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The new Character Creation Update is looking spicey

I went to make some tiles for a future urealms game and I happened to check the CC mod again, and holy crickey does it look nice. From what I can see the new features are going to make creating campaigns so much easier in the future and I already can't wait for the next update. 


  • Thanks man I'm trying to fix a few things that are still broken, but I need to get the mod to a nice place where I won't be stressed hosting a Dead Realms. This last year I would always stress out over the cards and parts of the mod not being finished because I rushed it out for Season 4, so I'm just trying to clean it up nicely now.
  • I just got tabletop simulator to play dnd with friends during quarantine, and the URealms mod is amazing!  I haven't been able to play a game yet but even character creation is really fun.  I was wondering about the hard copy of URealms you were talking about, and if that is still something you are planning on doing.  Thanks for giving us this amazing game!
  • Rob
    edited April 2020
    It's not something I'm looking into doing atm Jimmy, but maybe one day if I ever feel all the cards and rules are done i'll look into it just as something fun to make!
  • Well, if you ever do make it you have at least one customer
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