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Brown's Megathread! (Recaps, musings, and thoughts! Oct 17th, Machinations of Misfortune recap done)



  • Still working piece by piece on the recap, but, in the meantime, I've also finalized what I'm doing with the Phofirra plant-person race.

    In that I'm not.

    Instead I'm pulling up the little I know about the Forn in that they have some strong connection with forests to make the Forn into a dual-race - Generally nomadic plant-folk, with two seperate cards - One for a race that lives in the underground, one for a race that lives on the surface or in the sky.


    I recall hearing something about that in lorebuilding, I'm probably wrong. Whatever.

    And yes - I am FULLY AWARE that the Highbloom Forn look like they're just Starbound Florans. That was intentional. One of my players used to play a plant-person character in another game and they used a floran to represent the character, so I lifted the idea of the faceplates from Florans. Likewise, the Undercaste Forn are based heavily off of Myconids, the likes of which I played in the same game.

    My reasoning here is that it's technically the same race, a sort of plant-elemental manifestation of magic and the world made by Thor, but while some developed above ground, others lived in the underground facilities and caves made by the Beenu and the Groundbolds.

    In addition to both races being sort of opposing energies - Highbloom being offensive, Undercaste being defensive, they also both bear the curse of prophecy, but in different forms - And it has affected their cultural identity. But whereas Undercaste Forn are cursed with visions of the future, seeing potential ends and deaths and as a result sequestering themselves from the world, the Highbloom are consistently assaulted with visions of the past, seeing in great detail and clarity all the mistakes made by either themselves, or others, and so are constantly trying to move forwards and make up for the flaws of the past through reckless action.
  • Alright so it's like this, the recap is having issues because I'm slow, lazy, tired, and now my laptop is giving me hell for using it by crashing. That's going to be a major issue if it keeps it up. I'm just gonna upload a brief overview of the rest of the campaign, so I can get back to posting updates and stuff about ideas and the next steps.

    Following up from two posts ago,

     They get into a boat and head down the river and run into a cleverly named 'Hail Hydra' which is made up of three heads, one that's made of ice, one that uses healing and defensive spells, and one that greets people repeatedly. Aka, a hail head, a hale head, and a hailing head.

    Funny funny!

    It almost kills the team repeatedly and drives them onto land. Although they've gotten rid of two of the heads, each lost head just makes the remaining ones stronger, so all that's left is the hailing head, who is now charming them and threatening them over great distances, blasting away trees with his voice magic.

    This eventually drives the party deep enough into the forest, where an errant sonic blast sends Mr. Bellflower catapulting into the next area of the woods - Where upon he comes face to face with an 8 foot tall gnoll with heavy mechanical augmentations. Moments later, the entire party is surrounded by additional enemies that all have this same mechanical look to them - Some of which are summoning those totems they keep seeing - Apparently not actually being summoned, but placed - They're mechanical in nature, with little hidden away flamethrowers, turning about like turrets.

    Dragged to a medium-sized homestead in the next clearing, they can hear the Hailing Hydra dying behind them as a couple of these mechanical warriors blast it with molten lead. All four party members are bound by the wrists and set to kneel against a wall. They try to question these... Well, for lack of a better term, Cyborgs about their presence here - And why they're being detained.

    "Because any sane person would run for their lives when they saw us - And I need you to listen, first." A voice calls out from ahead of the group. Exiting the house is a hulking Snowbold woman - Every one of the cyborgs seems to give her an almost divine reverence, bowing their heads, some kneeling. She is not a very royal nor noble looking entity - Her gear is absurdly heavy, making her appear even bigger than her already significant stature made her. "Because I need people who value the greater good a bit more than they do their own lives. Because a black cloud is coming - And the only way to push it back, is with our own Iron Sky."

    Standing before them, is none other than Lokeeda, the mistress of the Iron Sky, and unbeknownst to the characters, the primary antagonist of all my old campaigns, as well as the one who tried and failed to possess Tasha at the end of Crimson Frost. She's carrying with her a massive shield, a greatsword, and a grin.

    "I need people who can help me save the world." She states plainly, looking down upon them. But before she can elaborate further, a window swings open above the players heads, and out pops a handcuffed elf, leaning over the sil casually, smiling, his old eyes framed by a pair of simple glasses, and a full gray beard.

    "Why yes, that's exactly what they mean to do - And it'd probably be for the best if you allowed them to do it without interruption, Lo-kee." He says with a chuckle. Lokeeda looks... Annoyed. Tells him to keep his opinions to himself. Another captive? Azatha's eyes go wide upon seeing the old man. She knows him.

