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Brown's Megathread! (Recaps, musings, and thoughts! January 21st, White Meet recap part 2!)

EDIT: Alright so this thread has kinda turned into a megathread compilation of all things Brownhair so, if you're new to this thread, welcome to the ride and thanks for being interested.

You can find campaign recaps as you scroll down, and in addition to that, I am now opening up recruitment for the group, but it's with the understanding that A) You are above 18 years of age, and B) You understand that the release and timing of these campaigns are fairly sporadic, and lastly C) You realize that you aren't going to be able to play in every campaign as there's only 4 slots per story, and while there will be returning characters, it's pretty much going to be a self-contained story each session.

I will only be taking people in a few at a time - Currently, closed: Have enough offers for the moment. (August 16th, 2020)

Also - Here's a map of our campaigns in relation to the main canon.

Yellow text = Region name
Red text = Major city/settlement (Also where some official campaigns happened)
White text = Location of an official campaign
Orange text = Location of one of my campaigns from about 7 years ago
Blue text = Location of one of my current campaigns

MAP UPDATED: 2020-11-1, removed mystery islands, added campaign locations, added THE ETERNAL CHEESE.

UPDATE: 2020-11-19, Here - Have the set of races and subraces I use for my games.

Original post: So, in order to acclimate my buddies to the world of Urealms, I've decided that rather than throwing them without rhyme nor reason into my Murderer at Sea campaign, I'm gonna throw them first without rhyme nor reason into an early campaign from the show - Zarlin Catacombs. So I'm going about updating the health pools and abilities of the NPCs to see if I can make it balanced.

Big problem tho

I am not good at this stuff. Are there any tips ya'll think I need to properly balance things and update it for the current mod?


  • IT HAPPENED! I haven't DM'd a game like this in years- But it was SUPER fun and it looks like they all loved it! They're askin' for another campaign! *FLAILS AROUND EXCITEDLY*

    I'll post a recap of what happened in our admittedly *very different experinece* in the Zarlin Catacombs soon.
  • I'm very interested! I've been doing my own campaigns for friends recently so I love hearing these stories
  • Alright. So here we go.

    We start off with familiar face Raynel leading/not leading in our four silly fellows.
    Kobold Thane 'Bruf', who has amnesia and a strange affinity for ice magic.
    Black boar beserker Bronk, so yes that's a 2x2 tile who has bearserk to turn him into a 3x3 tile.
    Porc monk 'Porcio' who is obsessed with his desire to eat people, being a cannibal.
    Christian, the keen bandito and party leader - Who was an escaped uhm... Let's say 'servant' from the halls of House Barringster.(I gave the player a brief outline on Barringster antics. It was only afer this that they decided the character needed to be dressed in a maid outfit for the campaign. Goodness...)

    Oh, also, Reynell is wearing bold scalemail for this, as a random piece of gear I gave her. She's still a lil' racist towards kobolds, and now porcs as well, though she did seem to bond with Bronk mainly because he turned out to be kind of the straight-man of the party.

    The man has an exotic nose, what can I say.

    So. Let's run down a few of the big set pieces from Zarlin and how these four goofballs mucked it up.

    1. The first hallway.

    So, as we know, the traps in the first hallway aren't supposed to do anything, right? This did not stop the group from being TERRIFIED of them. Christian decides that, being a coward, they'd do their best to fully avoid the pressure plates by using Petal Pathway to jump over top of them and to the end of the hall... To the end that has the door and the skeleton. They then proceed to roll a 20 on an investigation, so - I have to give them goodies. Goodies that are neither worth the inventory space so, there's now some extra armor and a QUAKE-MAKER laying on the floor. This will come into play later.

    Or at least I tried to make it come into play later.

    The team then proceeded to try to tiptoe around all the traps- Followed by the Black Boar just flat out tripping and landing on one and nothing happening. JUST AS INTENDED, NOT A BUG, BUT A FEATURE, BEENU TRAPMAKING.

    2. Robot guards and the treasury

    The fight went pretty much the same as it did on the show, but for one major difference. Christian was all over the map, getting her ass handed to her not by the robots, but by gravity as she continuously tripped, and fell from whatever she was attempting. But then she got to the big pink robot (We named him Jerry) and of course, falling for the bait that Jerry was deadlier than the the trio, focused her efforts on him.

    By charming him.

    I said no, that won't work-
    Then they got a 19.

    ....Welp. I guess they have a useless robot friend now.

    Jerry promptly proves his worthlessness, and the fight ends as normal. They find a secret passage when Porcio, eager to see if there was any meat left on the skeleton by the wall, stumbles upon the secret path (with a 20 to boot. They hadnt even -looked- at the door yet, this guy just wanted a bone to chew on.)

    They enter the treasury, Porcio gets a pot puppy, they find some new armor to give Raynel (downgrading her by 5 stamina points, well done lads) and we get our first LEGENDARY ROLL!

    Our black boar berserker? Who can bearserk to turn into a 3x3 tile? Yeah he got his.

    So now we've got a 3x3 tile that can turn into a 4x4 tile walking around. He's super strong...

    ...And that's when Bronk gets an idea.

    3. South? I thought you said WEAST!!

    So they exit the treasury, and i make the mistake of saying 'So, where to now' to the party. I mean there's only one path right? Go south, towards the rest of the story-

    "Actually let's go back to that door we couldn't open at the start!"

    Oh god.

    Oh god no what have I done.

    I tried... Setting off the traps. That didn't deter them.

    I tried... Having Bronk slip and step on the quakemaker from earlier,, collapsing the tunnel. That didn't work, they rolled a 20 on evasion. What the hell, dice.

    And I tried to stop them by the door just being TOO DAMN BIG to move- Aaaaaaaaaand Bronk got a 19 on it.

    So here I am, slamming my head into the desk because there's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ANYTHING THERE. They were essentially trying to bash through the backdrop and walk out into the backstage of the set. I was gonna say NNNNO, THAT JUST DOESNT WORK... But. What are you gonna do, I didn't wanna displease these guys. So.... I made something up.

    Y'know how usually in Zarlin, after the robot fight, the players would go south into that room with the bookshelf and the gemling, and get fruit thrown at them by Rosebud? Well, first off, no rosebud in this version, I felt that with the upcoming promise of gender-changing laser robots, sharks that can noclip, and ten story tall warmachines, a talking bear that sells fruit might be a little much for these guys. So, I replaced them...

    They knock down that huge ass door in the first hallway - And who comes slowly stepping out from the northmost of the two rooms back there, than Cherrybomb - A bespectacled kobold fruitseller/war profiteer.

    Dressed in naught but a bath robe, slippers, and holding a coffee. He looks over his shoulder, breaks the fourth wall and states 'I'm pretty sure we were supposed to meet somewhere else in this campaign.'

    I figured okay, we can do the selling thing here! NO big deal- Then Porcio jumped up and tried to eat him.

    Long story short, the irate elemech never showed up, there was a big thing of the group trying to bash down the door of Cherrybomb's digs, there were some charisma checks to stop Porcio from cannibalising the Kobold, and the group walked away with a free rotten apple each, and an explaination as to the stun mechanic they provided. I figured that was their reward for completely taking me for a ride, and getting such good rolls - They didn't need the mechanic to be obscured.

    4. NOW they're going the right path.

    Since they had a 'monstrous' tile porc on their side, I let them take the second of the two paths heading down towards the second half of hte dungeon. The one that the crew didnt take - With the big boulder? Hugeboi just smashed the boulder away. They also passed Jeff the Elemech on the way down, who I had written up a big dialogue thing for explaining why they wanted the fruit blah dee blah dee blah- Point is this was Jeff's momentary cameo before the group got into the 'archive' room, to find the gemling.

    During this time, both Porcio and Christian tried to loot the beenu skeletons. Both of the beenu skeleton heads fell off and dealt 1 damage to each of them because they both got like sub-3 rolls on the investigation. (And Christian was asking for it with how snarky she was being about the porc 'being careless'.)

