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URealms Spell Scrolls in Minecraft [Update: Porcs Rising]

I have no idea how to embed a video on this forum:

I recently got into minecraft plugin development and have found myself recreating spells and mechanics from URealms in minecraft, with the end goal being to use these features to enhance an otherwise standard survival world. I thought this would be a good place to share this and maybe get some new ideas for how to translate spells/abilities to minecraft, and get some opinions while I'm at it.

At the minute I am treating named paper as 'Spell Scrolls', and much like in the lore, spells cost gold to cast, I can change the gold cost, but in the example below everything is one gold nugget, as you will see some spells are very destructive, and as such will have much higher costs than other *utility* spells like 'Flash' or 'Blink'.

One of the most interesting parts to work on was the dice roll, and making it so each spell behaves differently dependant on your dice roll, one of my favourites is Blink going backwards on a low roll/crit fail, and having an increased range as well as teleporting nearby entities on high rolls/crit successes, trying to add little use cases for things that *may* happen when a spell is used has been quite fun, and I'd love to hear suggestions. For obvious reasons I think this plugin has to remain private for the time being, but maybe a server could be set up so more people have access, just not distributed, have to see how ok that is first.

If you don't want to search through the post for videos, find them below, but there are more detailed text updates in my comments on his thread.
Spell Scrolls
Mobs Casting Spells:
More Spells means More Mobs:


  • Really neat stuff. The dice rolling make them really interesting and fun and the gold cost system will stop people from spamming pyroblast in their world :evilsmile: Lots of promise for a useable minecraft Magic system.
    A little thing I would like to see is a sound effect for 1's and 20's, I think in practice you don't notice/look at chat for what you are rolling while casting spells so for the criticals it would make them bigger moments. Great job so far dude.
  • @DungeonDavid I love this idea, one of the biggest issues I have had is finding sounds for spells, sometimes I can imagine a sound in the game but not what makes it, sometimes I just can’t come up with one that makes sense, but this is a nice little detail I am gonna add right away.
  • this is really cool
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    @magnetised Thanks, been having a lot of fun with the whole thing!
  • fun stuff Oakley! I loved making custom items in minecraft. That's what led me to making mini games and such.
  • That's pretty cool, keep it up man.
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    @Rob Thanks! It's been a fun way to keep programming while I'm furloughed during this pandemic, keeps me busy!
  • @Medium_Bear Thanks dude, I have been and am just about to post an update actually! Appreciated!
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    For those interested, here is an update on this pet project.

    I started thinking about other features I'd like to add other than just the ability to cast spells, and knowing how some of the spells are quite powerful and could trivialise the enemies of minecraft, I decided they needed to be able to cast spells too.

    I gave Zombies and Skeletons a random chance to spawn as a spellcaster, with a blue hat to distinguish them from non-casters. I then categorized which spells could be cast by which mob, and whether they were anytimes/regular actions, this was important because while this doesn't matter for players and I hadn't accounted for it, it is important for determining when the mob should cast the spell.

    Skeleton spellcasters will cast either Fireball/Frostbolt instead of firing an arrow, and zombie spellcasters will cast Blink/Flash when damaged. The mobs still roll for their abilities, so I have seen a lot of suicidal Skeletons, and Zombies in melee range getting a high roll and Blinking you with them.

    I plan to work on more things like this before adding too many spells, so that if anything needs to be changed about how the spells currently behave to allow for another feature, I have less to change, but mobs casting spells has added a lot of life to the plugin, at least in my opinion.

    Another small thing is I added is a race randomiser when a player first joins the game, while there are no passive or spawn benefits at the moment it is my intention to add some.

    So long as there is interest in reading them I'll post updates here every time I finish something that seems worth showing, and as such please find this video
    Mobs Casting Spells
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    @Oakley ;Nice work with the magic so far. Can't wait so see whats next.
  • @Oakley Please keep updating us as you add things. Love to see the work you put into this.
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    @Medium_Bear @DungeonDavid Glad to hear it, very motivating! Between now and my last update I've doubled the amount of spells, and added more spells to mobs (Creeper, Witch, Villager to be specific)

    Sleep = (Slow/Blind/Mining Fatigue/Weakness)

    The spells added are:
    Life Drain (Life Steal projectile)
    Blanket of Darkness (High Damage, big area, adds Blind)
    Siesta (Regeneration + "Sleep")
    Fiesta (Regeneration + Nausea)
    Lullaby (Nearby Sleep)
    Bolster Spirits (Resistance for self and nearby)
    Darkfire (Wider shorter Arcane Beam with fire)
    Molotov Cocktail (Like a Fireball in a Splash Potion)

    Made a little video I'll link at the end of this post but had an issue showing life drain myself and my skeletons were not able to cast life drain or blanket of darkness, this is why people should check their work!

    Speaking of checking your work I have made a survival world to get a better idea of which spells need to be improved/weakened or have their costs changed to reflect their power, and testing the functionality in an environment outside of my quick testing in creative.

    I have put this on a server and am just working out a few kinks (Previously you would drop paper to cast a spell but then you can't give it to someone else very easily, bit of a technical oversight, some small stuff like that), but got the okay from Rob and hopefully people can check out new things for themselves soon enough. want to make sure everything is somewhat smooth first and there is plenty to keep busy with!

    More Spells means More Mobs:
  • @Oakley At this rate you'll have the next Lords of Minecraft of DvZ
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    I know I posted already today but I made a correlation between pigmen and Porcs and went with it for a while.

    Pigs dipped in lava now behave like a pig dipped in porc ooze, and become "Porcs". All pigmen have names, randomly generated (You'll probably be able to see how in my screenshot, the names aren't very intelligent), and will talk like any other person in the world when they have something to say (Each Porc talks roughly every minute and a half at the moment, trying to make sure the chat is still usable).

    Perhaps they could be expanded to give fetch quests, and you have to search through these poorly labelled porcs to find the one asking you for X item, like a little nether minigame, perhaps first come first server for a trade and first come only server?

    I also like the idea of them seeming very dumb and silly but being physical power houses, perhaps this is what inspires implementing some "abilities" as well as spells.

    Porcs Rising: 

    Also thanks @Medium_Bear flattering of you to say!  :)
  • Wow this stuff is really cool, keep it up
  • The porc banter is hilarious!
  • Can't wait to see whats coming next.
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