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    As the siege machine erupts and sends dwarven entrails everywhere, Johan just watches it happen with a somber expression.

    "How unpleasant..."
    He simply mutters, before turning to the remaining dwarves (and goblin), before pulling out a transcript, akin to the custom card, and looking directly at the remaining enemies.
    "This is your last opportunity to properly cease hostilities and prevent having to cause any further bloodshed. Your siege machines have ended up destroyed due to technical errors, and you've already lost one of your companions as a result. While you are trespassing heavily on the rulings of international sabotage, it doesn't mean that the conflict must end with your deaths."

    He flips a page.

    "One of your allies has realized the worth of his life more than just towards a suicide mission, and your lives have just as much value as his. You still have value to your nation more than this squabble, more than the desert which you wish to claim under them, and most of all to your families and friends you have at home. This doesn't have to end in death, all you need to do is stand down like your friend, and promise to return to your kingdom peacefully, and no more lives need to be lost."

    He then slips a signature tag from within the pages of the treaty, along with a pen, holding them in clear sight, looking more towards the leader of the dwarves and the goblin.

    "Now, I can understand the anger, but you have already seen what we can do, and even if you was to defeat us here, the disappearance would just lure larger forces here before you can replace your machines. So, what shall it be?"

    [Roll for the Treaty of Salvadal: ]
    Yes, I'm actually using the item which me and Simona made together!
  • @friskyBrisky @Maris ;
    I'll roll to try to hear where

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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Dennis and the Dwarves realize the situation they're in. Dennis lowers his gun. "Very well," Dennis says, "You Kobolds, win."

    "Ah, that sucks," one of the Dwarves says, throwing their club onto the ground.

    "Fuckin' shit, King Gradius is gonna be pissed." Another says.

    "Not as pissed as when he sees all his Kars are ruined," the third interjects.

    Dennis goes over and starts hashing out some terms with Johan. Combat is basically ending.

    "Wow, I'm surprised you got my Cousin to surrender," Jamminus says, putting away his bow.
    (@Pufflemore, @Toruk)

    @Loreteck Both Catherine and Nimey pinpoint the dripping as coming from above one of the book shelves, but the book shelves are covered in shadow so you can't make out what's dripping...
  • @friskyBrisky @Loreteck Is there anything that may be used for light?
  • @Maris (There are lamps on the walls and tables, yes.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    So as the discussions go on, it would basically entail them to have no resistance in returning to their home country, and leaving the current residents at peace. What has happened does need to be alerted to the relative legal bodies, but the specifics as to who was involved shall be omitted so that instead it can be handled on the political side as opposed to foreign invasion.

    They get to live, and not be directly tied to what happened here (unless they wish to be named otherwise), while the issue for starlight is handled and the nation can be more prepared for any potential action akin to this in the future.

    [Honestly, really glad the treaty worked :D]
  • @Maris ; @friskyBrisky
    I pick up a lantern and check what's dripping in there ,which is probably a body.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    "What I can't blow stuff up" *sadness noise*
  • @friskyBrisky @Loreteck "My Lady, let me handle this, you just stay safe." She picks up a lamp as well and approaches the dripping, still holding her gun firmly in the other hand.
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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Glad you got to use your Item at least once. :3 )
    Dennis will agree to the conditions on 4 more conditions: They're allowed to take their remains and scrap; the Starlight Authorities aren't alerted until Mid-Day, giving them plenty of time to leave without being caught by other forces; that they mention nothing about the 'Kar' Machines they possessed; and that the fact that he's a Goblin not be mentioned in any way or form.

    The Dwarves are very unhappy with this defeat, but with their leader bleeding from two arrows in the head, they have no bargaining power.

    Jamminus wants to throw in 2 terms of his own; specifically, he wants Goblin merchants to be allowed free trade in Starlight and that Dennis's company isn't allowed to do any trade within Starlight. Dennis angrily agrees to those terms.

    @Pufflemore "I mean," Jamminus says, "You hid behind a rock the whole time... and everything that could be blown up was already blown up..."

    @Maris @Loreteck Niner lifts a lamp up to the edge of the Bookshelf, and she does indeed find a bloody corpse at the top of the bookshelf. It appears a Kobold Servant was murdered in such a way that multiple streams of blood have been leaking down the shelves, dripping all the way to the floor. Oddly enough, the books themselves don't have a drop of blood on them.