    I also gave them another legendary roll because I was feeling nice. Nobody got a 20.

    5. The Transverse arena

    So this was the part I was looking forwards to. None of them knew what was going to happen, nobody was prepared for the transverse robots. The reaction to them hoever was honestly much the same as the group. Abilities got replaced, treasures were lost, and Christian, who was feeling a lot like Morganna Marie from the guys run, was highly upset not at a gender change but at a race change. She must have gone through three race switches before it occured to someone to use an apple and stun the robot. 

    So yeah. After that, Christian is a dwelf.
    They probably dispatched the robots a bit too quickly, so, I'll have to take that into account for whatever the campaign is that i do next.

    Now at this point, one of our players said that he had work in the morning so, we had to either pause or finish up in the next little while. I figured, whatever, there isnt a whole ton left, and to be honest - The Glamorshark and Gorgon thing felt really out of place in the original run - So I decided to just skip past it and head on to the Warmachine encounter.

    I gave them their final legendary roll - And Christian got a 20.

    Petal Pathway felt like the ability they were most excited to make use of during character creations, in addition to it having been their means of escape from the Barringsters, so. I felt it was natural that thier legendary be an upgraded Petal Pathway.

    So yeah, the same thing happens. They find the chasm, they see what looks like Cherrybomb's home on the far side of the pit (Evidenced by the massive iron door laying against the wall), and they start preparing ways to get across. What do they settle on?

    Using the Lotuswalk ability to hop across the chasm! Excellent!

    ...One problem.

    6. The Final Encounter

    The Beenu Warmachine rose up - In all of his Yellow-Orange-Red glory. About the same time, Raynel and Cherrybomb appeared on the far side, looking on in horror as the killer robot appeared.

    But before this thing could even strike, Christian launched herself across to the other side with lotuswalk, and used the bonus action to fire off her apple, stunning the thing long enough for everyone to hop across the path of petals and start making a mad dash for the exit.

    Now given that the official run of Zarlin had the fight against hte warmachine take place in the statue room, I took their fleeing as a chance to enjoy some artistic liberties with the mechanics and, indeed, the limitations of the warmachines movement.

    The fight spilled out into Cherrybomb's lobby, into the first hall, and into the entrance room, where the Warmachine continuously destroyed the structure around him, while fighting against Bronk, Porcio, Bruf, Raynel, and Cherrybomb.

    Why didn't I say fighting Christian as well? Because Christian decided to take my earlier warnings to heart about your character not nessecarily having to survive, or even win this campaign for the story to finish - And warped out using Lotuswalk. By the time the others caught up to the entrance hall, Warmachine had smashed down the walls, broken part of the floor, and was now leaning into the room, preventing safe egress to the surface.

    The fighting is fierce, spells going off, attacks being made- Cherrybomb being squished beneath the warmachines hand. It was a pretty epic fight, though again, admittedly, it didn't last nearly long enough for my tastes.

    There was however a very surprising occurrence...

    Bronk pulled out one of his treaures to try and get a hit on the yellow hand - A convoluted composite crossbow... ANd he got a critical fail. The shot instead hit the person between him and the hand. I went to do the damage calculation, and realized *after* I had said it what I had done.


    He only had 37 maximum stamina.

    The crossbow does 99 damage.

    Oooooh boy.

    One brutal death roll later, and I proceed to describe the horrifying sight of Porcio spiralling out into the darkness of the chasm, carried by a 3 foot long metal spike impaled through his leg. Halfway over the chasm, his bag opens, and the pot puppy from the treasury room slides out, looking back to the group with silent disapproval, and waving its tiny adorable paw... While Porcio gets skewered and hangs from the far, FAR wall of the chasm, hundreds of feet away.

    Bronk promptly discarded the crossbow, too little too late.

    The fight continues, they go through the mechanics, the beams come out, start dealing damage, but it's not enough to deter them. They eventually manage to stun and defeat the warmachine, and it falls back into the chasm.

    As a bit of a post credit scenes, I pointed out to people that when Porcio rolled his porc companion passives, one that he got was the Arcane Spirit - meaning that should he die, he'd be reborn as an earth spirit.

    So earth spirit Porcio is floating along, happy as larry, and is promptly smushed by the falling warmachine.

    What has come of all this? Well, Bruf, Raynel, and Christian have survived the Zarlin Catacombs - And Bronk not only has survived, but will live on in a future campaign as a boss fight!

    All in all, it was a lot of fun. They managed to mess me up repeatedly on what I had planned out, and so the story didn't go at all as I was anticipating. But, I loved every minute of it - And they all say they had a lot of fun too, and are eager to have another campaign of Urealms at some point in the future.

    DM's Ramblings - The future for my campaigns?

    I'm taking what they used to do in the shows to heart. The idea that if it's involved in a game, it becomes canon - Well for my own campaigns, they've got their own growing canon to build on the canon of Urealms (Such as there are apparently a species of Seagull that live exclusively in caves), and this goes all the way back to one of my older campaigns. Some of you that know me here know that I've made a few customs in the past, and that most of them took place before the official mod was released - There were four that I had done.

    The first was a basic adventure that involved the introduction of a villain.

    The second was further establishment of the villains plans and the growing of her armies.

    The third took place apart from them, but introduced a creature in an abyss at the bottom of the ocean, that was awoken and started to consume the world (Murderer at Sea)

    And then the final campaign was going to bridge the unofficial mod mechanics, whch I believe were from season 2, to the official release of the mod for season 3. I called it the Exodus - A magical rift had been opened up by Qintara Lotus, to let the surviving mortals hop from this world to the next - Not in body, but in consciousness. Whoever walks through this portal would appear in a new world, untouched by the sea beasts reign, in the body of someone who was already there, but with full knowledge of the Sea Beast and what it could do to the world.

    Those who made it through in that campaign were a number of NPCs and player characters from the first three campaigns - As well as the villain and her associate henchman.

    I planned to just jump into the deep end and play through Murderer at Sea properly with the guys... But now that I think about it - Maybe it's time to bring back the cast and use them as a way to give a new set of characters a purpose. To eventually go under the sea and fight this devil-god of the abyss.

    Well. It's a thought. I'll post more on the forums if I do anything with it.
  • Awesome read! It sound like you did a great job interpreting the dice rolls and the custom legendaries were cool as well. I hope you continue posting your future campaigns.
  • edited June 2020
    OH, also - Just so you get to know what i had set up for the other legendaries...

    Porcio's legendary was based off of his previous character in a dnd-like game we had been playing before this. His character was a sort of cyborg priest of a mechanical god known as the Singularity - And near the end of the game, he obtained a weapon that was representative of the gods desire to sacrifice living flesh in exchange for power. This felt appropriate because much like the Porcio of this game, his other character was a ravenous cannibal, and when he died, he came back in another body a short time later. These parallels came out of RNG in character creation, it was not planned at all - So I felt I had to roll with this continuing comparison.

    Bruf's legendary was a replacement cornerstone that would override his 'Lost' cornerstone. As it goes, Bruf wasn't really a kobold at all. He was a gnome wizard out of Abracadab, a genius of multiple schools of magic, but then a rival magician family with some very deep pockets decided they wanted to get rid of him. To keep his knowledge and himself safe, he transformed himself into a kobold, sealed away his memories, and fled Abracadab. If he got this legendary, then it'd mean that the mind-seal spell finally wore off.
  • It's thursday! It's game night! Another story is about to take place - The first of my proper tales! Let's pray things go well... Recap to follow!

  • So the game just finished. I am exhausted right now. They lit a -lot of stuff- on fire, and revived a character who died in Zarlin, Porcio, back to life using the bloody goblet of mysteries...

    This is gonna take me a few days to work through and post a synopsis of.
  • edited October 2020

    In the interest of getting my old prime storyline in center focus, I'm running a series of campaigns revolving around characters being chosen by the 'remnants' of the characters who survived my Exodus Rift campaign - Which was done to signify the change from the unofficial season 2 build of the game to the official season 3 build. Ten characters will be finding new 'host' bodies for their knowledge and ambitions.

