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Modified Urealms Group, Looking for long term players (Still Looking)

I am a Member of a long term story based group and we are testing out new people to fill some vacancies. Our group has created a modified Urealms mod that combines our favorite features of all the seasons while keeping most of the essence of the original game.

Who we are:
 We are a mixed group of Combat and Roleplay, we try to heavily focus on story telling with both campaigns and by characters. We usually us Babble Buds for Roleplay in our campaigns but for the test campaign you won't need it. As a group we like to play a huge variety of games from Switch games like Mario Kart to Rainbow six, We are trying to find people to play urealms with but we would like to be friends with whoever is chosen and be able to play other games together.   
What we are looking for:
We are looking to fill two spots with people that we think that we can get along with and who best match the play style of the other members. So we may end up needing to host more then one game, just to make sure we can find the best fits. If this has interested you into playing you are welcome to leave a comment here or even message me, All you need to play is A copy of Tabletop Simulator, Discord, A decent internet connection and Ability to work around other's schedules. 

When is it going down:
Depending on how many of these tests we need to run it could will depend when we play, We would like to try and host the first one on Next weekend, with CC being on May 1st and then the campaign being the 3rd. but these times can easily be changed if needed. The campaign itself with consist of an introduction/ Roleplay section, Two Combats and one other Roleplay part so the campaign shouldn't take longer then 4 hours, although our normal campaigns do take longer..... 

More info on our Mod:
Our mod focus on making more random and different characters, and giving the players a lot of choices. So here are some of our bigger changes: 
-Classes now have 16 cards, and when you choose a class you will randomly get 8 of these  cards to buy from, along with a Weapon, Armor, Supplies, and Treasure shops that the party shares.
- Race and Class chooses are now done like season 2 were all members have the same choices.
-Companions are split into two types, Beast and Intelligent, Companions now have there own turn were they get a move and an action. Beast companions are simple, they get one ability and a passive. Intelligent companions are a little more complex, as you are able to buy them spells, items and treasure and add it to their inventory to use, making them great addition to the party. 
- You can no longer wield three weapons and instead the that slot is used for what we called Small Armors, these are additional ways to gain stamina and usually a fun effect. 
-We have gotten rid of Basic Abilities, and replaced them with Roleplay Items and spells. These are fun silly spells that have little combat use.

Thank you for reading, again if this interests you, you are free to apply we'd love to meet a bunch of cool people to play games with.        


  • If you want any additional Info you can also ask here and We'll try to answer any questions as quickly as possible!!!

  • @JikleePrime I would love to try this out, But a CC on the first would not work sadly.
  • @JikleePrime First off HI. I would be super interested in joining up for a Urealm adventure.  I have never actually played, but have been a long time viewer of the show.  I've already downloaded tabletop simulator and will get Discord.  Please let me know if there is space still available this Wednseday and Friday.

    PS I do have a switch with Kart, no rabiow 6, but do have smash and party, and been going hard on Warzone lately

    PSPS I do have a 1 year old so I am usually busy until around 10pm Mountain Time, unless of course I plan it out in advanced.  But I am usually gaming till midnight most nights 
  • We are still looking for more people so until we have enough we may have to push back the campaign, for at least another week
  • I would totaly join, but I don't have tabletop sim. If it goes on sale on steam, I'd be down to join.
  • I've got a buddy who would play as well as me.

    Let me know, I'll keep checking in
  • I am willing to join
  • I'm willing to join!
  • We finally have enough interest to run a campaign!!!! so if you have messaged here, check your DM's,to figure out what to do. As for anyone else, you can still request to join as we may need to run a few games to test different people out :)
  • Hey I'm willing to join if you guys have a discord for running games! I know i'm a bit late but I wanted to see if I could join and possibly get some help running games in the future! I also would love to see if anyone might have other discords people use to make and host games so i'm not out of the loop.
  • I'd be up to join if the offer is still open. Timezones may be a little scuffed since im OCE.
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