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Making an in person Urealms campaign and looking for a little assistance.

Heyya friends, I've been wanting to DM a urealms campaign for the longest time and I finally get an opportunity to create and run a session next month! However instead of doing it over TTS i've found a few friends willing to try it completely blind with me who I normally play really DnD with. My main big question is that I'm not sure how I can take all the ridiculous amount of cards this game has and find an easy way to get them in the world physically in our hands without saving and dragging them onto a word doc and resizing many of them to fit 1 page then printing them out. 

Does anyone have any ideas or ways they figured it out without forcing people to have a laptop around them or anything? I wanted to create a shop like old campaigns where they can buy from for a more fun and "shopkeeper" experience talking to the DM!

Thanks for any help!!


  • A way to get all the cards physically? Sadly you're stuck doing a whole lot of printing. Like a whole lot. 

    Only thing I can think is to just have everyone use your laptop for character creation and then print just those cards out so they all have them. Then just use your laptop for everything else. Really though this is very much a game designed with TTS in mind. Not so much a physical game to be played with real assets. 
  • @Kalazar321 that's what I assumed. ig I need to go and look at the last few campaigns and the cards they used and compile a huge list lol.... fuck me 
  • @ifightforpie Yeah that sounds like a nightmare. I'd love a nice complete physical release. Maybe in 5 years it could even happen. For now though its a serious challenge to play this purely physically. 

    Not sure why your friends are opposed to laptops, but maybe try tablets? I'm assuming TTS will run on a tablet maybe? Of course then thats get real expensive if you don't already have those soooo not sure. Don't spend hours suffering to make this happen though. If it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out. 
  • Their really isn't an easy way to get the cards. I'd love to help you but the mod is in such a messy spot and for me personally, its really hard to work on this project. I loveeeeddd this thing so much that I was hurting myself with how much I invested into it. I'm in a bad spot mentally right now as a creator and so I'm trying to slowly get back into fixing the mod and making it accessible but it's honestly baby steps for me.

    I feel awful just writing this out to you guys. I'm sorry. I need some more time before I can work with this project. I really feel apart with this whole thing.
  • ifightforpie i had an idea for you though.

    If you download the mod in TTS it will download all the cardsheets to your mod folder and then you could just print them all out. Keep in mind that's still over 60+ sheets.
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    One thing you could do is just make a mini-urealms for your players. If they're brand new to urealms, they won't feel like they're missing out on any content, and will probably be happy you went the extra mile to just create cards in the first place. You could go to a store which will print cards you make online. (For me that's Canadian Tire. I think.) And just take like... a handful of your favorite classes, and run it similar to how Rob ran the Nuren Campaign. (Literally just hand writing the cards on paper and cutting them out would suffice for most people.)

    How Rob did it: You just give each player an option of 5 spells per class, but they can only pick 3. Then the last player gets to make their own class out of the remaining spells, if you have more players than classes available.

    Edit: I notice you wanted to create a shop. Again, you could just make a very limited shop, and see how the players take to the game. If they have a lot of fun, great! Make more for next time. I wouldn't make every single card for a first-time session.
  • yeah I was thinking about doing that Cloud, instead what i've decided was to bring my pc over to one of their houses and hooking it up to their tv and have TTS upon there so they can easily see the map and move their characters with a mouse. My latest problem has been with the mod itself and not being able to upload the custom table and token for character creation. It's just a white table and the source( no longer seems to exist or work. So not sure how to work around that
  • @ifightforpie ;
    I brought that issue up myself in the "List of Mod issues" thread. Not sure what's going on there either.
  • is there anywhere on the mod itself where i can find tiles to use for a game? I'm not sure I see anywhere where I can find them. 
  • check the game template mod @ifightforpie it has all the tiles there, I have them as saved items to easily spawn them in
  • @IronLegionSoldier so i have that downloaded and subscribed and all that jazz, but whenever load it i get just tiny white dots for everything and it says there's an error connecting to the host source, which is the buffalowizards website. I even tried it with Meganzoors custom tiles too and the same issue 

    When I'm home after work i can upload a screenshot of what im talking about if what im saying isn't a good explanation.
  • @IronLegionSoldier ; this is what im talkin about lol. it does it for the maps and tokens too. it's really weird
  • Yeah a lot of the files aren't working right now because we need to move links to a new domain when we had to shut down the BWIZ servers due to costs. I will try to go through and fix some links up this week when I get some time my man! 

    Meganzoor has a patreon for her maps and makes tiles every month for them too. Theres tons of tiles you can use in this mod as well.
  • @Rob yeah i saw that! I actually got that to work and they're super cute :) I appreciate the assistance guys, y'all the best. and Rob, been watching since early WoW shit man. Love all you've created so far and you da real mvp
  • Thanks my man @ifightforpie ;
    I appreciate it and cool to have a fan thats been around as long as you have!
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