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So many of you still visit this site, so I thought I'd update you guys on some URealms stuff!

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Hey guys.

Meganzoor is still working on her URealms maps for her patreon and recently she's been looking for more ideas to keep  the passion flowing as she's already well pass 100+ unique maps. Megan has this cool idea to flesh out the world by building maps that could connect all the maps together to create one giant explorable world. So over the last few months, I've started to take the old lore and shows and remixing it as best as I can to start figuring out what the world needs and what stories could be retold through this type of project.

She's calling the project New Realms and the plan is to one day have a work TTS Mod and companion Game Master document that is just one giant open world storytelling platform. If you have seen the recently TTS mode updated last year, TTS now allows us to "save" all the states of the board so it's entirely possible to create a giant +200 map world where players could go from map to map slowly exploring it and do whatever they want.

I love the idea of the world re-exploring a lot of the same ideas and things created in URealms too. Like rather then have Goldstandt be awoken from the events of the S1 finale, it would be cool if he was a sleeping mountain again so that players could awaken him. Remixing all of the ideas I didn't get to play out in the show is very exciting as well. The Old God Divines, the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, the Order of Chaos, all the big named lore characters and ideas being something new players in the future could go down as well with some new stuff sprinkled in.

When the project is complete, I'm looking forward to taking multiple groups of roleplayers in the realm too and just seeing what they do. Maybe all in the same world, maybe different universes. I dunno that's a distant future for this type of project, but it sounds very exciting and rewarding way to flesh out all the hard work both me and Megan have invested into URealms over all the years. I burned myself out pretty hard with URealms Live, so it will be nice to do the more casual version of this world in the future.

Megan has some more info about the project in this update post too:

So my question for all of you fans of URealms Live is what Characters, Stories, Places, Ideas did you ever really enjoy from the Live Show or brainstorming streams over the year that you would want to see in this project?


  • I saw the stream and have been so excited about this project. 
    I love the idea of this, building a world, with all of the little references and stupid silly stories from our community for anyone to play in. I'll have to do some rewatches of the show :p to pick out some important bits and stories.
    If there's anything else we can do to help, I'm sure many people including myself would be interested in supporting this project.
  • This sounds awesome and a nice way to bring this back with new life and passion into it. 

    I'd love to see something about just trying to cross the giant cheese wheel you and deadbones talked about in some lore stream. Any kind of roleplay in this world would be a fun though.
  • This would be a MASSIVE undertaking, but slap my ass and call me grandma DOES THIS EVER SOUND GOOD!
  • Yo neat, I wasn't around for the original Urealms stuff, but I joined into brownhair's games (You may know of me as zeno, rosello, Rath, or Bell) It's cool to see stuff still happening.
  • I definitely think exploring a big city like abracadab would make for a fantastic map.

    Also, maybe a jungle themed map that explores a temple of Rokesh could be pretty neat. 
  • I liked the many apocalyptic thing going on from the cheese wheel, the never ending wine river, global splitting, global freezing, candy land, and any others I can't currently remember.
  • This is a really cool idea, thanks Megan and Rawb!

    The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry was always very fun, I'd love for it to have as many floors as as possible.
  • I'm wondering, even though you're done with the show yourself, if you could say what was meant to happen or just explain some things? Such as what the fate worse than death was, or what Bopen's secret was. It would be nice to just get some closure on the stories.
  • @Nolan Rob has talked about what he had planned to do next in URealms a few times on his streams, he has also talked about the whole "Bopen secret" on stream. He mentioned it again in the last stream, on Wednesday when he was talking about the NewRealms project and sore URealms lore stuff. I highlighted that part of the stream to put in the Patreon post that Rob linked above :)
  • Oh, ok. I didn't realize he had done that, since I never had enough time to watch those streams in whole.
  • I really love Scrooges lol. Was a bit saddened to see them reduced to walking jokes in the last(?) campaign, but I would love to see the inclusion of Scrooges again!
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    I don't really think the last campaign reduced them to walking jokes anymore than they were before. In the one other campaign they were in, all they did was get killed lol.

    Also, what are your favorite campaigns? Mine are The Purge, The Silvermine Mountains and The Senate of Deadlantis. I find Season 3 interesting because it has both my favorite and least favorite campaigns, without much in between.
  • I feel bad that I'm not really big on watching streams. Feel liek I would've heard of some of this earlier. ^^
  • I would love to just have a conversation with Rob, because I have so many random things to say about the different campaigns and my thoughts. I don't know if that would actually be feasible though.
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    It sounds neat!

    I personally really like this concept of a pre-built open world.
    My favorite campaign was the woodcarvers. So i'd love to see that map somewhere in the world.
    Oh and i'd love to see Lost Vegas somewhere too
  • @Nolan

    I mean I love the passion, but this probly isn't something I'm all to comfortable doing which is why I made this thread for anyone who has those ideas or old random thoughts they wanna see.
  • I wanna see the lasting effects of the great hat rat war
  • there's also the realm of holding that I think still had a party inside it
  • I was really curious to see where the sun keys where going to go
  • @Crimson_Grove They go to the Realm of Shadows where Dalfgan is. I'm pretty sure this is eluded too in a few of the campaigns if not outright stated somewhere already.
  • I just picture Nisovin on all fours sniffing around like a bloodhound for keys.
  • Oh yeah, I was never sure if that was just a red herring or not. Thanks Rob!
  • Oh, and speaking of ogres, maybe the ice land where the majority of ogres and yvander are? At least I think that was the lore with the ogres, it's been a while. I know we never actually saw it, but just an idea for another map.
  • Personally, my favorite thing about Fantasy Worlds is the Races, and since URealms had the least Tolkien-esque races (only the Dwarves are really Tolkein like), my favorite was when we got new races, especially in Season 1.

    The Porcs, the Forn, the Shellmind, the Elemechs, the Beennu, the Drakes, etc, etc. So I'd love for this project is if we could get more potential races added. I understand that might be too much, but that would be something I'd really love and appreciate.

    Either way I'll absolutely be picking this up when it comes out.
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    The thing I liked the most about URealms was the imagination. While it sometimes resulted in stuff I disliked, I really enjoyed how creative the world and races Rob was, rather than just copying other people to make a cookie cutter fantasy world.

    Obviously there was quite a bit of derivative stuff as well, but it was still usually done in an inventive manner.
  • I'll honestly say one of the biggest things i took away from the original series that I've been employing in my own games is the concept that no idea is too crazy to be rammed into the canon.

    I've loved being able to do that with my guys. 
  • This was a fantastic show. It's one-shot format created surprisingly impactful moments when old characters returned, and it inspired me to support meg on Patreon and DM my own games. We still play every month. I wish Urealms live never ended, but its end taught me to take matters into my own hand and make the roleplay I wanted to see in the world  :p

    If Rawb ever explores this world some more, I'd love to see some more of Kinny Boots' story. I'm sure any story will be great though, so long as it's done out of passion and not obligation.
  • Ya I stopped using Kinney Boots in campaigns because she was being used in Coe's quest so it became one of those, don't mess with the character cause they being used in another way.
  • No shows? Also, can we get concise playlists again somewhere of the original 4 seasons of the live show? And, if not are there plans to take them down at all?
  • @CaptainDeston All of the playlists are still on the site my man. Just click watch and click any playlist for the shows.
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