    And each one has its own campaign to get them started in the new world.

    This campaign - Crimson Frost - follows the fate of my old primary antagonist, Lokeeda, Mistress of the Cult of the Iron Sky. Each one of these campaigns is gonna follow the same basic layout. The main character (The host) will be in the middle of an even that goes awry, in which their own personality, abilities, or equipment are not sufficient to properly deal with what they're up against. Then, they fuse with the remnant of the other character, unlock abilities, as well as a knowledge of what happened in the other world.

    The main character will then be faced with three veiled options.

    A. They ignore the call to action the memories of the apocalypse bring, and focus on their own situation.
    B. They follow the call to action and abandon their current situation and allow any consequences to play out.
    C. They find a way to take advantage of the situation, giving them a leg up, and possibly allies in the coming trials of preventing another apocalypse.

    So with that out of the way.

    Crimson Frost
    Three characters.
    We've got Tasha Vallingstein, elf female cabalist, the daughter of a pair of national heroes. She's been raised rich, but she's still smart enough to smell when something is fishy.
    Next up is Tasha's friend, the mischevious gnome female wizard, Pixie 'Rooster' Manche. She talks to her skull staff a lot. She might be crazy, but, for some reason Tasha trusts her.
    Lastly we have a soldier of the nation, the male elf swashbuckler, Felix Dewshadow. A guardsman of A'talar.

    On that note, let's talk setting.

    The campaign took place on the southernmost border of the massive empire of A'talar, overlooking the frozen southern wildlands of Fjolren. A'talar's expansion in all directions has been ceaseless, if slow, and for over a decade now, Fjolren has been cornered into their land, with no way to travel north except to go through A'talar - And given that most of the Fjolri are the beast races or lesser races like porcs, kobolds, gnolls, and goblins, they don't usually last long in the A'talar empire.

    The people of A'talar really don't look kindly anyone who isn't an elf. And they only really tolerate dwarves, and gnomes.

    Along this border is one of A'talars many forts, which is currently hosting two national heroes, their daughter, as well as one of A'talar's high councilors, Tucker Bergan, the military mastermind of the empire.

    It's something of a rally to inspire border settlements to throw their lot in with the military and help to stock the forts with soldiers. But midway through Bergan's speech to the crowd, the wind picks up, a snowstorm rolls in, and Felix spots too many figures on the wall for the schedule. No sooner does he notice this...

    ...Than the entire fort is besieged by the enraged Fjolri natives.

    Almost on que, Bergan, and Tasha's parents retreat into the large chapel built into the southeastern wall. One of the guard captains instructs Felix to protect Tasha, then goes off with the other guards to evacuate the nobles, all of whom but one leaves- A dwarf who was deep in his cups, and, somehow, managed to survive the entire siege while drunk off his ass, and as such will be returning for a future campaign.

    The enemies are more dangerous this time than the ones I brought in for Zarlin 2.0. Higher health, more unpredictable abilities, and in greater numbers. However, they didn't have fancy puzzle mechanics like Zarlin enemies did, so the first encounter went by quite quickly.

    Rather than going after her parents, Tasha chose to assist the troops on the wall, and rushed off ahead up the stairs to a watch tower that would lead to the conflicts. The door was blocked.

    So. Rooster stepped up and arcane-beamed the door, managing to in the process vaporize one of the friendly NPCs inside the room, and gravely injure the other. Again, I thought that the enemies were gonna be enough to prove a challenge, but, what I was not anticipating is Felix's ongoing relationship with nat 20's - Specifically while using what wound up being his favored ability, the Old Handcannon.

    Twice during the second encounter, and then again on the third encounter, he got critical hits that resulted in him blasting enemies out of the map with a hyper knockback, leaving looney-toons style silhouette shaped holes in the walls. But in addition to this, a fire broke out inside the tower - Where some of the fort's artillery ordnance was being kept. It seemed like the fire was gonna stay contained.

    Then Felix used Swish Swash to drop a keg, which started leaking after a stray arrow went through its shell, and the flamable booze started splashing out across the floor.

    A quick legendary roll later, and Tasha wound up getting her personal legendary.

    In hindsight, this was very underpowered compared to the other players personal legendaries, and although having a garunteed 15 damage a turn output plus a 1 in 4 chance of getting a stun was helpful, it was underwhelming compared to the god-tier level personal legendaries I had set up for the other two characters.

    Now - I'd like to take a moment here to point out that this was a very legendary heavy campaign. Not nessecarily in that players got their personals, but that a lot of attention was paid to both the aquisition of legendaries, as well as legendaries that the players started off with. Felix started out with the legendary spell 'Soulattire' which he can pretty much use to end a fight by turning his target into a piece of clothing and gaining their skills.

    And then Pixie had not one, but two legendaries to start off with that she got out of some crazy RNG during creation. First off, Siggneos, the spell of multiplication. Add that to the fact that she was a wizard, and you understand how frightening this prospect was. Then, Pixie purchased the Bloody Goblet of Mysteries and, believe me, I think she spent more actions looking into the goblet than she did actually attacking. The reason? Pixie wanted to revive a character that the player knew was dead - Porcio, from the Zarlin campaign. Lots of failed rolls, but only 1 failure that mattered.

    See, Pixie had made mention of the idea of using siggneos to multiply the spell 'Enlarge'. Seeing as how in our last campaign we had a 4x4 tile size Porc, I was all in on outdoing that this time. And just as they promised they would, Pixie tried casting it at the end of the second encounter in the tower, where the players were faced down with a fairly dangerous set of melee fighters. 

    Pixie rolled a 1. And so she spent the rest of this encounter, as well as the next encounter after this as a 0.7 inch tall micrognome sitting inside the goblet of mysteries, which was then carried by Tasha.

    Around the third encounter, too, the booze from the barrel bridged the gap between fire and ammunition, and the entire tower exploded in a fireball, dealing massive damage to both the players and the enemies.

    Not much happened between then and the final encounter. Two more minor skirmishes, Pixie found out that she could just cast regular enlarge on herself to try and grow back to a relatively functional size, although she had a lot of trouble actually casting the damn thing properly.

    Also Pixie broke one of the Trebu-Cata-balli-wachas on the wall. The entire joke of these wierdly designed siege weapon is that they all looked 'almost like a familiar siege weapon but not quite like another' and nobody there would know how to use the damn things. So, that was fun.

    Oh, and, Felix dropped one of his kegs over the ledge, it lit on fire, rolled down the hill, and caught the nearby forest that the Fjolri were pouring out of on fire. Well done, sir.

    Now the party eventually makes it into the great hall, they enter in unnoticed due to the general madness going on around them. So, Mother, Father, and Bergan don't recognize that they're not alone anymore - Their conversation continues, and the bomb is dropped.

    As it turns out, Tasha's parents were not in the room. Infact, they had been dead for some years. The government of A'talar, you see, is content the nation being 'collectivist' in its organization. No one tries to outdo the other, they just work in their little slots for the sake of efficency. But this all changed about 20 years ago when the ageless started hitting the shores from Deadlantis, and people were forced to defend otherwise undefended areas on their own - Giving rise to the concept of 'Heroes'.

    But heroes inspired people. It made them unpredictable, and inefficient - So the high councilors set about trying to transform these heroes of the people into icons of the government. Most of them were pretty easy, but Tasha's family proved resistant - So a little situation was set up to get rid of the actual heroes, and replace them with disguised imposters, trying to both create the image that these heroes also now submitted to the government like good little drones, while also trying to raise Tasha to be a less recognizable face in the empire.

    The plan was that tonight, they'd shock their own populace and further support their own invasion of Fjolren, by staging the 'death' of the heroes, as well as the very real death of Tasha. The Fjolren killing these three people would bring more support to the military, the people would want revenge for their heroes dying!

    While all this information is being learned, Tasha's getting angrier. And there's like another voice in her head, telling her that she -should- be angry. That she should take revenge.

