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Urealms music collection?

Is there a place where some/all of the music for urealms shows is collected and publicly available? Currently all the intros and other music sequences are spread around in their separate videos. Would be cool if there was a collection for all of this.


  • most if not all of it i think

  • I've been looking for something like that, for forever.
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    I am hijacking this thread because my account is still incapable of posting on anything other than general discussion threads for whatever reason. (or making any threads)

    @Cloud if you don't want to spend a lot of time manually editing your custom tiles I've made a script for my character creation to fix my tiles so I put the script for it on a workshop mod. It should keep your tiles in the proper order and not bug out if there's anything different in the bag / deck but let me know. Also yeah your broken tiles need to be in a bag or deck for it to work.

    Here's a link to the script, note don't close out of any of the tabs that pop up or you might prematurely delete the tile:

    This will not fix or deal with image link issues as you can't fix those with a simple link replacement, they simply don't exist anymore, should only be an issue for official urealms tiles.

    Here's my character creation if you just want to use the fixed tiles from there:
  • Thanks dood I'll take a look! @Whoneedspacee ;

  • @Whoneedspacee same problem.  Any idea why?
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    @Jimmy_the_4th The mesh links changed because of the switch from the buffalowizards website to the urealms website, so all of the old tiles point to nothing now.

    Some official tile images as well were on the buffalowizards website and weren't moved over to the urealms website as well so those are just broken unless someone reuploads the images.

    Both of the links I posted in the post above should help you, but they won't fix the second problem with the images, the character creation has a bunch of tile bags that work properly and the first one can fix broken tiles assuming it's just the mesh not the image that has the issue (and they are in a bag / deck).

    Also rob fixed my forum account I think (thanks) so feel free to post in the other thread about this now.
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