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List of Mod issues



  • @Dragonnskull ;
    You're a legend among men. You just saved me 100s of hours of work recreating all my custom tiles.
  • I will say though, this only works if the model is buffalo wizards and the image is somewhere else. if the image is buffalo wizards then I don't know what we can do. (besides recreating the image and uploading it to imgur)
  • that's exactly what i plan to do lol once i fix my custom tiles first i plan to remake rawb's tiles with a blue background
  • Not sure if it's just me, but when I use the character creation an extra race and class card appear on the 2nd player's areas. This isn't a major issue as they can just be deleted, but I thought I would let you know.
  • I also share Kylemoores issue.
  • Bandito's abilities don't seem to have been properly migrated from the old site. I cant use any of the cards from the class, they are errors. Also the mod keeps dropping extra cards when a class is selected and only some or none of the cards are loading in for friends on multiplayer though this may be an issue on my end.
  • @Umlaut CORRECTION, Bandito does work, I just cant see it's cards despite hosting, everyone else can. These may be issues with tabletop but its weird that everyone is having card visibility issues.
  • edited October 2020
    I loaded up the mod again with mod caching off, and so far I only found 2 remaining bugs. These weren't there before when I was posting in this thread so it might have something to do with a tts update, not sure.

    Bug #1 when pressing "start character creation" button, 2 extra race cards spawn and flop onto the table.

    Bug #2 when bringing a race card into the race section, it spawns 2 extra basic ability cards that flop onto the table.
  • I'll have to look into it if there was a TTS update that broke it. I didn't write the script so not sure how long it will take to solve atm. I still want to put some time into this project, but I really don't feel like I have time to invest into URealms atm.
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    It's okay, I know you're a busy man, just wanted to let you know for the future. I just discovered the Basic Abilities all need their image locations to be updated from buffalowizards to urealms and currently don't work in the base mod. My Basic Abilities tempfix steam mod I originally made to fix red gems to be chaos gems is also broken as a result.

    I'm going to recreate all the basic abilities (exactly they way they were originally), upload them to imgur and update my basic abilities tempfix mod with it! :drunk: 
  • I just loaded the base mod and all the basic abilities are working Cloud.
  • @Rob ; Sorry for the late reply there. You are correct, I have no idea why I thought they were, as I just tried them now in the base mod and you're right they are working fine. My bad!
  • No worries my man!
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