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Ash Islands RPG v2



  • @Razgrey @Sabertooth1114 @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd ;
    Zane get's off from the wall he is leading on and rolls his shoulder before approaching the group, "Then we shall see it done, I will assume that you all have came with weapons on hand. My name is Zane I am the captains confidant of sorts, though my rank wouldn't truly succeed your own, so view me as an equal if you may."
  • @Loreteck @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd @Razgrey ;
    Zaun's brow slightly curls and he grips his long cane "Pro.... tect" His tone has a hint of anger. He's just waiting for his new acquaintances to make their move
  • @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Razgrey @Loreteck ;

    "Your right about me at least about weapons. Just move faster then Zane, we have Hew's to shoot and prevent another razing" Teal draws her a strange tri-barrel pistol and briskly walks, her wings opening up to prepare to fly just in case
  • @Loreteck @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk @Sabertooth1114 ;
    "It will have to do. I doubt that I'd be able to train you into a disciplined military unit anyway." He turns to the knight. "Which way is it, soldier?"

    He points out of town. "Southwestern."

    The captain nods. "Thank you, now let's hurry!" As the knight turns back into a giant bat, Arien leads his new militia unit outside of town.

    But it's not long before monsters come and block the way! Suddenly, some generic run-of-the-mill mooks like slimes and giant spiders appear.
    "I was hoping we wouldn't run into any trouble on the way..."
  • @Razgrey @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk @Sabertooth1114 ;
    Zane takes out his blade and get's into battle position. 
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    @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk
    Player Status (Recall your abilities here!)

    Battle time!
    (C>d) Arien - 170/170 HP, 0% HEAT
    (D>s) Zane - 85/85 HP, 0% HEAT
    (H>c) Zaun - 145/145 HP, 0% HEAT
    (JKR) Eden - 105/105 HP, 0% HEAT
    (JKR) Teal - 105/105 HP, 0% HEAT

    (H>c) Grey Slime 1, Lv4 - 45 HP, 0% HEAT, 28 PAtk, 10 Def, 0 Res, 6 Spd
    (H>c) Grey Slime 2, Lv5 - 49 HP, 0% HEAT, 29 PAtk, 10 Def, 0 Res, 6 Spd
    (C>d) Giant Spider 1, Lv5 - 56 HP, 0% HEAT, 25 PAtk, 2 Def, 4 Res, 10 Spd
    (C>d) Giant Spider 2, Lv5 - 56 HP, 0% HEAT, 25 PAtk, 2 Def, 4 Res, 10 Spd
    Turn Order
    22 - Eden
    18 - Arien: Steel Sword
    17 - Teal
    16 - Zaun
    11 - Zane
    6 - Grey Slime 1: ??? (P+2)
    10 - Giant Spider 1: Attack
    10 - Giant Spider 2: Attack
    6 - Grey Slime 2: Attack
    Tip: At the start of battle, you are simply limited to performing a basic attack with one of your weapons; be sure to choose which one.
    You can also use one of your other, 0% HEAT abilities. One of them will increase your HEAT, along with a second effect, and the other is a generic Defend command.
    EX: Zane's Alpha will increase his HEAT by 20%, and the HEAT of his allies by 5%.
    Zane's Parry will reduce physical damage taken by 70%, and lets him counterattack for a turn.
    Note: Teal is incapable of performing a basic attack with her pistol. She can only use an ability for it.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Attacking the Giant Spider 1 with my silver gladius.
    we roll right or am I dumb ()
  • @Razgrey ;
    Zaun is gonna charge and attack at the Giant Spider 1 with his Cane Hammer thing

  • @Razgrey Teal raises her hand and uses her lightning magic to strike at the closest Grey Slime

    (Basic attack with the ring, this ain't lightning bolt)
  • @Razgrey
    I'm going to increase everyone's heat with Alpha 

  • @Loreteck ;
    Don't worry, those commands won't require a roll. In fact, i'm probably gonna have it so that pure buffs won't require a roll.
  • edited October 2020
    @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk ;
    [Eden: Silver Gladius > Giant Spider 1] Eden slashes a spider. -36.
    [Arien: Steel Sword > Giant Spider 2] Arien slashes a different spider. -100.
    Giant Spider 2 has died.
    [Teal: Lightning Ring > Grey Slime 1] Teal uses her ring to zap a slime. -54.
    Grey Slime 1 melts into a bubbling liquid.
    [Zaun: Cane Hammer > Giant Spider 1] Zaun smashes a spider with his hammer. -43.
    Giant Spider 1 was smashed to death.
    [Zane: Alpha] Zane roars, bolstering his team.
    [Grey Slime 2: Attack > Zane] The last slime creates a mouth with its body and takes a bite out of Zane. -28.
    (C>d) Arien - 170/170 HP, 25% HEAT
    (D>s) Zane - 57/85 HP, 20% HEAT
    (H>c) Zaun - 145/145 HP, 20% HEAT
    (JKR) Eden - 105/105 HP, 20% HEAT
    (JKR) Teal - 105/105 HP, 20% HEAT

