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What Would YOU Give Up For URealms?

I know that there's a whole new war in the fanbase now.
Larger than the old GPO vs Ageless squabbles
Larger than even the Kobold Dicks thread.
I know some people hate Rob for what he's done.
And I... don't understand them.
He gives us free content, wonderful, amazing free content. But we just... don't pay.
He's trying to run an entire company based off of our generosity alone, and I don't blame him in the slightest for having to resort to threatening us with the thing we love the most. It's the only way he can make us pay. It's the only way he can keep producing this content.
So, in honor of this, him sacrificing how so many of his fans see him just to tell us the truth, to let us know what needs to be done so he can continue. I am going to do my best to help him.
There's a real nice conveyor belt sushi place a 6 minute walk from my dorm room at college. I go there three times a week, it only costs 15 bucks per meal. I will happily go there only two times a week. That's an extra 15 dollars a week I saved. I will donate 60 dollars a month to Rawb, even just from that.
So yeah, I'll give up that, but that isn't much, so I'm sure you're thinking: "Hey Kaea, what are you really giving up?"
And the answer to that is... I don't really know. My family knows I'm a frugal SOB, the above is like... my only luxury expense, if you can call it that. I'm on a meal plan with the college, unlimited meals each semester, oh joy.
So what am I really going to give up? Well, my birthday is on monday, yay me, turning 19. I'm going to request that my parents, grandparents, all the family members who would buy me gifts instead give me the money they would spend so I can put it towards the show, who really knows how much I'll get, but my parents at least know how much this means to me.
And I'll do the same at christmas, and every chance I get. So yeah, I'll be giving up any and all physical gifts, because this show and this community, and whatever Rob makes next is the best gift I could ask for.

But now, because this is a post and not just a rant, I've got a question for you:
Are you giving anything up? What? I won't require you to calculate how much money it'll let you siphon over to Rob, but it would be nice to know. I hope I'm not alone in wanting Rob's company to go on, because that's what it really is, we're paying for a whole company to make us free content, which if you think about it, really just means we're not free-riding on the Coles and GrayMoralitys, the Js and Polarmosses, those fans who pay so damn much to have this go on. I want to be like them, I want to matter in making this show continue, even if it's just the 0.3% from my 60 bucks a month.


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    sorry but i respectfully disagree. However you are free to use your wallet however you want
  • I'm with Niki on this one. I'm not banking on URealms happening. At this point it just seems like I'm throwing my money at a brick wall and hoping it sticks.
  • I have spent money on Urealms before, now it feels like a waste. Rob is now asking for more money out of the blue after I thought he was going one big break. Got to agree with the two above, on both fronts
  • At one point I was planning to donate to the show, but now it is not something I want to do. I can't stop Rob from doing what he's doing, but it makes it feel like the show ended on a sour note.
  • It's a big thing he's asking. I think only time will tell whether it can be done or not. For us, there's a lot of things to consider about all of this, to parse our feelings and whether we want to support the changes and new goals.
    Sometimes bards gamble, and it can come up good or bad. I'll be rooting for him though, and if I have a little extra to spare, I might send some his way.
  • After watching Rob for as long as I have, I just can't imagine a world where everyone's favourite bard isn't playing his playing his songs, telling his stories, or just having fun hanging out with us all. For that reason, I will absolutely give up what I can to help him and the reset of the URealms team keep going.

    I was planning on building a crazy nice computer for myself so I could try and get into content creation as well, but now I'm going to put the money I would have been saving for it toward keeping this beautiful world Rob and co have created alive.
  • With all respect, I think you may have misread the situation. At least to me, it sounded like Rawb simply doesn't have the TIME to keep doing the show. It's a massive commitment, and really hard to keep going. Add to that a tweet Deadbones made about feeling burnt out, and I think everyone Rawb especially wanted to go in another direction. It to me didn't sound like a money problem, but a matter of commitment and priorities. Rawb wants to build others up right now, he's sick of the spot light. Again this is all my interpretation, and I could be wrong, but that's my two cents.
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    I'm a legitimate homeless person, and I've donated before. Actually plan to do a lump sum of $30 a month for 12 months all at once at the end of the year. Christmas is a very giving time to the homeless, I'm sure I'll have $360 by new years I could spend on not just URealms but the entire team.