    Managing to break free of his bindings, Bellflower rises up and attempts to slash at her with Aethilnian - But Lokeeda just grabs it out of the air by the blade and swings it to her right, lodging it in a tree on the other side of the clearing. "Now this one's got some fire!" She looks down to the others. "...He'll make a good example. Come on, pup." She pushes the diminutive O'bannar towards his blade, knocking him to the ground. "You want to fight properly, don't do it like some sneaky rat. Come at me head on, and we'll see who's more righteous." She prepares to enter a combat position as Bell nervously picks up his sword.

    Nykini can't hold in her curiosity any longer. She barrages a nearby cyborg with questions about his mechanical augmentations, how were they built, can they change ones stature, how extensive are they, are they difficult to install. But rather than the expected response by the rest of the party of the cyborg silencing her - He grins. Hefts her up, and drags her forwards between Lokeeda and Bell. "Boss!" He exclaims. "...Think we've got a convert here."

    IMMEDEATLY losing her interest in Bellflower, Lokeeda makes her way towards the gnome, who was now standing weakly atop her little boot stilts - But still smiling. Her heart was pounding - This was getting very interesting. A pair of guards flank Bell, keeping him from attacking.

    "Is that right-" Lokeeda asks, grinning down at Nykini. "You wanna know how all this happened, huh?" She waves a hand out towards her cyborg legionnaires. The gnome nods rapidly. Lokeeda chuckles and holds up her hand, conjuring up a glob of liquid metal much the same way that a wizard conjures fire. "They've got my -blessing-. It's what makes them closer to perfection... Doesn't that sound nice?"

    Nykini overshares her desire to be taller, wondering if this process could allow that.

    Lokeeda practically laughs. "All that and more." She extends a hand to shake. Nykini takes it, one shake, and then screams in pain collapsing to her knees as the metal works its way through her body. Her legs tear apart, her boots and pants shred, and slowly, she comes to stand once more... Far, far taller.

    Lokeeda wants her to prove she can handle the gift, which Nykini eagerly obliges to. Instead of Lokeeda fighting Bell - Nykini now will be his opponent. There's a moment when their eyes meet, and the party considers how to dispel what they believed to be charm magic... Only for it to hit Bell, deep in his heart - He could see it.

    She wasn't charmed. She wasn't brainwashed, or magicked in any way. She wanted this.

    Nykini Isokini was now Anti-Party...

    The pair clashed, with Aethilnian barely being able to keep up in parrying the gunshots, sword blows, and needle kicks coming from Bellflower's former ally. While there were moments where a turn might've been possible, Nykini controlled the fight, tearing apart armor and flesh with her deadly precision. But with the crowd of cyborgs all keeping watch on the fight, it was only the still bound Azatha and Grendel who took notice of the old man in the window continuously channeling some sort of healing spell to try and keep Bellflower from dying a gruesome death. A final blow was struck, sending Bellflower down to the ground, where he had the sense to play dead. A cheer went up from the crowd.

    Grendel managed to snap his bindings, and quickly undid Azatha's - ANd both of them quietly and quickly climbed up through the window into the room with the elf.

    Azatha immedeatly bowed low, on her knee. Grendel was... Confused to say the least. And even the old man was a little suprised.

    "Please, this isn't the time for such formalities." Said the one, the only - Nader Leomaris.

    The history lesson would have to wait for Grendel. He saw outside that they were now hoisting Nykini up, cheering for her. Always enjoying being the center of attention, the gnome conjured up a keg of magic ale and set it down, raising a mug and screaming 'To the IRON SKY!' It's a shame she wasn't distracting them intentionally.

    Finally unshackled, Nader pushed aside some furniture in what was once a stately bedroom. "I can get us out of here, back to my home, but I'm going to need a few minutes to do it. Please tell me you can keep our opposition distracted until then... And try to fetch your friend - He's rather injured, I'm afraid."

    Azatha took up a position by the window, and scoped in on Bellflower. Seeing him slowly stir, and grip his blade... She shook her head. "Too many of them." There were at least a dozen cyborgs in the clearing alone, and it was unclear how many more were nearby.

    Grendel was nervous. He wasn't sure how he could help... But a thought kept ringing in his mind.

    The door.

    The door...

    ....the door.

    ...I hear every door you open.

    Looking to the nearby bedroom door, he wandered over to it. Took a deep breath, and pushed it open.

    Simultaneously - All four of the adventurers felt a chill run down their spine. Grendel felt immedeate regret. Azatha looked over her shoulder, going pale. "...what was that?" Nykini paused and lowered the drink from her lips. And Bellflower managed to turn over, his armor clinking a bit. The raucous party died down, and the cyborgs all looked towards Bellflower... Gripping blades tighter - And grinning.

