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Dwarves Versus Zombies Relics?

Hey all!

Dwarves vs. Zombies (and Urealms!) were pretty integral into shaping me into who I am today. Rob gifted me my love of fantasy and storytelling and roleplay, and now as I'm graduating college soon and applying to internships at fantasy publishing houses, I'm doing a little bit of a nostalgia run and remembering all the different sparks that turned me into the geeky nerd I am today.

The DvZ subreddit is shut down and whitelisted, so I figured I might as well post here. Does anyone have or know of places I can find and download Dwarves versus Zombies bits? Map downloads, the in-game music, resource pack, war horn, things like that? I'll always have the YouTube videos which is awesome, but being able to walk around Mount Willakers again would be amazing, even on a lowly single player world.

I know it's a longshot, but I appreciate anyone and any digging done on my behalf! Thanks for all the memories!


  • Not too much help here as I've been fairly absent from the scene, but there may be a few options.
    I know of a few "DvZ" servers where they host and play games. I think they have made it their own versions, but there may be some old maps there. 
    These are their Discord server's, they might have some old maps, but the members may be able to help more

    "Riley's Gym"
    "Dwarves vs Zombies"
    "DVZ and LOM"

    I also may have a few maps downloaded (I have a few I made as well, but only 1 made it into a Christmas rotation so...). Next time I'm home-home I can check and see what I have saved. If I still have any, the most likely suspect would be Dogekac.

    Also, you didn't ask for it, but here's the song that plays when you start each game, its very nostalgic for me tbh:

    I'll check back in after I look.
    I did really love DvZ. I hope I find what you're looking for, and that the Discord servers help.
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    This one played in DvZ too.

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    Heyo! This won't help much but personally I do have many maps that I have previously downloaded from the subreddit (some playmindcrack, mostly Buffalo Wizards stuff). I would love to give you them but I would probably need the permission from Rob or the actual map makers to give you access. On the upside as @MasterDJV has stated, the discords may give you a better chance at getting some maps directly from those using them or who have built them
  • @MasterDJV Thank you so much for doing digging on my behalf! Any luck on finding Dogekac or anything else? And thank you for the tips on the discord servers, I'll hit them up next. I didn't even know that there were DvZ communities still around at all, it makes me smile :)

    And thanks for the tip on the music, I've been listening to that DvZ playlist on YouTube for years now, haha.

    @Space_Runes That's awesome! And honestly I was mostly into it during the early PMC and buffalo wizards stuff anyways. Do you know of any of the map creators I could potentially try to flag down and ask for permission from? (Something tells me Rob doesn't want to be bothered about this type of post)
  • @Spiffybumble
    AWESOME DISCOVERY! So back in the height of DvZ (IMO) I was working on making a "DVZ" Simulation like the simulation videos Rob made with Pause. So I had made a semi-functional version where you would import the "hub" into any map with MCEdit, press a button, and it would add all the different scoreboard data and items and whatnot (using DVZ texturepack). It kinda worked. There weren't any "shrines," you just kept going until you died. It was actually kinda fun.

    Point is, I downloaded a bunch of maps to try this out on at the time. When I first replied to you I searched through old files I saved on the server computer at home. Couldn't find anything. Just looked again after your last message and found my Holy Grail. 

    Archives, Belly of the Beast, Dirge, The Machine, Westeros, Herg

    I found "simulation" versions of these 6 maps saved with my contraption imported. So all I need to do is a few /fill commands to remove my contraptions from each of these saves and I will have a proper save of each of these maps!! 
    At that same time I also made a video with the maker of Dogekac on like a strategy guide on how to defend it. Point is, I had downloaded the map to host the server which is why I thought that was the map most likely to be found. I haven't found it yet. I may not still have it or it may just be lost in disorganized files but I'm not sure yet.
    I also have 3 maps I made (ofc) but you might not be interested in them since they weren't really played. 1 briefly made it on the server for a christmas map rotation for a month but thats it. But still.

    I'll work on removing my contraption from each of these maps and make a clean version that can be shared. I'm of the belief that these map makers made these maps to be shared and enjoyed by the DvZ community, and would rather have them see the light of day rather than be lost to time. I also believe in internet history archiving (though I haven't taken any action there myself before, but here's something I can help with!). So gimme some time and I can share them. Is Mediafire still good to share this stuff? Its what I always used back in the day.

    Hope ya'll stay safe in these trying times!

  • @Spiffybumble I've tried myself to contact a few but only a handful answered. You could try some of the old Discords. They are still active (kinda) and many former players are on there still so you might get a lead or two.

    @MasterDJV I agree with you full heartedly. I'll see what I can't do on my end overall. Fun Fact, I had a mini side project for myself that I was doing. It only has a version of Hidden Valley but it was a "turn back the clock" idea. I would try to "restore" a keep to a full functioning state while also making it fancy Using some more modern techniques and making the old place look nice. Another fact: In the map, I placed a stump for every tree that was in a pile. 

    Here is a link to a Imgur album that I just put up:
  • Having just seen Game Theory's recent video on Dream's SMP Server I couldn't help but reminisce about the old DvZ and Lords of Minecraft days and how it would have been super awesome if youtubers had done retrospectives and "the history of" videos on those worlds and their lore.

    What do you guys think. Would there be an interest in those kinds of videos looking at the minecraft worlds Rob created?

  • You might find this link valuable, I did when I stumbled upon it
  • @Cloud Definitely impressive for the community to have made.
    But having seen Dream's SMP Server fandom be as huge as it is, with animations and everything, it makes me wish that the fanbases created around the creations that Rob made where still more active.
    Hell it would be great to see a Youtuber make a video essay on Rob's long career of making shows and minecraft content over all of these years.
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