    Lokeeda, the spirit, had merged with her. And she was telling her to take vengance, and give herself over in her entirety to the influence of the cultist.

    She gains access to one of her locked off abilities, Lascene, which she uses to pretty much throw Bergan in a nearby firepit, while she takes his place in front of her 'parents'. Fighting broke out, Pixie managed to get her crit for the goblet, summoning Porcio back to the world - ANd thankfully, his player was on hand to join in, so suddenly the 3-man group turned into a 4-man group. Pixie also manages to finally succeed at using enlrage, choses Porcio as the target, and Porcio, being a cannibal, bites father's head off in the scuffle.

    They're about to all face off against Tucker Bergan, swords are drawn, spells are readied, and Tucker charges forwards... Only for him to suddenly poof out of existance and be replaced by a golden helmet.

    Felix opened the fight by using Soulattire, turning the military leader of A'talar into a piece of headgear, which gives him access to Divinity Slash.

    Now here's the other thing - On the goblet card, it says that ressurecting someone is 'breaking the rules of the game'. And you know what that sounds like to me? Sin of the Unforgotten, and insanity that comes from the sudden realization of the fourth wall and all that was past it. Pixie tried to convince the others of some of this information, she was shushed for it - But it did allow her to listen in to the things I said to the players out of character, allowing her to warn the party that they weren't done here yet.

    Out of the woods, leaping into the center of the fortress courtyard, was one of the leaders of the Fjolri - One of their legendary Wild Gods, divine beings that keep the balance of magic, nature, and civilization in the wastes of Fjolren. This one was very much a foil to Tucker Bergan - A war leader. Garfoul the Vengeful.

    Porcio, now alive, decides now is the time to beat feet. He thanks the group for their help, breaks a window, climbs out and says that if any of them wanna find him again, he's headed for New Porc City.

    The remaining group weighed their options. Through a bit more fourth wall breaking, they learned that Felix's new hat actually gave him an ability that could possibly fight of Garfoul - Tucker Bergan's Divinity Slash. But through this as well, I had Tasha take a roll to try and resist the influence of the raging spirit, and she was able to cast Lokeeda out.  In that same moment, the memories of the Exodus Rift, the cult of the Iron Sky, and the rise of the Beast and the end of the world all came flooding into her mind. But, she was at least in control again - Clear of corruption.

    With her mind focused, Tasha exited the chapel, laid down her arms, and explained all that had transpired.

    Now, Garfoul might be a god of vengence, but that means he understands it better than most. He sees someone before him who's been broken by betrayal and deceit. He sees someone who has already dispatched the very fiend he sought to destroy. And he knows that she won't be able to return to A'talar herself. He offers her the chance to take vengance against the corruption by siding with him and his 'pack'. The group departed from the fort soon after, Pixie did however rush out and track down Porcio, and invite him to follow the group as well, so SOMEHOW.


    THREE PEOPLE WENT IN... and we had -four- survivors of the campaign.

    Lokeeda's spirit was expelled, but quickly found another host in one of the Fjolri troops who's kin had been slain in the attack. So, Lokeeda is also on the loose now, and the players have no way of knowing where she is, or what she's doing.

    The dwarf I mentioned earlier returned to A'talar with news of the fate of the heroes, Tucker Bergan, and Tasha. So, Bergan's plan goes ahead unhindered - A'talar as a nation will soon rise up and present a unified crushing force to try and destroy Fjolren and all those who ally with it.

    Porcio and Pixie were offered passage across 'The Leap', the dangerous sea that seperates this continent, and the one that 'prime canon' stories and locations are on (Anything from official urealms). Next time we see them, they'll probably be in New Port City.

    Meanwhile, Tasha and Felix (of which there appears to be a budding relationship between) stayed with the Fjolri, and are now taking refuge in a place called 'The Land that Sky Forgot' - A huge steampunk fortress city, home of the technologically advanced Snobolds (Visually, think the Fluffbolds that Sixelona drew), which is located in a cave under a crawling ice sheet. Depending on what Tasha's player decides, they may stay there to try and fight back against A'talar, or they'll depart north and try to track down others who know of the Beast, and the coming apocalypse.


    Next campaign on the list is involving the second of the two antagonist spirits - Lokeeda's lieutenant, Strone, who will be possessing the body of Bronk, the super-massive black boar from the zarlin campaign. The plan is for it to be a campaign that takes place on the 'mainland' with Bronk leading a group of mercenaries to clear out a fishing village that's been taken over by the ageless.

    It's gonna be very silly compared to the stuff that took place in this campaign.
  • Oh, and, because I forgot to mention it, the legendaries that the others would've gotten - I'm adding in mechanics where if certain conditions are met, then the players will automatically recieve their legendaries.

    Felix's legendary was the A'talar Councilor's Regalia - If he had found it with his legendary roll, he'd recognize it as Tucker Bergan's legendary armor, and stolen it, depriving Bergan of certain stats in his encounter. The secret condition was pretty simple - Kill Bergan.

    However, Bergan was turned into a hat, so this legendary never appeared, and sadly, never will.

    Pixie's legendary was based off of their player's desire to use Siggneos on Enlarge, and that was the condition for getting it - If they successfully pulled off that move, they wouldn't have gotten stacking enlarges like I said, but rather, would've lost their Ytt Transfersing Armor, and gained this card in its place, allowing them to pretty much shapeshift into monsters, or even just being a super giant gnome, at will, which I intended to have as pretty important point since they were about to fight a god.

    Tasha's legendary was supposed to be earned when she accidentally breaks her crystal ball weapon, which shatters upon meleeing with it. Instead, it'd just crack, and turn into the earlier linked Ferrous Ward. My idea was that since this character was going to be posessed by Lokeeda, and she's the iron sky lady, having a sentient ball of iron following you around felt thematic, and i wanted it to be 'upgradable' as missions went by, with each encounter with Lokeeda having a stronger and stronger Ferrous Ward to contend with, but - It wound up just being a fairly underwhelming legendary.

    In addition to all this, I gave Porcio -one- legendary roll to try and earn the one he didn't get in Zarlin, the Staff of Singar'lar-tee, which I showed off in the first campaign rundown. And wouldn't you know it, he got it and didn't even get to fight with it - It just means that when we revisit Porcio, he's gonna have access to the staff.

    Anyways. Uh... Yeah. Everyone involved seemed to love the campaign, and I've already got some volunteers from my group for the next campaign. Eager to see where it goes.
  • Another great read!
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    So in addition to my current campaign, which I'm not gonna spoil on the off chance one of my players comes to read this (its gonna be a funny one), i've been bumping around various ideas for future campaigns - And one that i've thrown out to the guys and they seem receptive to?

    An all Nisovin campaign taking place on the isle of Nisovale, where I'm saying this mythical Nisovin-City is. Everyone gets a bunch of random legendaries, everyone has a super overpowering personality trait to make each Nisovin unique, and we fight some absurd strong bosses for chaotic fun times.

    ...ALSO. Just finished rolling up the returning character sheet for 'Bronk' in this next campaign.

    He got chivalry pledge.
    And Midas fists.

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    Got something to show off. Tokens i've created for my upcoming campaign, which is now in the final stages of prep.

    One of them has Dwayne Johnson's face superimposed over the head.

    For reasons.

    UPDATE - Have the tokens but, y'know, closer.

  • Those are glorious tiles

  • Bit of a sidething but, I'm panicking about prime story campaign 2 happening in the next like, week, so I'm posting random stuff to try and calm myself down.

    In my ravings to my friends about the future of the campaigns, I've been taking random inspiration (mostly from late night shows and youtube) and been leaving ideas for enemies, storylines, and for those little fun bits of 'wierd canon' that Urealms has, that I will later involve in my campaigns.

    I'd like to share some.