    EDIT: I now realize this is gonna be on the first page of comments, don't feel bad for me I'm much happier, and before anyone asks (because they always do), no I'm not addicted to drugs, the occasional beer at the end of the week and that's it.
  • ( @MoistForGnomes )
    Are you serious? please for the love of God, why are you doing that if you're homeless? 
  • @WritingWyvern
    I am in fact serious, It's because I enjoy this community. I may not have enough time on wifi to experience it much but I love reading all the theories and watching the things produced from the team. I've been watching Rob since Tuna Bandits. Seeing the community morph into it's URealms state has probably been the best thing to happen to the community. Sure there is a lot of random issues here and there although every community has it. I hate seeing the show take to long to make, although I hate the stress it puts on the creators even more. When was the last video you seen of Rob's vlog stuff on his youtube that never had some serious statement behind it. He may be the face of work although he is not the only one feeling that way. I'm doing this for the same reason anyone else should be doing it for.

    To show I appreciate.
  • @MoistForGnomes ;
    I respect the hustle honestly
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    It appears you're a lot more spot on with this. Rawb could easily make more money doing other stuff, he could easily sell out. Although if he wanted to keep doing what he loves then he needs the support from his fans.

    I may be miss reading this, but that was the whole point of the statement "putting down the d20, and picking up a coin" He knows what he's doing next either way. He's letting the community decide the next step forward though.
  • I`m giving up my candy and my soda. did The math yesterday and it turns out i spend at least 150 USD a month on candy so i`ve uped my monthly patreon pledge to 100 dollars (was gonna do 150 but 100 seemed to be the maximum.)
    Also yay for my 1st forum post.
  • @Joachim
    Patreon's great, and I hate to be one of those people just going to all the positive threads and trying to make them depressing. (talking about you, niki, and emp.), but... didn't Rob actually say not to send money through patreon and just do it directly here?
    Also I'm pretty sure the patreon pledges don't change the value displayed on the donation.
  • I put up $20 and plan on doing that much least every month. It's not much, but it's all I can reasonably do right now. I'n a huge fan of Rawb and Urealms. If he doesn't make the goal then consider that $20 payment for 10 years of free entertainment. I hope he does though.
  • Hey! I'm sure Rob appreciates your support but honestly if you are having financial difficulties he has said many times he doesn't even want your money. I don't wish to tell you what to do with your money or time but please only give what you can afford! You come first  :)
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  • TLDR; Rob's perfectly in his power to make decisions on his career. Though it seems a little similar to past events and am not surprised for a split fan base which has even happened within the self contained time frame of URealms. Basically, respecting his choice, but knowing there some consequence to any decision.

    Don't count on URealms coming back. Support creators you like and want to see succeed. Too though there is a division because people like supporting people they enjoy, but people also want to see the content they enjoy. I can understand Rob being burnt out on URealms, and like many of the other projects before URealms that have failed due to various reasons he moves on. But, it is entirely acceptable for people within those communities that fell in love with the content to stop supporting if they so wish. Shit happens. Everyone can move on and it is fair to criticize both parties.

    Fans of particular projects probably aren't Rob's best fan base, but the same can be said of any other creator or multimedia producer. While those people won't stick around and support everything that Rob makes it is entirely fair for them to leave. It's important to take into account everyone of Rob's works has fans that are subsidiaries of his total fan base in a sense. DVZ, Pokemon Rob, URealms, URealms Live, LoM, Rawb TV, ect... Biggest thing is they're all a part of his fan base or were at some point and most of these have trickled away or received less attention over time.

    Rob's done a lot of jumping around with content and has split his fan bases up intentionally and unintentionally. I respect all his decisions for the most part so far and have stuck with his content through thick and thin, but I always thought the only weaknesses over the years has been a shrinking (Albeit quite dedicated) fan base and going quiet for fair amounts of time. I don't think it's easy entirely in his position and can understand the whys, but such things have their affects to those who're less willing to support a mixture of content and creator.

