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Ash Islands RPG v2

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The expansive isle of the Ash Islands, ruled by the council, has seen war for the first time. Despite their rather neutral nature, they have always been fully prepared to take on threats, having raised a large army capable of warding off an invasion. It is thanks to this that they were able to fend off the attacks of hostile forces for as long as they have. Additionally, due to fighting on their homeland, they are more experienced at fighting on ashen and basalt terrain.
Not even the sun that rises every morning deters creatures of the night, as long ago, knowledgeable wizards were able to concoct a solution that would cause the large volcano in the archipelago's center to constantly spew ash into the air, enough to block the sun's rays from reaching below, preventing vampires from being damaged from its harsh light.

Someplace else...
"They've started. The Silver Kingdom."
   "Indeed they have, against their better judgement."
"Shall we take action against them?"
   "No, we won't. As callous as they are, they haven't acted against The Alliance."
"So we'll do nothing whilst they kill each other?"
   "It seems that would be the case for now. But... Lindel?"
   "I have something you may want to hear. About one of your... old friends."
Today is another silent day for the people of Terran, a village within the southern sections of the islands. For most of the war, it has remained protected due to the stalwart nature of the army even further South, which has been preventing the Hew army from marching even further inland.

On this day, the local guards were informed that Captain Arien Tullet of the army was to be arriving today to recruit volunteers for his militia army. However, they have yet to arrive, and the sun has just about reached its peak, which at the time gave it enough strength for a few rays of light to pierce through the ash clouds blanketing the sky.

It's a relaxing time for everyone at the moment, as everyone knows that it's very unlikely for the Hews to breach far inland due to the unknown aspects of the continent.


  • @Loreteck ;
    Captain Arien Tullet, as well as a trusted ally, the Gaear Zane, were on their way to the village now.
    Just a few minutes and they'd be arriving to find any possible recruits.
  • @Razgrey
    Zane checks his gear looking around the area as continue on the path heading into the town, string his sword back over his shoulder and looks over to the captain. "Captain Arien? Do you think we will find any recruits from this village. we haven't found many takers through out the travels we have done."
  • @Loreteck
    "Don't be so quick to count this next place out, my friend." He responds rather optimistically. "I've got a good feeling that things will be different here."

    Under his breath, he mutters: "At least, I hope it will be..."
  • @Razgrey
    "well on ether case this the more peaceful of zones we have entered so this should be smooth sailing from here on out."
  • @Razgrey ;
    (Apologies, didn't know when to really start)
    A cloaked figure calmly awaits in the broad daylight for the arrival of two very special individuals. His hand rests at the sheath of his blade, his favorite of the many he's acquired in the recent months.
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    @Razgrey @bl1ndn3rd ;
    (Same as blind, sorry)

    A succubus, augmented with metal pieces all across her body, rests casually on a barrel, the metal spike that is her tail tip swinging back and forth idly as she looks to the cloaked figure, tilting her head ever so slightly in interest.

    "You waiting on someone?" Her tone is casual in as she looks over her metal and original nails and taps her ring slightly to make it centered
  • @Toruk ;
    The figure looks up at the succubus, his eyes peering out from under his hood. He pulls it down and nods. His face seems younger than expected.
    "Yeah. Waiting on some people who I think can help me out."

  • @Loreteck ;
    Walking, walking, more walking... and there it was. "Almost there." The two approached the village, catching the attention of a few tired eyes around. "Alright, you know how it goes: gather them around, maybe deliver a rousing speech if you want. A messenger already announced our presence before our arrival, so you should get some interested people real quick."
  • @bl1ndn3rd "Guessing that army coming through. Not like we have any other visitors soon" The succubus shrugs and crosses her legs
  • @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd @Razgrey ;
    A huge figure with a robe covering his shoulder down to his ankles walks to right beside bl1nd and Toruk, stopping right there, exhaling as he sits down with a big thump. He just glances at the two with his gentle face.
  • @Toruk @Sabertooth1114 ;
    The gremlin looks both of you two up and down before responding.
    ”Yeah. I suppose we’re all here to get some glory, or something like that.” He gestures sarcastically as he says glory and rolls his eyes.
  • @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk ;
    "Glo.......ry........ No...... I....... protect....... home" His voice is very breathy and he speaks really really slow "You......... Glory??" He says to the gremlin
  • @bl1ndn3rd @Sabertooth1114 "If I wanted glory I would of joined the proper military a while ago gremlin" Teal crosses her arms and looks over at the new arrival briefly as they speak before glancing out toward the road
  • edited October 2020
    @Sabertooth1114 @Toruk ;
    The gremlin shrugs.
    "I guess I'm fighting for home too. a different way."
    His eyes look down at the ground for a moment, before rising back up at the group.
    "I'm Eden, by the way."
  • @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk ;
    He smiles to hear that he is also fighting for their home "Zaun........." He slowly faces his head to the Succubus waiting for her to say her name
  • @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd

    "Teal Bourgeois. Pleasure to meet you two." She says, keeping her arms and legs crossed, her metal tipped tail resting in her lap as she idly waits
  • @Razgrey @bl1ndn3rd @Toruk @Sabertooth1114 ;
    He nods and heads towards some crate and begins to stand on top of them in more proud position.
    "Attention all citizens, this is a proclamation form of the head of the state and militarily of the ashen Isles. The menace over seas have been gathering their forces and planning another large scale Assault planning on eradicating all life of the isle for their Imperialistic desirers. we run low on solders thus we came here asking for more, hero's. For any who wish to join us, you will be paid extremely well. more then you have ever joining the army now. we won't force this upon you and shall wait until the end of the day for any who whish to protect our fair isles."   
  • @Loreteck @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd @Razgrey ;
    Zaun slowly walks over to the speaker "I........ Help......" He says still with a gentle look on his face. He then looks over to his acquaintances waiting to see what they'll do
  • @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @bl1ndn3rd @Razgrey

    Teal leaps up from her barrel, stretches, and walks over toward the man who made the announcement "I'd like to put a hole through a hew or two if you'd have me as well"  She nods at Zaun when he looks at her, the metal tipped tail waving the gremlin over
  • @Toruk @Sabertooth1114 @Loreteck @Razgrey ;
    Eden takes a step towards the group. He stays further back but close enough to be heard.
    "What she said. I'm here to join up. Kill some...Hews. Fight for home, all that jazz."
  • @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd
    "Thank you, Zane." The captain says. Then, he approaches the volunteers. "Hello. It is good to meet people willing to help protect their homeland. May I have your names, please?"
  • @Razgrey @Loreteck @Toruk @bl1ndn3rd ;
    He smiles "Yes...... Jazzzzzz....." He turns his attention to the captain "Me..... Zaun....." He puts his earthy rock riddled hand out from his cloak for a shake "Nice........ Meet..... You...." He smiles once more
  • @Razgrey ; @Sabertooth1114  ;@Toruk  ;@bl1ndn3rd ;
    Zane nods and stands behind the commander keeping vigilant watch somewhat surprised that someone actually listening to him but hides it under his helmet 
  • @Razgrey @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @Toruk ;
    "Eden. Eden Malibu."
    Eden still stays a little farther than the rest of the group. His eyes look over the commander and Zane, sizing them up.
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    "Any family I should know about? I have to send this information to the records to be documented."
  • @Sabertooth1114 ;
    The captain warily shakes Zaun's hand, ignoring their underdeveloped mimicry skills.
  • @Razgrey @bl1ndn3rd @Sabertooth1114 @Loreteck ;

    (Apologies, internet decided to just stop existing for a day and a half)

    "I am Teal Bourgeois, no to the family question if you need to know." *Her metal tipped tail swings on the ground as she looks between the captain and the now quiet soldier behind him*
  • @Razgrey ;
    Eden sighs.
    ”Sis. Genesis Malibu. Or Gene. She’s the only one that matters for your records. That’s who to notify if I die.” 
  • @bl1ndn3rd ;
    "For both of your sakes, I hope it doesn't come to that." Arien says as he finishes writing the info out on some papers. "Well, we should start heading to the mainland now."

    @Loreteck @Sabertooth1114 @Toruk
    Just then, a giant bat flies in above the new militia members, lowering itself down to the ground before transforming into a vampire in a puff of smoke. "Captain." They wore some black platemail, with a full helmet to obscure their face.

    "What is it?" The captain asks.

    "We're evacuating one of the coastside towns. You've been ordered to assist."

    He frowns. "This is happening now? What about the new recruits?"

    The knight pauses to size up each of the 'recruits'. "Just take them with you, they can probably handle a fight." Without waiting for an answer, the vampire turns back into a giant bat and starts flying to the south.

    "Urrrgh..." The captain groans. "Forgive me, but we must head south once more to protect a village."
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