    Depression pizza - Made by the elves to poison their enemies with a delicious looking gift that leaves one feeling worn out and sad.
    The O'bannar - A race of rabbit-like warmongers who are all very small, but are played as groups of 1 to 3 characters representing siblings.
    A two-headed porc cabalist/warrior who is his own worst enemy - One head is Darth Vader, the other is Kronk from emperor's new groove.
    The Gun Dragon - A dragon that sits on a hoard not of gold, but of firearms. No, it can't use them, it's a dragon. It can, however, and will, explain to you the exact details of each individual firearms uses and manufacturing dates, and this obsession with detail will play into defeating the dragon.
    Which is otherwise just a normal dragon.
    Windex Chuckroast - A dwarf parody of Winston Churchill.
    Mouse-land - To end the hat-rat war in Abracadab, the council of YES banished 98% of Abracadab's hat rat population to an upside-down like parallel universe. Though the north was saved, the Hat-rats have not died, and have infact, made a palette-swapped disney-land looking magical kingdom that is waiting to re-invade the main universe, on the exact spot of the capital of Abracadab, Kadabridelle.
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    Our next campaign takes place tonight!

    Our cast?

    The golden-fisted blackboar giant, mercenary captain BRONK

    Dreamweaver, cultist, and also cripplingly in debt due to gambling, Toby KADACHI!

    Master Tinkerer and combat-crafter, ROXXA

    The dwarven archer Grimli FIREBELCHER and his wife, the gnoll bard MEX!

    The group will descend into Willakod Village, to clear it of a swarm of ageless that have moved in. But upon entering the fog-soaked village, they'll discover no one has died, and that infact, these ageless are not vicious or violent - Rather... They are just SWOLE.




  • Great work my man!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us here!
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    OKAY. SO.

    This one... This one went off the rails in a way that only Urealms can.

    We join our 'heroes' as they're approaching the village of Willakod, and interrupting dwarven ranger Grimli Firebelcher and his Gnoll wife Mex, in the middle of a heated debate on whether or not a banana is a fruit. This gets very heated, and although I had initially thought we were about to enter the village, resulted in War-Artisan Roxxa and the gambling ex bone-cultist Toby getting involved as well. Captain Bronk, who was around in our test campaign, just kinda watches while the four of them blather on, for a good ten minutes before saying 'We really should get down to work.'

    Toby agrees. The guy is like 20,000 gold pieces in debt and definitely needs the payday.

    There's a thick fog hovering over the fishing village of Willakod. (Willakers, but, you know, with more cod.)
    Why are they here? Well, they've been sent out from New Port City, who received Willakod's refugee villagers a while back. The villagers spoke of the obvious signs of an Ageless incursion. Thick fog, rattling chains, splashing water, and the groans of the undead as they trudged ashore. So - They sent mercenaries in to clear out the village of these invaders.

    What a gang. A permanently super-giant black boar, a weapons crafter with little field experience, a down on his luck ex-cultist, and a fiery-tempered dwarf archer and his wife.

    Anyways - After the fruit debate, they make their way into the village, leaving the beach by way of the village's dock-like structure. Bronk, who is a parody of Kronk, notes that it's a 'Nice dock.'

    Using their knowledge of current ageless affairs to determine that diplomacy is actually a viable option right now - While the common man is terrified of the ageless, the worldly one understands that not all ageless are monsters!

    What might have set them off on this note is that one of the characters realized there was a shocking lack of death and destruction in the area surrounding this village. No corpses, no burning buildings - Nothing. It was just... A village.

    That being said - You must remember that this is a concept foreign to my players. They don't know Urealms - They don't know that Ageless are all at least somewhat reasonable. It was on a lark that the gambler, an ex bone-cultist, said 'What if they're nice' and ran ahead before anyone could stop him.

    So props to them on that.

    In the thick fog, they can hear rhythmic breathing, the bend of planks, and exertion from a pair of entities ahead. Coming into view are a pair of Ageless - But, they aren't fighting... They aren't talking. Actually, they're uh.

    Well, they're doing jumping jacks as it turns out.

    When approached, they cease their apparent workout, and enthusiastically greet the group with a sonorous 'DUUUUUDE!'

    What in Kalisto's name is going on here?

    There's no sign of any carnage besides that which time and new tenants have wrought on the old fishing village. There's no indication that these Ageless have any ill intent, judging from their near attempt to hug one of the adventurers. It's quickly ascertained that this is some sort of a cult - A cult that was excised from Deadlantis and sought refuge on the shore so they could practice their strange ways - The ways, they say, of the Swole... Ageless who have devoted their unlife to training both mind and body to perfection - Led by one named the Doc...

    No sooner is the Doc mentioned, than he comes catapulting out of the sky, posing heroically, smiling infectiously. And who is the Doc, exactly? Why he's an ageless dwarf with toned muscles who bears a striking resemblance to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

    This is... Juane 'The Doc' Rockson. Leader of The Swole. And as he soon explains, master of the LEVIATHAN GAMES (which upon being mentioned, there's a burst of air and the fog all dissapears, revealing the mobs of Ageless all around town), A team-based fitness competition that pushes the body 'And to a lesser degree, the mind' to the absolute limit in a series of dangerous challenges that aren't really that dangerous when you're, y'know, undead.

    But he's also a pretty decent guy, and he's willing to listen to the plight of the adventurers. The job wasn't necessarily to eradicate the ageless, just to get them to leave, and as it stands, Juane realizes that this has all been a big misunderstanding. When he finally got his people gathered up on the shore after their long trek across the seafloor, they found the village completely abandoned. So - They figured why not set up shop here?

    In Deadlantis, they'd been criticized for their devotion to fitness - Apparently 'It's not sensible to focus on physical health when you're dead' or something, prompting The Swole to leave Deadlantis and settle somewhere more hardcore that they can assemble their training course. (Also have you ever tried working out underwater? Zero bulking potentially.)

    Understanding that the village actually does have residents, Juane agrees to leave - On one condition. That the adventurers take part in the first-ever run of the LEVIATHAN GAMES- And also beat them, which would prove to all the Swole that this location is not awesome enough for the games to take place.

    Bronk likes Rockson. He declares he's a 'Nice doc.'

    The choice to play the Ageless' games is favored by 4 of the 5 party members, with the only one still wanting to burn the place to the ground being the highly aggressive dwarf. His wife however does remind him that burning down Willakod is in fact going to make them lose their pay, as the job was to reclaim the village, not destroy it. Another heated argument takes place, the two back away into a nearby building. A few moments later one of the Ageless who had been inside yeets himself out of a window, and the sounds of a loud scuffle begin.

    It's implied that at some point the two turn from fighting to making out, emerge from the building ready to play the game, and Bronk compliments Mex on being able to calm her husband down.

    'Nice talk.'

    So, the Doc declares that the Leviathan games are on- Juuuust as soon as they can raise the 'Titan Tower' from the depths - Which, conveniently, is also the first challenge of the game! And who will be facing them? Darla Brine, one of the Swole, volunteers to lead some nameless fitness-zombies against the adventurers. The task - Pull on huge ropes together in a sorta hybrid tug-of-war and lift-the-thing challenge, which slowly pulls a structure out of the water just south of the village.

    Now, Darla Brine is a massive Shezaite woman, large tile, massively strong, and her crew are an even match for the mercs - But the mercs have heart! And motivation! And fire! And also cheating. A sort of pseudo-combat begins, pitting the two groups against eachother, each turn their collective dice rolls contributing to the progress of raising the tower.

    Now, thankfully they have triple-sized tile black boar on their team, so the Mercs are capable of winning easily - But that really was the only reason they did win, as during the course of this relatively simple task, the mercs managed to both...
    -Nearly collapse the docks by using magic to rot the wood under the ageless' feet
    -Use bearserk to grow huge and promptly slip and fall into the water

    Now, Darla is a gracious loser- That is until she trips in one of the rotted spots on the dock on the way to congratulate the mercs for winning. This triggers her anger, and true combat starts. It is... Embarassingly easy. Despite the gal having 500+ health, they're able to handily beat her and her crew - And unfortunately for one of the ageless (a man named Rufus), he has his brain liquified by the dreamweaver, and he spends the rest of the campaign kneeling on the docks, believed to be in shock, when in fact he was now all-the-way dead.