    A fast gust of wind blows behind Catherine through the hallway behind her. Whoever or whatever caused this murder moved out of the room, and fast.
  • @friskyBrisky
    *pout face*
    “I was talking cover have you never been in a gun fight before.”
  • @friskyBrisky
    All of the conditions brought up are to be accepted, except for a counter-proposal involving the Kars. They will only be mentioned as 'Unidentifiable Constructs', as opposed to no mention at all, thus retaining anonymous nature as to what the devices were.

    "Don't worry, there is bound to be more opportunities in the future for you to utilize your... destructive desires."
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    @friskyBrisky @Maris ;
    "This is the work of a sloppy rookie leave the casket here, let's track down this assailant"
    I would like to follow where the gust of wind went in a sprint to chase whoever this is
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    @friskyBrisky @Loreteck "Are you sure that you're coming along, My Lady? This may be dangerous for someone as important as you!" She smirks. "Just kidding, I know you." Niner rushes ahead, trying to look around for any more tracks of other people here.
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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Those conditions are acceptable to Dennis; not so much the Dwarves but they have to agree anyways.

    @Pufflemore @Toruk "I told you, Cousin," Jamminus says, "The best thing was to work for the Kobolds. They're the power here." He then turns to the Kobolds. "You guys did fantastic!"

    The Dwarves look angrily at the Kobolds and the Goblins before carrying their double arrowed commander out of the cave.

    "Come on, Prince," one of the Dwarves says to Dennis. "Your dad's gonna love this, Dennis."

    As the Dwarven faction leaves, Jamminus says "By the way, give my regards and wishes to my Uncle!"

    The Dwarven Commander will live, but he's probably losing an eye and part of his brain, at least for a bit.
    @Loreteck @Maris
    (This will be fun.)

    The minute they run down the hall... the Door to the Study closes, with the Artifact box inside. Neither Catherine nor Niner know this as they look for whoever passed them, but are unable to find the trail.
  • @friskyBrisky @Loreteck Niner growls. "They got away, but surely another guard will catch 'em!"
  • @friskyBrisky @Pufflemore @Toruk ;
    Once the dwarves and Dennis are gone, Johan turns to the group
    "A goblin prince, huh? Must be rather important if royalty is getting involved in this kind of situation. Well, if anyone wants to take notes about anything still here, do so now, we'll leave back to the Capital soon to inform the royals, and the concern involving the dwarven actions."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Pufflemore @Toruk "Yeah," Jamminus says, "Uncle Mattloch always had a thing for my Aunt. I hear that the other Dwarven Kings find him weird, but whatever."
    @Loreteck @Maris After a few more minutes of searching, Catherine and Niner see a rush of guards charging through the halls. A few of them immediately see Catherine.

    "Lady Catherine!" She says. "Thank the Gods you're safe! The Castle is on high alert; there's been several murders and one of the Artifacts has been stolen!"

  • @friskyBrisky  ;@Maris ;
    "What do you mean an artifact has been stolen, which artifact?"
  • @Loreteck "A Sword of pure black metal, emitting dark energy from it."

    "One of the Servants said you and your personal guard here had taken it," one of the Other Guards says, "and one of our other guards found an empty Artifact box in the Study. Do you know what happened to the Sword?"
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    yo frisky this Isn't how this suppose to go down right?We talked about this.also kind of bullshit to poof in guards to exposition the story right into a linear I'm fine with surprise assains fight but not this.
  • @Loreteck (You guys were supposed to fight the assassin, yes, but a couple of your decisions and that Crit Fail kind of forced my hand in this direction. However, there's still a chance you guys will fight the Assassin.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    (What you mean you kept rolling stuff without any context of what or who....for all I know that was your roll, if players needs to roll you tell them to roll, and how is it out of hand already? Literal the box was moved towards on place to another, it shouldn't be a chance if throws the entire story into the wayside. Just cause you randomly rolled a one doesn't you just break the story)
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Yes, well we should move back towards the capital and castle, to inform them as to what has occurred here... ensuring we adhere to what we agreed upon as well."
  • @Loreteck (I'll explain my reasons to you in a message, I don't want to explain it here.)
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Toruk @Pufflemore "Yep," Jamminus says. "We did a lot of good here. I'll lead ya guys back to town, then get my boys to start settin' up shop in the Merchant quarters."

    With that, Jamminus, Johan, Ornella, Dam and Mimy start making their way back to Starlight.
    @Maris @Loreteck The Guards wait patiently to see if either will respond as more guards keep moving through out the Castle.
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