual birth/ .

    Thanks again , and I'm happy to see you posting here.
  • @MetalGrunt That question is super complicated to answer MetalGrunt! The Fall of Dundinborough is the birth of Bopen, but you need to understand that in the greater community the "character" had already come to exist from Dwarves vs Zombies and the Nuren campaign where Bopen was simply a rebranded "Bipen" from my Pokemon Let's Plays. In my Pokemon Let's Plays, Bopen claims he is a dragon and so I reintroduced these core ideas back into URealms.

    Bopen is a enchanted golden sword. In URealms there are lots of "animated items" that will talk and engage with you, but Bopen was crafted from gold made of the Dragon Aspect aspect Ouro'ras so he is made of Dragon Gold which caused him to become sentient. In the fall in dundinborough campaign, the giant gold gollum is bopen and if you reverse the creepy sounds he says, you can hear him confused trying to understand what he is. He doesn't really become self aware in this campaign till the very end or even afterwards!
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    @Rob Thank you so much for answering my question Rob! I noticed that a Purple Aura was similar on the Golem as it was on Bopen so I started theorizing what it could all mean. I originally thought perhaps it had something to do with Phanto or his failed resurrection at The Final Talon  but it's cool to hear it's gold made from Ouro'ras.

    It makes me wonder what made him so self aware to suddenly kill the family and reassemble. Perhaps it was his story being told to the prince to calm him down in the bunker?  But, I look forward to what is to come. Thank you Rob for everything you've done and you've certainly made a fan of me. Even if I wasn't around for these episodes to be released, I'm so happy to have stumbled across uRealms with the help of my friend. Honestly I can't get enough of it and theorizing as well as learning stuff.

    Edit: Actually, that makes me wonder @Rob ;, so Bopen is the  gold Golem. does that mean upon his defeat he transferred his spirit to the golden sword that the prince had?
  • Watching stuff with Metal - And another lore question has come up.

    One of Areani's visions shows Rohbear and Nader are at odds over his prophecy of the old gods... But neither Nader nor Rohbear seem particularily hostile in following appearances.

    Was this a false vision? Was it true? Were the brothers unkind to one another?

    Did they ever bury the hatchet? What was their relationship like following the birth of magic?
  • @Rob ;
    Thanks for the response!
    That actually makes sense, thinking with Bopen’s Backstory.
    sorry I ask so many questions here, but I’m just so invested in ideas that didn’t get realized.
    I did have another question
    Quintara Lotus is a Dragon Aspect of Arcane and Chaos
    She also has a Mark, from the Order of Chaos
    Was there some sort of plan there? 
    I was assuming she may support the Order in some way. 

  • it's not so much something was was ever seen or mentioned, but i do like the idea of having at least one large sandy desert, the kind where you can stand in the middle and only see desert as far as the eye can see. Ideally with some large desert mountains scattered about in clusters every so often.

    Mainly because i like to pretend my personal race of Trolls exists im the Urealms world somewhere, and i have them as living in a big desert in the middle of a bunch of desert mountains. Somewhere where Goblins can come and visit or stumble across every so often, but most of the other races don't venture into. So it'd be fantastic if something like that could be worked in there.
  • Rob, your Rattius Barringster (what I call that Rat-Phineas Hybrid) reminds me: since this was most likely a Divine Decision of some type, who were gonna be the candidates for Sword of the Realm? We know Leopold Barringster was running, and until I remembered "Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator" I thought Galen was running as well but its most likely Galen quit to join the Order of Chaos and that's why there was an Election in the first place.
  • We saw a lot of Elves in URealms Live, but I'd love to see more elaboration on the other Elven noble houses we didn't get to see too much of. Like their colors, what they were about, their purpose etc.

    I believe there is a Mt. Willakers fan made map, but I think having it might be cool somewhere in some mountain area. Also perhaps DongDank from LoM.
  • Rob
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    First of the Elves, King Rohbear Leomaris was the leader of of the Mana Council.

    Blade of the Realm, Virgo Sunsword was Blade until his death. No one was chosen to replace him.

    Shield of the Realm, Tigreal Nailo Leomaris before Tigreal this position was held by Eluamous Nailo before he married Tigreal's father by the same name.

    Warden of the Realm, Lyn Azveltara has always been the Warden of the realm which is why she did much of what you saw her do.