    (Here's Darla's ability set)

    Juane doesn't object to the combat as he's not really the kind of guy who works on resolving peoples issues for them - Also it was great entertainment, and in his own words, Darla is 'Kind of a dick'.

    Now Darla does go down, she surrenders before anyone gets too hurt, and we're on to the next challenge. And what is that challenge? Climb to the top of the Titan Tower! But first, you gotta get to it - By swimming south about 12 spaces and climbing up the three levels of the side of the tower by way of another soft-combat rolling game dealing with the rough terrain of the water, and increasingly difficult climbing rolls to reach the very top. The first team to have two of its members reach the top wins.

    A gnomish owlrat-headdress-wearing martial arts master named 'Older Dan' decides to take the lead on this one. Everyone lines up at the side of the dock, and prepares to rush out into the water...

    Juane yells 'Go' and no sooner had he done so, than Older Dan was just running across the water, up the side of the tower, and standing at the top, taunting the mercs for their lack of form while his teammates swim into the water.

    Roxxa (and following Roxxa, Grimli using his 'messenger' passage) cast Flock of Ravens, and transform into a swarm of wisps that float across the water with ease and make it to the tower in a turn or two. Bronk just steps down into the water and walks casually to the wall. Mex stays at the dock and plays her violin, while Juane the Doc Rockson begins singing Disney songs with her, as is his wont, and Toby...

    Poor Toby.

    Toby tries to take a flying leap into the water - and instead lands in a boat, faceplanting into the oars and breaking them. He tries to use a grappling hook to grab onto the tower, and it slips out of his hands. He tries to use a fishing rod to pull himself in towards Bronks back, and so, slowly is pulled along by the seat of Bronk's pants- Which results in him being carried up the side of the tower once Bronk begins to climb.

    Now, I had big plans for this to be a fairly interesting race... But the dice had other ideas in mind - Namely that over the course of the race, all three of the Swole racers *drowned* due to critical failing their attempts to climb, swim, and in one case, get distracted by Mex and Rockson's duet long enough to have water fill their chest cavity.

    And MANY laughs were had at the expense of the game master!

    So they've won a second challenge. But again, Older Dan, much like Darla, is enraged at the tactics that the mercs used to win - And demands compensation in the way of COMBAT!

    I had a great set of mechanics planned out for him - In that he'd warp to the player who last taunted him in roleplay, and double strike them each turn with two random fist weapons at double damage. He was supposed to be able to move fast, hit hard, and be a real annoyance...

    ...And that's when Grimli was like 'I wanna use one of my once-per-game abilities.' The ability was for the Moonglow Shield... Which lets him draw three random spells and cast them as bonus actions.

    And one such spell... Was Featherfye. The one that makes a target the weight of a feather. At first I figured that was gonna be rough because that's not gonna be useful for the team... But we both had the realization at the same time.

    Grimli: Oh yes.
    Me: Oh No.
    Grimli: Oh yes.
    Me: OH NO.

    Long story short, the spell was cast and the party pretty much launched Older Dan into orbit, and I'm now honorbound to have him land in the middle of the events of whatever is happening six sessions from now to become a sudden random boss encounter.

    Can't wait to see how that'll turn out.

    Now after each fight and each challenge, players have been getting their legendary rolls - And after this one in particular, Grimli got the first unlock. It admittedly was kind of a generic one, I wasn't totally happy with it, but, it wound up being just what was needed for the last fight.

    Bronk got a 19 on his, and I said 'I'm gonna be nice and give Bronk his too.' Why? Here's why.

    THE BOY ALREADY HAS A PERMA BEARZERK AND TRIPLE DAMAGE I AIN'T GIVIN HIM -BOOP-. It did however give me a chance to explain a bit of Urealms core history to the guys and why Tambok tickets were such a huge thing back in the golden days. I still like to take time now and then to tell the group about the background of the show and the game since I know i'm the only one in the party that has full knowledge of it all.

    But who knows, maybe I'll have a Tambok campaign in the future. That could be interesting.

    Anyways - The party apologizes for Older Dan blasting off team rocket style, and Rockson says 'It's alright, he was a bit of a dick.'

    Challenge number 3? Marksmanship. From the top of the tower, they can see all across the shoreline, spotting half a dozen bullseyes. The objective? Take some javelins and earn points depending on which target you hit, with further ones being higher point value. Grimli asks if they're supposed to be hitting the people, pointing to the three ageless who got waterlogged in the swimming challenge, who were crawling out onto the shore.

    I was about to say 'No, no, its just the targets' before thinking.... Nah. In urealms, you don't say *no* to something silly.
    Rockson: "...gimme a moment-" turns to the shore "RICHARD!"
    Ageless on the shore: "Yeah boss?"
    Ageless on the shore: "Sure thing boss!"

    Rockson again assures the party this is fine - Richard is a bit of a dick.


    Now four more ageless come up to join the competition - But Rockson says that the javelins are too small for Bronk's hands, so, he'll have to sit this one out.

    The first round of throws starts. Neither team is scoring particularily well - But nobody's noticing that somethings off with Bronk. He's blinking a lot - Turning his head, hearing a voice... One that is referring to the failed throws as 'pathetic' - No one else seems to hear it.

    Another round goes by with one of the ageless getting a pretty high scoring hit, and the mercs failing to hit anything. One of the ageless also topples off the tower for getting a 1.

    Toby also falls down a level for getting a 2 and has to climb back up.

    The voice in Bronk's head is getting angrier. It doesn't like being stuck here watching this shabby display.

    The ageless are about to win the third game, and Rockson steps forwards to give some words of encouragement - Only to be grabbed from behind by Bronk. Bronk speaks in a voice that isn't his own. "Enough of this."

    Rockson's head is crushed, the skull broken, and his body is smushed together with the remaning ageless followers, and all are thrown to the shore before the game is even fully finished. The mercs all freak out and look at Bronk - Who is visibly struggling to fight for control of his body.

    "W-what the heck is this-"
    Back and forth he argues with himself. Toby, a dreamweaver, figures out quickly that there's some brain-stuff going on, and jumps up to try and infiltrate Bronk's mind - And he sees it. Roxxa joins in, mimicing his ability with copycat, and they're given a view of Bronk waging war on another mind in his own head - That of an entity known as Strone of Tusc, an albino blackboar cultist from another reality - And the lieutenant of Lokeeda's Cult of the Iron Sky.

    Just like with the Crimson Frost campaign, this campaign features one of these spirits from the Exodus Rift - This one belonging to Lokeeda's right hand porc and enforcer of her will. The malevolent dark wizard and ritualist who was her magical muscle. Seems his spirit has found its way to Bronk... And that meant that in that moment, Toby, Roxxa, and Bronk were all seeing Strones memories. They saw the atrocities he had caused, the cult he was planning to reform with Lokeeda, and the fact that 8 other spirits made it through the exodus rift, to try and prevent the end of the world in this facet of reality.

    Now - The plan was that Bronk, controlled by Strone, was going to then get into a no-win fight with the Mercenaries - They'd have lost their strongest fighter, with his HP of 600+, and he had some pretty wicked AOE attacks that would make this combat at the top of the Titan Tower almost impossible to win. They'd either die, or try to escape. (And if they did die, I'd have it so that they'd re-appear later anyways as newly raised Ageless heading to Deadlantis - Yay story networks!)

    That was the plan. And may it rest in peace. Because immediately, Toby says 'Hey, brain-invader! ...Wanna see the worst thing ever?' And proceeds to link a really, really cursed .jpg into the chat, and casts terrorize mind - Using up his movement, Roxxa's Movement and Regular, and then Grimli's TWO MOVEMENTS and TWO REGULARS to boost the damage of terrorize mind - WHICH WAS ALSO GETTING DOUBLED from his vivid dreamer passive.... And then proceeded to -get a nat 20- on the roll.

    ...I couldn't. I couldn't just say 'No, my plot armor protects me'. I had to give it to them.