    It was only Bellflower who saw a shape moving in the forest. Jumpy, spindly, and tattered, as tall as the trees themselves.

    All at once, a massive battle was ignited. A gunshot rang out as Azatha planted a slug right into Lokeeda's shoulder, caving in the armored pauldron. The roars of the cyborgs were only outmatched by the sudden sound of cracking wood, as Ozvaldo burst into the clearing, his body reformed but blackened beyond recognition. Bellflower leapt up and brought down Aethilnian against one of the cyborgs, cutting him in half before dashing towards Nykini and having his blade parried by her jeweled sword.

    Lokeeda snarled, "FINISH HIM OFF!" she screamed to Nykini. Her men were engaging with Osvaldo, being tossed aside like so many toys, some of them going mad just from the sight of his dark visage, attacking one another. Meanwhile, Lokeeda saw the sniper in the window, and used a magnetic crush attack to lodge both her greatshield and her sword into the windowframe, nearly beheading the elf.

    Grendel faced off with a guard who pushed through the now open door, slashing at him vigorously, while Azatha climbed onto the bed and lined up another shot, trying to blast away one of the cyborgs that was coming up behind Bellflower. A flurry of slashes, the clangs of blade against blade rang out as the duel between former allies continued on the other side of the clearing. But time was running out.

    The glow from the bedroom window was intensifying as Nader's spell grew closer and closer to completion. Ozvaldo was rounding the corner, screaming a variety of nonsensical quotes that definitely did not remind the players of the fact that the basis of his concept was 'What if Baldi, but horrific haunted woods monster', which he totally was not, and truly screwing up any cyborg who tried to take him down. Lokeeda became momentarily distracted when Ozvaldo tried to reach out to grab her - And she promptly punched him in the face and sent him toppling back into a tree.

    Bellflower took advantage of the moment, and called on the power of Aethilnian, lashing out and using the chain dash attacks to escape from another strike from Nykini - Cutting down cyborgs as he ran, and finishing off by slicing against Lokeeda's back and leaping into the window.

    The cult mistress roared and got her bearings. Bell climbed up just in time to see her leap at the window - And reached out to try and grab her weapons that were still lodged in the stonework.

    Bit of an OOC moment here, I informed the player "You're an O'bannar, these things are -massive-, bigger than you are. There's no way you'll-" He rolls a 20.

    SO! Bellflower grabbed onto the greatsword in the stonework, and twisted it around just in time for Lokeeda to skewer herself on it, spewing out metallic blood and falling back onto the ground. But that just seemed to piss her off more - She jumped up, caught one last bullet in the arm before Bellflower pulled the greatshield in, and wedged it into the windowframe, followed a split second later by a loud THUNK as Lokeeda smashed into the makeshift barrier.

    Nader snapped his fingers and the ground lit up. "Time to go!"


    When at last Lokeeda dislodged the series and saw inside... There was nothing but a burnt magical circle, an open door, a dead guard, and a smashed up bed.

    Re-appearing in a large room with huge floor to ceiling windows and rows and rows of books, detailing the history of the realm, Nader, Bellflower, Azatha and Grendel got to their feet and took stock of the situation... Azatha's eyes went wide as she looked out the window - And saw beyond it, the vast elven city of Than'Drellfal - And the realization that they were in one of the spires that rose out of the royal palace that the King of All Elves called home.

    Nader declared that this situation had gotten far worse than he had envisioned - And that they had to bring this to the king themselves. They headed down the stairs to tell their tale, and that was the end of the story - For now.

    1. God damn it was wierdly hard to write that recap, and I super apologize for it taking so long.

    2. This campaign absolutely proved to me a few things - That I need to have at least one backup player ready with a character in case someone can't make it, that I need to go through testing of encounters so I can properly scale enemies, and that sometimes the best villians are the ones we saw as heroes.

    3. Lugra-Lugra will be returning in a future campaign, and after some discussion with the player behind the scenes, I think the character might actually be connected to a planned Tower of Ultimate Wizardry storyline...

    4. Were there too many memes? Maybe.

    5. How did a campaign that I wanted to be silly and simple become so complex and intense? This was insane.

    Here are the legendaries you didn't get to see for the other two players. I'll be keeping Lugra's for future use.

    Azatha: Spellfire Missile

    Grendel: Triple Wield

    Going forwards, I've got a few new mechanics I'd like to try out, as well as some new things I'll be adding to the games card lists. Speaking of which...
  • edited October 17

    I've redone all the previous custom race cards using Heroforges new color system, as well as a handful of new races being added. Here's a link to the full gallery of redone race cards (Some have their stats modded.) But, I'll still be posting each of the new ones here because I'm always eager to show stuff off.

