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My favourite Rob Monolouge

I was feeling nostalgic and trying to think of my favourite Urealms moments, this one took the cake for me too the point that it was too glorious of a monologue not to save it in the archives.

"I know you guys think that everything is random, but didn’t you find it odd that there is a fucking bear who throw fruits at machines inside the catacombs? Well… Because the bear died. Because you shot the fucking bear before he could do it. Okay, before you could learn the mechanic of the bear throwing fruit at the god damn machine you killed the bear, so yeah, of course, you’re not going to have that logic… There was plenty of things this week that kinda got overlooked cause of the way things happened. Anyway…


This is ridiculous. I can’t believe… this went from you guys are screwed to you guys might actually win because, Deadbones throws fucking fruit, randomly. I, I don’t even understand, because… because like… No, I gotta rant about this too, because like these laser beams are the double damage laser beams from the other room, and you can’t break them because the way you break the beam is to… is the person who is beamed has to attack the robot. That’s a mechanic you were supposed to learn from the previous room. But now he’s fucking vulnerable, so you can break the beams when these beams are supposed to be damage you can’t break unless you put all the pieces together THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN HAVE! DEADBONES JUST FUCKING THREW FRUIT FOR NO REASON! Jesus. I can’t even believe that." (Rob, 2015).


  • Season 1 was neat because I was learning to become a Dungeon Master and focused on those "interesting boss fights" a lot because I always wanted to create boss fights for an mmorpg. As we went on though, I spent less time designing "encounters" and more time building the story stuff that happens in the fight.
  • I should rewatch the show...
  • Also one of my favorite monologues of the show. Can't believe it was 5 years ago.
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