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Brownhair's Modding Corner (2021-1-7: BEAST COMPANION PACK, UPDATES)

Alright listen. I know I said I wouldn't make any more new threads but, this is something I'm really excited for.

I've been thinking on it for a while, and I wanted to add some new cards to the game - but i wanted these sets of cards to have a theme. So i've set about making 'packs' of 15 cards each, which would revolve around a concept or crossover property. So - I am proud to present the first of them all here in the custom cards and assets section...

The 90's Cyberhero Pack!

Inspired by 90's sci-fi, music, and saturday morning action cartoons, this first pack features a variety of fun weapons, unique abilities, and a synergy set of cards revolving around the pack's legendary treasure, the passive card 'Master Lasermancer'

Here's a taste.

Check back later for new card packs, as I've got more planned!


  • So - Screw it. I'm just gonna make this into my modding thread as I get the feeling my ideas are gonna sprout beyond packs.

    Just updated the Race pack with our newest family members - The Fiends!

    Fiends have long been something I've wanted in Urealms. Several times throughout my time playing the game, I've found references to demons and devils, from Gwenyth and Virgo talking about 'demon slaying' in the skeleton king, to certain cards doing additional damage to undead and 'demon' targets. But despite the vast supernatural themes of urealms, we've never actually seen anything that could be considered a demon - Just undead.

    A recent occurence in the canon of my own games however has opened up the way for a new divine and her underling race to come through to the Unforgotten Realms - These mysterious otherworldly beings appearing scarcely throughout history, and only now are they making their presence more known. Let's meet them, shall we?

    What most citizens of the Unforgotten Realms would think of when they hear 'demon' are the Pactborn. Our own little analog to the popular Tiefling race, Pactborn are the offspring of those who have been afflicted by Fiendish influences - Either directly (such as pairing with a Fiend) or indirectly (using Fiendish magics.) Their reaction passive is supposed to make them decent front line brawlers and fighters, or amusingly enough, daredevils.

    The most common kind of pure Fiend is the Imp. Like with almost all Fiend subraces, their appearances vary greatly, but all Imps are identified by their small size, skittish demeanors, and large yellow eyes.

    Based on the Oni of eastern mythology, Brute Fiends are vicious and terribly quick on the draw and care little for manners or even decency. They are unfocused and brutal, but the trade-off is that their critical success system is modified.

    From rapid and constant crits to one-in-a-million procs, Abyssals control of magic allows them to take control of those that they defeat, regardless of strength. These Illithid-like Fiends will definitely be allowed to try and mind control boss monsters if they're lucky enough to finish them off with crits.

    Now these fellas are odd. Sincubus and Pactborn share the honor of, in my canon at least, being the only forms of Fiends to visit the Unforgotten Realms prior to the current time period. When towns or organizations were overrun with certain forms of corruption - Vice, obsession, indulgence and such - There would eventually come reports of the entire group being slaughtered in a midnight blood bath, with no hint as to who did it. The truth is that such gatherings of those who give themselves over to vice would be descended upon by packs of Sincubi, whom vary greatly in appearance depending on what their sphere of influence is. Those who hoard and steal may be attacked by Locust-like fiends, while golden-scaled draconic humanoids would fall upon those who revel in their own legendary wealth. Huge-mawed creatures will swallow the gluttonous whole, and particularly overenthusiastic brothels might be undone by beings of stunning beauty and allure.

    In essence - Think seven deadly sins, when making your Sincubus character.

    Lastly are the Devils - Devils are a balancing act. Their huge amounts of wealth allow them to play either side of their passive - Becoming tremendously durable and nearly unkillable if they can convince their party to submit to them, or spending away their money on deadly spells and weapons that other races might not be able to afford so easily. Such is a reflection of Devil's dual nature of both being terribly strong warriors, or unignorable taskmasters and leaders of groups of Fiends.


    I got you a gift! Although I suppose it's more like a re-gift... But don't take it as a bad thing! I'm just bringing back something we lost a while ago - With my own special twist on it all!

    That's right - It's the first of two CLASS PACKS, just in time for christmas! Why do I feel the need to release this in time for christmas? Do I actually think that this mod is so damn important that you folks are going to have a need for this over the holidays? Am I just now, as I type, realizing that maybe I should just go back to the drawing board and keep working on the other six classes I have planned?


    Happy holidays!
  • edited January 2021
    First off - Several updates.

    The class mod has been updated with new text for the Seeker class abilities, as the original cards were actually very unlikely to bear fruit. New seeker books will have you draw *until* you find at least two spells of the proper element, followed by two more *Random* cards after you draw the secon spell that you can keep if they match.

    Azveltarians have been updated to choose their shapeshift form from a selection of three Beast-Type companions, rather than 7 generalized companions.

    All class and race cards involved in my decks have been updated to have the proper backing texture.

    Next; Two new mods.

    Mod 1: The Companion Pack

    One of the reasons I was hesitant to update Azveltarians is that a lot of the beast-type companions from previous seasons have been removed since S4 rules were released. And given that my players use the race as often as they can, I wanted to make it so that A CERTAIN SOMEONE, AHEM @MetalGrunt STOPS PICKING BLOOD SNAKE QUEEN AND NOTHING ELSE, That's right i'm calling you out. Anyways.
    The new companion pack contains 12 remade beast companions from past seasons, as well as 3 additional personal campaign companions in order to come to a total of 15 companions.
    Companions Include:
    Gerrymander - Manipulate dangerous terrain around you
    Octodrak - Like a tiny sharpsword
    Pig - Sell for money
    Raskum - Undying damage assistant
    Raven - A slightly modified Owlrat
    Steelbeak - Companion that can be used as a weapon
    Tarandos - Damage-boosting magical moose mount
    Vhark - Flying 'mounts' that cast arcane missile
    Walrus - Slow moving maneater
    Wowzer - Fast moving low health high damage companion for beast-hunting
    Pigpup - Porc Puppy that pukes
    King Meatball Spider - Crowd Control Pet
    'Mugsy' - Upgraded version of King Meatball Spider
    Legendary Ally Gumioh - Boost critical range to entire party, easy to lose
    Legendary Ally A'nu Highbear - Massively strong companion, invites DM to throw additional highbears at players as encounters.

    The legendary allys cost 2000 each so they're more or less restricted unless you are exceptionally lucky with your gold, or you manage to obtain it or summon it through some other means. Would advise you only put one of each in the companion deck.

    Mod 2: Brown's Start Mod

    Not so much of a mod as it is a compilation, as well as the card ratios I use to run my own games. This will update fairly consistently, with each change I make to the ratios.

    My latest big change is that I'm experimenting around with race ratios - As I want to see players have equal access to all the races for a bit.
  • Just updated the class mod as well as the Start mod - Figured out how to get the class cards to spawn the shops! Also figured out the system kinda poops itself when you ask it to load more than 3 card types, so, I altered the Spellthief and Shaman classes to not have such varied shops.

    Spellthief has also had its gold upped from 400 to 500.

    Start mod has been updated to reflect the new class updates.
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