    It didn't take a turn. It took a single -attack- for Toby to completely one-shot a long planned antagonist character into oblivion. This effectively also managed to save Bronk, who I had been discussing with the player, was going to become the host of the antagonist after this, and have a crazy reveal later on to have a second head grafted onto his shoulder that Strone directly controlled.

    I was -screaming- in frustration, and the party was in the throes of laughter for a solid 15 minutes. But that's just the way the game goes. They managed to do something that I had not properly anticipated, even though I should have. They roleplayed in ways I hadn't imagined they would, and they had luck I didn't think possible...

    So where does that leave the characters?

    The Swole, having witnessed Juane the Doc Rockson's death from the village, all hightailed it out of there, back to Deadlantis, carrying the buff cadaver along with them for a heroes burial at sea. Willakod was cleared of the undead as they wanted nothing to do with the mercs. Strone was gone.

    Just like in Crimson Frost, with Tasha resisting Lokeeda and learning of everything that was going on, Roxxa, Bronk and Toby now know the same things, and are grouping up to try and help avert the disaster - So they'll be together on a future campaign to try and find the other spirits from the other world.

    Grimli and Mex decide that this was gonna be their last adventure - Namely because this crap was far too insane, but because Mex reveals that she's pregnant-

    -Yeah we're not gonna go into wether or not this is canonically acceptable, it is in my version, because lets face it magic is kind of wild and zany in Urealms and i'm sure if there are rats that can do magic tricks, then a kobold being preg'd by a dwarf is not the weirdest thing in the world - not even the weirdest thing in this campaign. Also i would be lying to say I didn't initially plan for Grimli's personal legendary to be a card called "I'm pregnant" which gave him the ability to jump to Mex's defense from any distance during combat.

    So yeah.... I don't think I'm forgetting anything major. But that was the end of this months campaign; DEAD WEIGHT.

    -Oh one more thing. Grimli had the 'melodick' attribute which lets him force damage onto other players? So he kept forcing the damage onto Bronk...

    ...Whoooo has barbed flesh, dealing 25 damage to whoever hits him in melee.

    ...A lot of the enemies wound up hurting themselves. And Bronk never threw a single punch in the whole of the campaign.
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    Oh, and incase anyone was wondering,

    Toby's Legendary would have been this

    And Roxxa's legendary would have been this

    NOW THEN. TO FIGURE OUT WHERE WE'RE GOING NEXT... wait- edit. Just remembered - Where we're going next is just me, and I'm going to photoshop to try and make some new race cards.

    Also, thanks for the kind words @Rob !
    and for the support and interest of everyone who enjoys reading this insanity
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    Just gonna throw this out there, if anyone out there is interested in joining in with my band of misfits, I'm looking for new players. It's not gonna be a terribly common thing that sessions run given that it takes me the better part of a month to set up a scenario, but so long as you have discord, are 18+ and can answer a few questions, I'd like to hear from you.

    Our games as well are set up with a first-come-first-serve mentality. There's 10 players in here of varying levels of activity, and we're trying to make it so that not every player plays in every game, cycling out people so everyone gets a chance.

    And who knows, the better I get at making these campaigns, the faster the output is. Might be able to get it down to two a month.
  • We've got the players assembled for our next campaign, and we're all lookin' forwards to it!

    On the edges of civilized lands lays The Leap - A massive stone archway many, many thousands of kilometers across, and several hundred wide, large enough to have a mountain range on it. It hangs ominously over the sea of Zoor, and is the only land connection between the continents of Behr and Jadus.

    Right in the middle of the Leap lays the city of Stormhark - An unaligned township that taxes any who want to cross the land bridge. But the greedy lord of Stormhark, duke Gustav Plum, has been adding on more and more to his taxation of those trying to make the journey, essentially trapping them as citizenry of Stormhark until such time as they can pay off their debts.

    Some years ago, the kobold meatmonger Vylah, and her younger sister attempted to make the crossing to Jadus, under mysterious circumstances, trying to escape pursuers. But they were caught in Stormhark, without the money to pay Plum's exorbitant demands. They've been there ever since, but as the taxes built up, and the debt grew, Vylah found herself forced into work as a Stormhark sentinel, one of the many guards that enforces the will of Gustav Plum.

    It's been over a month since her younger sister last saw her - And she has just recieved word that the reason for this, is that Vylah has been imprisoned in the dungeon of Stormhark Keep - For 'traitorous conduct' against Duke Plum.

    Enough is enough.

    Our heroes - The downtrodden, underequipped fellows known as Uncrossed, including Vylah's younger sister, will rise up, and attempt to infiltrate the keep, free Vylah, and escape into the realm of Jadus... But fate has a funny way of finding would-be heroes, and setting them on adventures larger than they could have ever imagined...

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    So I implemented my first custom race into character creation for this upcoming campaign, and I'm looking forwards to how it's going to go.

    In addition to that, I had several thoughts about adding new races, and even sub-races, but with a different sort of system for getting them. That they'll have rarity 'tiers', representing more unique and specialized developments of their bloodline. I'd also be adding in a few races that were otherwise unavailable, or taken out previously...

    So my thought here is that in this new race deck, Tier 1 races will have, say, 6 copies, tier 2 races will have 2 copies, and tier 3 will have only 1 copy in the deck. I'm also not sure exactly how it'll pan out (i'll be workshopping it, trust me) but I've kinda made 'upgrade trees' in the listings, like certain races and subraces are connected.

    Lemme throw out the list I've got, including the regular races, the sub races, and the new races

    Tier 1:
    (Returning Race) Goblin: During character creation, you may choose to roll off against the game master rather than pay for each purchase.
    (New Race) Snowbold: Immune to frozen status. Your character starts with 1 random treasure and 2 random items.
    (New Race) Gnoll: Draw random spells until you have two ice spells. Damage dealt by these spells can instead heal allies.

    Tier 2:
    (Elf tier 2) Spellblade: In combat, you may cast 1 spell and perform 1 basic attack with a single regular action.
    (Dwarf tier 2) Tall Dwarf: Any time a foe is defeated, you may move 3 spaces and perform a basic attack as a bonus action.
    (Goblin tier 2) Hobgoblin: You are immune to status effects.
    (Gnome tier 2) Scarred: During character creation, each player shop will have 3 additional treasure items available.
    (Kobold tier 2) Triton Ground: Rolling a critical success grants you two bonus actions.
    (Porc tier 2) Clawhoof: Ignore the effects of Rough Terrain, and halve the damage taken from Dangerous Terrain. When you move, move two additional spaces.
    (Blackboar tier 2) Bonetusk: Your Character starts with Charge, and may use it each turn instead of a movement action.
    (Dwelf tier 2) Halfkin: Your Character starts with a random companion card, which acts as a passive.
    (Keen tier 2) Pasback: You may make use of the effect of any non-consumable item held by an ally within 3 spaces once per round.
    (Dvergr tier 2) Dvergr Dvergr: You may become immune to damage for one round per combat. All enemies focus on you for the duration of the round.
    (Returning Race) Lowbear: Your character always uses a large tile, and moves 10 spaces instead of 5. Up to three dwarf or elf sized allies can ride you during movement.
    (New Race) O'Bannar: Play as one, two, or three O'bannar siblings, sharing stamina, actions and abilities.