    Feather of the Realm, Risthall Draughwin was the Feather but before her was her father Hawkthorne Draughwin before he was killed by Lyn Azveltara.

    Commandant of the Realm, Louis Tarcial`Embeart was Commandant until she would require and make her son Jacque the Commandant.

    Dragon of the Realm, Quintara Lotus is a strange but political position. During the elven civil war after the birth of magic, she helped formed the council by being the only Dragon Aspect to help the mortals lost in the chaos. She rarely attends meetings and so often does not vote on anything these days now that the realm is at relative peace. It's kinda one of those "well your a god so okay, you can have a seat at the table" type of deals.

    The Gnomish Ambassador, Nisovin has been held by many different Nisovin all who were elected to this position and before it was held by a Nisovin it was held by his original father Jintovin.

    The Dwarven Ambassador, is a position that remains empty and has not been filled since the death of Bruce Willakers.

    The Forn Ambassador, was never born to hold this position that exists.

    You are correct. Galen was to become Blade of the Realm but being cursed by the Old Gods he decides to follow the voices calling to him then sit on the council.
  • @TamTroll ;how do you see trolls tam? Because i have no memory of "Trolls" currently being anywhere in the Lore of URealms and fun fact, Kobolds are the way they are because I loved the way a fan meme'd them! Maybe we could add some sand trolls!
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    @Rob Honestly that'd be awesome, slightly terrifying due to possibly loosing full creative control, but mostly awesome.

    The way I personally have them is that they're hyper-evolved Starfish, at some point after the Birth of Magic, the Algea their ancestors ate started to drift up onto land and the starfish followed, eventually through various means developing everything needed to become 8ft tall humanoid creatures, i made a whole thread about their specific history a few years back on this same forum. Haven't re-read it as of posting, but i think most of it still holds up.

    To sum up the basics:

    -Despite being 8ft tall, they have no bones, their body is supported by a skeleton of very dense muscle. Teeth and nails are Keratin, "Hair" is the Cillia real-world starfish use to walk around

    -They posses five brains, four of which double as muscles. One in the head, one in each shoulder, one in each thigh. So long as at least one of them is intact and the Troll isn't starving, they should be able to completely re-grow from almost any damage, even dismemberment and decapitation.

    -If a Troll is torn into two or more pieces that all grow into fully-formed Trolls, only the piece that contains the original head will be considered the "True" troll. The other(s) grown from limbs are referred to as "Genners" and are basically second-class citizens belonging to the original. While the head contains a majority of memories and intelligence, loosing any brain will likely cause some degree of memory or skill loss.

    -It's Taboo in Troll culture for one to have their ears exposed. As a result, Trolls usually cover them in either hair, hats, or specialized headdresses. The in-universe reason for this is because the Troll ear is basically just a hole with a very small earlobe attached to it, and living in the desert has a very real threat of getting sand in there that they won't be able to get out.

    -Due to their ability to regenerate from dismemberment, they must have some form of decentralized respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems going on. I figure the blood arteries themselves pump blood rather then a central heart (Peristalic Pump system i think it's called), blood vessels that loop in onto others to make circulation possible when dismembered, breathing through the skin, energy stores on a cellular level, possibly cooling through air transfer through the skin rather then sweating, etc.

    -Somehow their blood is Salt-based instead of iron-based to represent real-world starfish having seawater instead of blood. i always pictured it as being thin, watery, and a translucent light-green colour.

    -Skin is usually some shade of green, Pupils are some shade of blue (yellow sclera), hair some shade of Red.

    -Probably some form of single-ruler governing system like a king-queen, haven't fully developed that part yet. Usually quite isolated from the rest of the world. i like to imagine that they really only have regular contact with Goblins who they view as friends and companions, limited contact with other races.

    -They're not magical in nature, But almost always have some form of Gold on their person. More Gold = higher Status. I always figured they just settled on top of a large Gold ore deposit. Not sure if Gold can be mined out in Urealms or not.

    -Once every few hundred years, a "Seer" will be born, sporting a much higher intelligence (Trolls are generally not as smart as Elves or the other races, the Seers would be about the same as Elves give or take some) and possibly a limited magical ability. Most cultural and technological advancement happens around this time.