    At the end of the day for myself it's a bit harder to support one of your favorite content creators when the main verbal goal is to funnel the content into other creators. It's admirable, but it will hurt the already small community. How many it will drive away? I can't say, but shit happens, and can definitely see a burnout of working on a project for 4-5 years straight. I respect Rob's decision, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are larger repercussions because of it.

    I'll most likely resume support more once I'm able to read/hear more about the action plan going forward knowing I'll be more able to keep up a bit in the future.
  • It makes me sad to see some of my biggest supporters not interested in supporting me anymore, but it seems they only care about URealms and not me entirely, so that's okay.

    Again, your not wrong if you watch that video and it makes you repulsed and you never wanna give money again. I just can't do this stress anymore and if you expect me to carry this show and you've given up on it, then that's fine. Sing your song on the forums about why you don't wanna support me if you like because I need 1000 lifetime fans, not urealms fans.
  • Rob
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    @MoistForGnomes Please don't do this. Reading shit like this would make me quit if the reason I made it was off the back of the poor. I don't want to suffer for my art, but I also don't want FANS to suffer for my art either. If you suffer so I can make art, that isn't going to help me make good art you know?

    It sucks not having power and not wanting me to quit, but I mean if I don't have the support then you should want me to quit because your seeing the RESULTS but NONE of the suffering and stress that goes into this type of show. The reason S4 was so slow and none existent this year is because I was burnt out and COULDN'T do it any faster. 
  • I fully support Rob's side here, Moist, you're great, but don't put yourself in a bad place by donating. I've done the calculations and... I really want to donate 300 dollars a month, and I can do that, that's my wasted income just from meals each month. That's not making me skip meals, that's me deciding to get my already-paid-for meals at college instead of going out to eat.
    I'm... very close to going for it, 300 bucks a month, I'll gladly take up my 1.5% of the total... well, more now, but I'm going to do it anyway, you deserve it as a creator, and well... I want this thread to get back to wholesome and positive, and... well, this is my way.
    So, I'm renewing my pledge:
    $300 USD a month, because I can and I'm not going to waste my money on fancy meals when I get far more enjoyment from Rob's content. 
  • @Stuart I know if I'm having money issues I shouldn't donate, although just because im homeless does not mean I'm having money issues, I prefer to travel and go camping anyways lol.
  • @Rob as I've stated, being homeless and being poor are not interchangable words. I'm happy being homeless, I travel all across the country, I volunteer with a free food kitchen that feeds the homeless and disaster relief. Just because I dont have a home does not mean I'm poor. Infact I probably am wealthier then most. I dont have to stress about bills, I get to see the world and I get the chance to meet a vast number of unique people. I get to help people.

    So really.. if I'm giving you money, it's not going to put me in a tight spot. after all it's not like I'll loose my home lol.
  • So what happens to these forums/threads/whats left of this community of fans?
    Doesn't look like anyone hangs out on this site who isn't showing off their art anymore. Let alone what happened to the "Urealms After Hours" Discord...
  • @SMS00 I still check here, but have joined Rawbs official Discord to. Maybe most of his community is there? Since Urealms is dead I'm guessing a lot of people just stopped coming here. I don't think the forums are going anywhere though. Not yet at least.
  • @Kalazar321 Whats his discord like? Much activity there?
  • @SMS00 I'd say so yeah. More then here lately. Especially if you're into his new Digital Bards show. I'm not super active on it yet, but it's more active then here. 
  • His discord is extremely active. I'm rarely active myself but the general chat is essentially going 24/7, not to mention the entire list of chats for specific games people in the discord sometimes play together (that includes Rawb).
  • When I have some time I plan on updating the mod to fix a bunch of big glaring errors (the red gems still being on cards in the mod is ??? to me), but this isn't my job anymore, it's a hobby. I am putting this entire project into the public domain in 5 years, so all I will really be doing is trying to preserve stuff and focus on whatever is the next step in my career.

    I have a deep sadness because this project ended in a way that hurt way more then I expected. I have like the opposite of passion for it now, but having felt this way about past projects I know that in the future i'll be nostalgic towards it, so I'm going to just try to preserve what we got as best as I can.

    Megan plans on still making maps on her Patreon so that will be the biggest inspiration for me doing URealms Live stuff and keeping the mod updated.

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