    Tier 3:
    (Elf tier 3): Barringster Family: Once per combat, you may replace one of your own rolls with a coin flip. Heads is a critical success, tails is a critical failiure.
    (Returning Race) Azveltaran
    (Dwarf tier 3) Abracadabrian: Your Character starts with a Regal Top Hat. Whenever you draw a random spell, draw a basic ability as well, and choose which one to cast.
    (Goblin tier 3) Darken Hobgob: Your character starts with a fleshbeast formed from 2 random Companion cards. If a third companion is purchased, combine it with the fleshbeast.
    (Gnome tier 3) Okagnoma: During character creation, once all players have finished purchasing class abilities, you may purchase cards from their class shops as if they were the normal shop.
    (Kobold tier 3) Sandbold: Draw three random legendary spells. Choose one to add to your inventory. You can not be killed by this spell's effect, or backfire.
    (Porc tier 3) 'Porbo': Your character starts with 2 random companion cards that act as Porc henchmen.
    (Blackboar tier 3) Gravehoof: Your Character starts with Betraoil. Choose one player to become your ageless Thrall. They gain 20 stamina.
    (Keen tier 3) Nisovin: Your Character starts with the Believer attribute, and the Conjure Refreshments spell. Your spells deal double damage.
    (Dvergr tier 3) Willakers Clan: Once per game, you may no-roll attack a target at 1 range for half its total stamina, and learn how much stamina is remaining.
    (Lowbear tier 3) Highbear: Non-boss enemies must roll at the start of combat. On an 8 or lower, they lose half their maximum stamina. On a 3 or lower, they are put in danger and reduced to 1 stamina.

    Oh, and if you're curious what that first custom race was that I've added to my game...

  • So one of the guys in my urealms group used to always gravitate towards plant-people races and has lamented that Lacerators are kinda the only real example of such in Urealms. So, I've been mucking around in Heroforge and photoshop to try and make something that might help him to feel more comfortable in the game, and - I think I've figured something out.

    Their working name right now is Phofirra - Essentially rogue nature sprites that have been seperate from their roots (hehehe) for so long that they've wound up as another mortal race.

    I picture that they're not really the smartest, but their bodies are fairly suitable for channeling wild magics, and much like Porcs, they can grow smarter as they develop and interact with the rest of the world.

    I might have them inhabit one of the mystery islands on my map, or possibly have them come out of the savannah area in northern Jadus.

    I wanted to really stray away from the look of many plantfolk in games, as they all seem to have this repeating concept of the characters just being leaves on leaves on leaves (Lookin at you Florans, Botani, and Sylvari), so instead I'm pushing to go more in the direction of roots, vines, thorns, and bark, while still retaining a fairly lithe, agile frame.

    I'm toying around with a few ideas for the racial skill - One is to make it so that when they cast spells, they can choose to either cast the spell in their inventory, or get a random spell of the same element. Another is to do something involving limb-weapons. We'll see, i'm still workshopping them.

    They might be a bit off-brand for Urealms but, I'm still looking forwards to seeing where I can take them.

  • Another day, another wild visual concept that I hope to implement in the future.

    The concept? That around the birth of magic, each of the dragon aspects chose an elf and imbued them with a portion of their power to act as an extension of their will, granting them immense power over that sphere of magic. When the dragons attempted to revive Phanto, they relied on these six 'Dragon Knights' to scour the globe for the required reagents for their divine ritual.

    However, when the ritual ultimately failed, the dragons retreated, and with the exception of one of them, abandoned their champions to wander the world and seek their own path - However twisted it may become. As to their fates in my mind;

    The Bloodthirsty Knight of Vlaurunga now kills indiscriminately, enraged at being abandoned, and has never been able to be stopped.
    The Sadistic Knight of Golestandt travels the world, watching with some delight as it descends into further and further chaos.
    The Ambitious Knight of Yvander presented herself to a tribe of barbarians, and now lords over them and all that they have conquered as a warrior-god queen.
    The Prophetic Knight of Quintara Lotus travelled with her mistress to the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, where she experiments with stronger and stronger magics, and scrys the future in the stars.
    The Mournful Knight of Ouro'ras tries to stop injustice where she can find it, but laments that she is only one warrior, and can not be everywhere at once.
    The Serene Knight of Rokesh retreated to a mountaintop monastery, where some of the followers of Rokesh have joined him to seek inner peace.



    The butcher's apprentice and her pet monkeyfish, MARIZOO AND JOE!

    Possible pyromaniac and fireworks afficianado, ROSELLO DELAV!

    The first ever O'Bannar characters, the colossal CHRYS and mischievous BAGA!

    And lastly, transporter of illicit goods regardless of if she thinks its a good idea or not, MOU SERSAY!
  • Got a few things to share. First up - I was feelin' a bit nostalgic about what happened with Bronk and my old villian guy, Strone, who got killed in the Dead Weight campaign - Cut down in his prime. I only ever got to perform as Strone once, and it wasn't in the manner I was expecting - way back in the day during the 'Brightstone' campaign.

    The idea of having him be as like, the evil side of Bronk, as the plan was, was gonna be awesome. Won't happen now, provided that NoTricks is in effect, but... Here's a nice somethin' somethin I did in photoshop.

    I didn't add the pig nose, so, Bronk don't look like a black boar, but, whatever. It was a fun visual experiment.

    Next up, I've added two more custom races to my list of playable races in my campaigns.

    Wouldn't you know it that the day after I finalized the images on the gnoll card, Heroforge added in 5 new dragon heads and tons of draconic accessories? I'm gonna have to do a campaign exploring various Gnoll subtribes now.

    And of course, Shezaites, featuring what could be a none-too-subtle reference to the lone character who represented them in the shows, Shyte, companion of Millbee's ninja assassin.

    Next - And I have no idea why i'm sharing this, but, screwit, this forum thread is my musings so that I don't spill off into making a billion and one other threads. But...

    I've never watched The Yes King.

    I've started it like 5 times by now. Gone through character creation, make it about 30 minutes into episode one... And then I stop. Why? Because I don't want to see it through to the end. I don't want to see what was the final campaign.

    I think it's something I fear with a lot of episodic, series-like stuff. I avoid watching the final episode - Or at least finish watching the final episode, because deep down, I don't want to accept that it's over. I fear that if I finish watching through The Yes King, then that's it - Urealms really will be dead to me. And I don't want that. I love this game, I enjoy this game, hell - I made a fool of myself because of how much I wanted to play this game.

    I don't want to see how it ended. Because if I don't see how it ended, then I guess I can pretend it really is still going. Is that... Bad? Childish? Irresponsible?

    Hell if I know.

    Sorry for getting heavy there. As a final question; Do I post too much? Does anyone even read this stuff? (Not that I'll stop if you don't read it.)
  • I enjoy reading your stuff, keep on going with it!
  • edited August 2020
    Both because i'm having way too much fun recreating characters in Heroforge and figuring out how to quickly color them for tokens, and also because my group has only 1 other person who actually knows anything about Urealms, I'm slowly trying to introduce major lore characters to the group and giving them a bit of an idea of who they are for if they're referred to in the story.

    Here's the little visual bits I made for a few.

    Maelstrom, Bopen, and Nader

    Virgo, old and young

    While yes I realize we have tons of art of the characters already, I like having the unified visual style on the board, with the high contrast and 3d model look, so I've been rebuilding them bit by bit in this system.

    And while I love the art that the team made over the years, there are a few things that I personally believed could've done with some punching up, visually, so I'm taking some artistic lisence with the gear sets of characters.

    Bopen deserved sleeves. He always deserved sleeves.

    Edit: One last one before I get back to work on the campaigns. Fan favorite, Kinney Boots.

    Double-edit: I lied.

    Have our favorite gender-fluid assassin and Mr. Tutorial Questgiver himself.
  • Okay so, first off - THE CROSSING IS HAPPENING THIS FRIDAY. I'm so excited. Everyone seems pumped, I'm... kinda terrified to be honest but i'm also pumped, and we're bound to have a great time.

    But furthermore; I also just finished watching the Sandbolds campaign over again... And I kinda wish Deadbones popped around occasionally on the forums, because my god I would love to tell him that Yohan is definitely gonna have more adventures in my series of campaigns.

    Think about it - He's the last of an order that protected time, and he's now - as far as we know - indebted to Quintara Lotus...

    ....What if he's like... Sorta the Gordon Freeman to her G-man. An agent to progress the story of the world forwards now.

    The idea makes me giddy.

  • @brownhair798 ;
    sorry maybe you answered this earlier but
    what are you using to color your heroforge screenshots? I was having trouble myself but I've been using heroforge for my own tokens and campaigns ever since you recommended. 
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