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Stand alone game and Puppet Pals still a thing?

I remember watching a video a good while ago at this point where rawb was talking about how nisovin (I think?) and him were making a stand alone urealms game with puppet pal instead of using tabletop simulator. I haven't been in the loop for a bit so I may have missed an update on this, but I was curious if this is still a WIP or if it's focusing back on tabletop simulator and separate puppet pal now.


  • It was one of Nisovin's side projects, but he has since moved on to other work.
  • @Rob Thank you! I appreciate the response, I have since watched the highlight on making a massive realms map and think that will turn out beautifully!
    Will Puppet Pals go public at any point then for the urealms players, or will that stay a personal addition for any future new urealms streams?
  • You should watch the Christmas Special Stiller and I think you'll enjoy whats in the grab bag this year!

    The entire Sneakymon Anime was made with new+old art using puppet pals by our SneakyMouse community!
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