    (H>c) Grey Slime 2, Lv5 - 49 HP, 10% HEAT, 29 PAtk, 10 Def, 0 Res, 6 Spd
    Turn Order
    22 - Eden
    18 - Arien: Steel Sword > Grey Slime 2
    17 - Teal
    16 - Zaun
    11 - Zane
    6 - Grey Slime 2: Attack
    Recent Skills
    (0%) Alpha - 
    All allies gain 5% HEAT, and you gain 20% HEAT.
    Tip: You've got enough HEAT to use a skill! Eden is the fastest, so she'll probably be fast enough to use her only offensive skill available... Magic Missile.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Eden is going to proc their Magic Missile, sheathing their gladius and blasting the Grey Slime.
    "What a mess." 
  • [Eden: Magic Missile > Grey Slime 2] Eden sheathes her gladius and shoots a blue missile at the Grey Slime. -45.
    Grey Slime 2 no longer exists.
    Victory! All players gain 38 exp. Roll for loot.

    "I'm glad I could find reliable people for this." The captain says. "Now c'mon, let's get back to moving before any more of them come." He waits for his allies to finish looting whatever remains of the monsters before resuming the march.
  • @Razgrey Teal does a quick look over for loot, grabbing anything of interest before following the captain

  • @Razgrey ;
    Eden searches the corpses, not expecting much.

  • @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk ;
    (I'm just gonna do all the loot rolls myself, if that's alright.)
    Zaun procures 20 silver.
    Teal procures 20 silver.
    Eden doesn't find anything.
    Zane procures 30 silver.
    Player Status

    Quickly enough, your group arrives at a village near the coastline. There are vampire soldiers there, already evacuating the commonfolk from the village.

    An explosive force roars through the village, and a building is suddenly on fire. Civilians start panicking and running. "They're here!" The captain exclaims, before running toward the village to protect the civilians.

    Amongst the flames forming, several soldiers of the Silver Kingdom stand out, ready to raze the village for simply being in their way. "Protect the citizens!" Arien shouts to the militia members. "I'll help the soldiers fend off the enemy!" And promptly, he cuts down one of the marauders.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Zaun's brow burrows, his expression is nothing but anger. He charges forward into the village wanting to protect its residents, not even waiting for his acquaintances.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Eden observes the situation and moves forward quietly, assessing the strength of the enemies in a moment and drawing their weapon.
  • @Razgrey
    Zane nods and begins heading into the town to help any citizen trapped in the fighting to get out as quickly as possible. 
  • edited October 2020
    @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk ;;
    Player Status
    "Wah! Someone help us!" The civilians are evacuating from the town, but some got left behind during the chaos and are about to be attacked by enemy soldiers! You've got to stop them!
    Battle Time!
    (D>s) Zane - 85/85 HP, 0% HEAT
    (H>c) Zaun - 145/145 HP, 0% HEAT
    (JKR) Eden - 105/105 HP, 0% HEAT
    (JKR) Teal - 105/105 HP, 0% HEAT

    (S>h) Soldier, Lv5 - 70 HP, 0%, 33 PAtk, 6 Def, 0 Res, 10 Spd
    (D>s) Archer 1, Lv4 - 64 HP, 0%, 29 PAtk, 4 Def, 0 Res, 13 Spd
    (H>c) Archer 2, Lv5 - 67 HP, 0%, 30 PAtk, 4 Def, 0 Res, 14 Spd
    (H>c) Acolyte, Lv4 - 57 HP, 0%, 22 MAtk, 1 Def, 4 Res, 16 Spd
    Turn Order
    22 - Eden
    17 - Teal
    16 - Zaun
    16 - Acolyte: Willow Staff
    14 - Archer 2: Silver Bow
    13 - Archer 1: Silver Bow
    11 - Zane
    10 - Soldier: Silver Spear
    Recent Skills
    (0%) Alpha - All allies gain 5% HEAT, and you gain 20% HEAT.
    (20%) Magic Missile - Fire a magic missile that deals 110%M damage to an enemy and ignores Barrier.
    Tip: You will gain 5% HEAT upon taking damage from an enemy attack.
  • @Razgrey ;
    Eden grabs their amulet and shoots a magic attack at Soldier boi.
    Freezy Breezy
  • @Razgrey
    Zanes going to get into commanding position and help his allies get into position using his alpha ability
  • @Razgrey ;
    Zaun is going to charge at the soldier then do like a spinning swing at him with his Cane Hammer

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