    First up? Clawhoof Porcs!

    Immovable if they don't want to move, but highly mobile when they need to be, Clawhoofs will prove to be an interesting twist for characters who want to screw with my terrain without rolling 20's to do so.

    Gravehoofs, a variant of Black Boar, will not technically have the large tile square, but the idea I've got for them is that they're sort of like the tribal leaders of the porcs that live in Perif-Antodes, and can make another player into a thrall - Either an undead one like an ageless, or just as a servant or bodyguard.

    This one is gonna raise a few eyebrows. I know, I know, Ogres are a very unusual race to make playable, but I adore the appearance of ogres as depicted in Urealms. They're so ugly they're cute, and that's kinda my asthetic.

    So yeah, they still want to help Yvander cover the world in eternal winter, but they occasionally can be convinced to do other things - So long as their heads don't get into an argument.

    Wellforn Ruby. That's all I'm saying.

    (Also, cameo by S.K. Malone!)

    I've long wanted to give some love to the classic kobolds - So here we are with Triton Ground kobolds. A mixed race between the Thor-made talking kobolds and the tribals, who were generally used as workers in the Elven mines. Those that escape weren't terribly fond of the world, and fell into the world of crime rather quickly.

    Scarred Gnomes were born to go on adventures. They're less greedy, but more ambitious in some ways than other gnomes, and never let their deeds be quantified by some writing in a dusty tome - They're gonna be out there on the front lines fighting monsters and baddies as they will.

  • We've got our character listings for the next campaign; Through Jaws Vermillion.

    From left to right

    Kork - Male Black Boar Sharpsword
    A player from right here on the forums has graciously offered to play a character as a backup in case one of the other's can't make it - As such I'm not pushing too hard for his story, though if he has one and tells me of it, I'll update this here. General idea right now though? The man is a soldier of the Fjolren, and we need little more than that.

    Felix Dewshadow - Male A'talar Elf Swashbuckler/Sharpsword
    Returning from the events of Crimson Frost to lead this group of mishmash Fjolren militia. Once a guardsman of the A'talar military, now a renegade serving to protect Lady Tasha in her bid for revolution, Felix has gained some new skills, learning passively from a hero of the Fjolren, Krane, also known as the Godkin, a legendary swordsman and protector of the land. He's also still wearing the Golden Cowboy Hat of Divinity Slash - Aka the high councillor of war of A'talar, Tucker Bergan, caught in the enchantment of the Soulattire legendary spell.

    His hat hates him.

    Ga'Bella - Female Goblin Cabalist
    This rotund darkcaster bears plenty of secrets with her, the most notable of which is likely her skin - Rather than the crude green hues of most goblins, Ga'Bella's skin looks almost identical to gold. Though it shifts and pushes back like flesh, it has an unmistakable metallic sheen to it, which carries on into her teeth, and her bright, shining eyes. It's a secret she'll take to her grave. But one thing she does not keep secret is that she has two great loves in this world - Gold, and food. Most of the Fjolren admit to not having seen her often, as she seems to only show up in Fjolri posts every so often to buy  trinkets or have a home cooked meal. Why she's suddenly come to assist in this mission to the north is unknowable...

    Zehir the Charming - Male Black Boar Rouge (IT FINALLY HAPPENED, WE HAVE A ROUGE, OH GOD I'M SO EXCITED)
    Well-read and civil for a black boar, not to mention fairly handsome, Zehir was raised in the nation of A'talar, by a group of merchants in a travelling caravan, likely just after the group crossed the borders from Perif-Antodes. Living a fairly safe life has seen to Zehir being a well educated specimen of the porcs, a gentleman and - Yes - A charmer. But a desire to live out his romantic view of a hero has led him away from the merchants who taught him everything he knows - And now, he stands alongside the protectors of Fjolren - A noble duty, and one he hopes may draw him into the next chapter of his own story - One where love is present...

    (Seriously how awesome is it that the rouge got romantic as their attribute.)

    Rath Frostspike - Male Dwarf Berserker
    Presenting himself as a frostborn follower of Yvander, this sharp-toothed dwarf stands watch, often alone, at the northeastern reaches, and would be the last of the group to join the party before heading into the mountains. A lust for gold also rises in his heart, and there have been a few odd looks that he's been giving to Ga'Bella since they began to travel together. But as danger looms on the horizon, his shining blade will pierce through this darkness, to protect the southern reaches from its enemies...

    And that's the party. We'll see how they handle Through Jaws Vermillion at the end of the month!
  • Thanks for the recap! It was a great read and I loved the puns. A surprise appearance of Nadar, it looks like he's trying to keep the world alive which is good. Good luck with your next campaign, I hope your programs dont update again.
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