    -Despite their regenerative abilities, Trolls only live about 40 years or so. Out of control Cancer is a big health risk for them in their later years. They still reproduce normally, cutting themselves in half isn't really seen as reproduction for them.

    I could go on, but this post is big enough as it is... I've been working on these guys for a long time, longer then Urealms has even been around! :P

    Made Minecraft skins of some back in the day. Hoping to one day get the "Generic Male Troll" and "Generic Female Troll" drawn up in a manner similar to the Urealms race cards for use as homebrew Race-card images. Been putting that off as i want to re-work the Male's appearance though, kind of looks like he's wearing a cocktail dress, and not too happy with his head.

    Sorry if this is all so wordy, one of those things i just get real passionate about yaknow? :P
  • @TamTroll Never seen that, a very interesting take on trolls, but NGL when I hear starfish people I think the finger guys from Spy Kids. But very fleshed out, I could see something like this being in a crazy world like URealms. 
  • @Knifu_Waifu ; yeaah, really hoping they don't end up like the finger guys or Patrick star though, ideally they'd be take at least a bit seriously :P   

    The whole "Starfish" thing came to mind when i wanted to make a non-magical species that could still recover from dismemberment into multiple individuals. The main problem there is that you really can't re-grow bone, that's why people who loose limbs in real life don't just have new limbs. And since Starfish can re-grow anything so long as at least part of their central core is intact, even growing multiple instances of themselves if torn in half, they filled that need. Just had to spread out that central nervous system a bit more to make it less... central.
  • Okay
    Another question came to me
    What was up with that Locket

    that one with the dude and the beenu lady

    that is some confusing behind the scenes stuff
  • @bl1ndn3rd I can't really remember vampire lore all too well because certain events delayed doing the lore. I'd have to really deep dive to try to remember it.

    Love the troll stuff Tam. I will come back to this thread when I take a stab at adding them to the world.
  • @Rob Sweet, glad you like em!
  • Hey @Rob , have been a fan of the show from the youtube side of things since you started them. I love watching the show but admittedly have never got fully into the lore, so forgive me if this question has been covered before or you wish to keep it secret. 

    What was the vision Are'ani gave Bopen in The Yes King which resulted in her being executed, was it some sort of premonition of the future or simply what he hated most? Can you reveal exactly what Bopen saw too?

    I still have futile hope the show will return in some form in the future but regardless I appreciate the unfathomable effort you put into the show and countless hours of entertainment you gave us xoxo
  • Also is the merch still being done, might buy a shirt at some point if it is?
  • @Chewy ;
    Pretty sure it is, my brother got me an official clown business shirt for Christmas.
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    Very happy to see Urealms returning in Newrealms! Always fun to see the Rawb-i-verse continiue on!

    I know LoM was always "divorced" from Urealms, but i would love to see a changed version of it appear somewhere, maybe as a book-people (what were they called?) city that's been locked up by the Elves. I understand if it can't be added tho, there is a lot of thing involved that may be best to leave behind.

    EDIT: Also will we see the Cheese wheel?! I really want it to be there.
  • @MasterDJV good to know thank you! also that's a great christmas present!
  • Since Roamin the paladin officially belongs to Roamin, I'm guessing he will not be a character in NewRealms? (Or I guess you have to ask, but I doubt Roamin is going to really say no)

    I just would love to see what the plans were for him, as he was in Coe's Quest. I hope that lore sticks around for NewRealms.
  • @Darnokthemage I liked the giant cheese wheel too so it will happen  :)

    @bl1ndn3rd Roamin the Paladin has existed in my maps before, at least statues of him. So it is possible he could be just a legend, but I will continue to include references to him in my maps. I can assume there will be also be some reference to him in the lore/guide from Rob.
  • @bl1ndn3rd i mean we could just ask roamin for permission hahahahaha
  • As someone who is invested in the game aspect of URealms, were there any cool ideas you want/wanted to implement that you couldn't or havent yet?
  • I just saw the premiere of Monica. What's happening? i'm confused help me :u 
  • @Rob would Gwenyth be a Second lvl Sgd or First as she was in the Christmas special and I remember seeing concepts for her as a dvz hero or something along those lines. Not trying to be rude just trying to figure out the deep meta and just wanted to say ur doing amazing work and personally I'm loving it :) 
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